“V” stands for VIRUS

April 29, 2009


Forget Swine Flu, this virus has been infecting people since people were invented. Even way before that Asian Chicken Flu circa 1997.

The infamously renowned “V” Sign Virus, aka “The-Peace-Signs-That-Asian-Girls-And Effeminate-Asian-Men-Do-During-Picture-Taking” sickness has been running rampant in Flickr collections and Facebook profile photos for years, yet the CDC and World Health Organization isn’t doing anything about it.

Let’s just do as our beloved Indian neighbors do: flip the camera a bird.

Indian birds

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The Filipino Flash

April 23, 2009


While Pacquiao made a guest appearance in San Francisco, Nonito Donaire (The Filipino Flash) and Brian Viloria (The Hawaiian Punch) did a Mexican-American sweep of Raul Martinez and Ulises Solis in Manila this past Sunday.

The Bay Area’s own Filipino Flash, Nonito Donaire, was born in Talibon, Bohol and raised in Gen-San, Mindanao. According to Ron Borge’s article written in 2007, despite Nonito’s rise as a fast and furious boxer, he was actually bullied often when he was younger and has a lot more in common with youth his age (26) than people may think.

“People call me a nerd because I like to spend time on the computer, I love playing games. I can be silly there. My Internet friends who I play games with say, ‘This guy’s a fighter?’ I’m the last person they expect to be a fighter.”

Today however im guessing he has a lot less computer time and way more ring time. And apparently Jun-Jun (as his friends and family call him) is now following a career in Philippine showbiz. Whatever Nonito endeavors to do, he definitely has support from fellow “nerds,” Bay Area Boholanos, and Filipino boxing fans world-wide.

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This is one dark-ass bobble head doll!

April 22, 2009


Yesterday’s Filipino heritage night at AT&T park (or whatever it is called now) was probably one of the best nights of your life. Even if you didn’t go! That’s how great it was.

First, Manny came out to the make-shift festival by the stadium and answered some of the crowd’s questions. His appearance definitely offset the disturbingly high priced pansit with lumpia. It is typical of a ballpark to charge premiums, but $10 for something I can make at home? STRRRIIIKE!

Soon after that was Pacquiao’s first pitch. The crowd, made up of a blend of races San Francisco typically drives to the stadium, gave a standing ovation. Nothing brings me closer to the Philippines like a warm evening, a cold beer, kababyan (countrymen), and garlicky palutan (beer snacks).

Salamat Manny you dark bisdak you! Oh and the Giants won =). G-G-G-GO, G-G-G-GIANTS!

Where is the dancing white guy?

April 20, 2009

Always remember, dance like nobody's something something

Where is he? I can’t find him among the smaller, browner childr – Oh there he is look! Whew that was tough, im thirsty.

In 2003 Matt Harding was traveling Asia when a friend of his asked him to dance in front of the camera. After posting the video online for friends and family he began receiving thousands of emails from people all over the globe.

For his next stint, Matt decided to dance across the globe again, but this time he involved the locals of each destination. Matt’s inspiring travels brings new light to the saying, “dance like nobody’s watching.” It should now be “dance while everybody’s taunting!”


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Keeping up with tradition

April 17, 2009

Damnit I couldn't find similar shots. Or the old photographer.

Nothing says “damn that’s romantic” like getting married in a 400-year-old church. My cousin got hitched in the same church my parents, grandparents, and great-great-grand parents got married in. Check out their video below with clips from Bohol!

Sigh, I guess that means Rachel McAdams and I will be taking an expensive eloping trip to Bohol soon. I think things would be easier if she knew I existed though.

Rachel, will you marry me?


Hey it’s Albert silly! Put that down, you. You’re silly.

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Doe, a last name, of an unknown male

April 16, 2009

Have you seen the “Sound of Music“? If you haven’t, you have yet to hear the sound of EXTREME HAPPINESS.

Anyway, this inspired me to translate this monumental piece of music history in Bisaya. Ok not really. But it does have some Bisaya words in it.:

Dough, a pastry, fried into binangkal.
Ray, a name, said twice is my cousin.
Me, another name, said twice is my mom.
Fa, Fa the sake of rhyming i’ll say Russian.
So, so what this doesn’t make sense anywayyyyy,
La, lakaw na kay im weird,
Ti, another name, said twice means penus,
That will bring us back to Dough!

