“I see you.”

January 6, 2010

Taga asa ka bai??

Pacatar? Avaquiao?

(From Superdownsam.tumblr.com)

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  1. Botchu:

    Had read a comment about Pacquiao…

    Now that Pacquiao is a Congressman he plans to build a Hospital for his constituents. And if he plans to build a University, here is the thing:

    Since it is Pacquiao’s project, it will be name Pacquiao University. In short “Pac-U”.
    It’s students will be called “Pacquers”
    If his mom, Mommy Dionisia,runs the school she will be called “Mother Pacquer”.
    If his brother Bobby plans to build another University, it will named “Pac-U 2″.

    Funny but sad. The man who gives pride to the Philippines is ridiculed by his countrymen. Good thing that he is very much blessed by God. :)

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