(Video via Ian Rosales Casocot’s Eating the Sun blog)

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Overseas Filipino workers stranded in Italy and Dubai

April 15, 2009

Away from home and no where to go

Earthquake aftermath and Italy immigrants Filipino bus drivers stranded in Dubai

It’s hard enough to leave your family behind so that you can support them financially; but for Filipino workers in Italy and 137 bus drivers in Dubai, the very jobs they left home for are now non-existent, thanks in part to a natural disaster and a not-so-natural misinformed (or perhaps insidious?) recruitment agency.

Easter in Italy tent camps

In the wake of Italy’s 6.3 magnitude earthquake that took place on April 6th, tent camps have been put up housing 33,000 Italians and foreigners, many of whom are overseas workers from Peru, Romania, and the Philippines.

“Julyn Macabante, a soft-spoken 26-year-old woman from the Philippines, arrived in Italy nearly four years ago and has since worked as a housekeeper for a psychiatrist and his wife. When the earthquake struck their large home filled with antiques and oil paintings, the couple fled to the home of their daughter, a lawyer living in Rome, taking along some of their earthquake-stricken friends.

‘They said they were sorry but that they didn’t have room for me too,’ said Macabante, who supports her family back home with what she earns in Italy. Now she lives in a large blue tent with a cousin and nine other people.

Still she considers herself among the lucky: the family stopped by the camp on Easter to check on her and have promised to help her find work with another family. She shares their sorrow as they too struggle to rebuild their own lives. ‘It’s a calamity. It’s understandable,’ she said.” (via AP via Mercury News)

Driven to live by a dumpsite

137 Filipino bus drivers recruited by CYM International Services in Manila and sent to Al Tomooh Technical Services in Dubai found themselves without buses to drive and places to live. On Easter weekend, Dubai-based Filipinos banded together to provide food and money to the stranded workers.

“The group that had arrived between January 29 and March 6, are currently staying in a flat near the Ajman garbage dump site.

Max Sumulong, 34, one of the victims, said last year CYM had offered him a job as a driver for Dh5,200 a month and he had given the agency 10,000 pesos (Dh1,000) as ‘processing fee’.

‘The agency had asked each one of us to take out a 150,000-peso (Dh11,418) loan from a lending agency recommended by them and made us sign undated cheques worth 405,000 pesos (about Dh40,000) addressed to a bank and the lending agency, payable in 15 months,’ he said.

Eliseo Maximo, who has worked for 11 years as a bus driver in Manila, said: ‘We’ve been collecting aluminium cans, selling them at Dh4 per kg in Ajman, just to have something to eat.'” (via XPRESS)

Further reading:

-Earthquake aftermath and Italy immigrants
-Press release on Dubai drivers by Blas Ople Institute
-Dubai-based Filipino reporter Jay Hilotin’s first article on April 2nd
-Driver photos via Fernando Gagelonia post, provided by Ares Gutierrez
Tent photo, Italy: AP Photo/Alessandra Tarantino

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The Filipino OC? The Hills?

April 10, 2009


Like watch this totally pretentious group (The Helium Club aka Mile-High-On-Shabu-Club) in bars and restaurants like eating food and like chirp like birds. View the trailer posted on Facebook here!

(via Carlos Celdran)

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April 10, 2009


Poor guy. Well, somebody’s about to get jacked. Then again, they’ve both been tricked… it’s an imitation Finding Nemo game! TRAVESTY!

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Betty White vs. Betty Brown

April 9, 2009

Betty Ooops!

Betty White was part of the Golden Girls.
5 points!

Betty Brown said that Chinese-Americans should change their names to “make life easier.”
Minus 10 points.

Betty White thinks Sarah Palin is a bitch.
10 points!

Betty Brown is in the same party as Sarah Palin.
Minus 5 points.

Betty White is an actress.
5 points!

Betty Brown is… she… no one knows who Betty Brown is.

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April 8, 2009



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Filipino stimulus package

April 7, 2009

Since we’re in a recession I did my part to stimulate the world economy. Instead of buying 3 pieces of chicken from Jollibee, I bought 3 buckets. Don’t worry I have your back, World.

$35 dollars for 18 pieces of Jollibee is equal to:

-4 full tanks of gas for an old lawn mower.
-2 acres worth of soil-dwelling common bacteria.
-the life of a spoiled brat.
-100 eBay postings.
-one millionth of my love for the Earth.

Tomorrow i’ll fight global warming by throwing vast amounts of free ice from the local McDonald’s and throwing it up into the atmosphere.

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