God bless you Angel’s Burger

February 12, 2011

Angel's Burger, open 24 hours!

My cousin Ton-Ton introduced me to the cheapest, sweetest, heavenly burgers ever. Burgers made by REAL ANGELS.

Angel's Burger menu

Did I mention they were cheap? P32 peso cheeseburgers ($0.75 cents). No wait, its “buy one take one”… YOU GET TWO!

Burgers with banana ketchup and mayo. YES.

After that miraculous moment my cousins and I decided to make our own burgers. And after hearing about a Filipino food truck in Los Angeles making “longanisa pan de sal sliders“, we thought we’d make pork sliders made with….

Expensive non-fat pork vs. cheap fatty pork.

Ground pork…

Pork longanisa

Pork longanisa…

Cheese cross buns, amen.

…and cheese cross buns!

Ok so we weren’t using pan de sal, but buns with cheese already inside them? LET’S DO THIS!

Sue chef! Souix chef! Sew chef! Sous chef! Whatever.

Next thing you know our cousin Crisa comes in slapping even more beautiful cheese on top of the burgers, along with what I like to call her “Seven-thousand-and-one-island-dressing”… banana ketchup, mayonnaise, and real islands.

Banana ketchup + cheese + pork patties with pork longanisa + cheese buns = THIS IS NOT MATH

The pork patties started to turn red from being camera shy. OR from the pork longanisa sausages we unwrapped and smushed into the pork patties.


And that was it. Dozens of “pork longanisa cheese sliders.”

The best ingredient: HUMAN BEINGS NOM NOM NOM

But you can’t forget the most important ingredient. My cousins.

I’ll sure miss them, but they tasted good.

Food network HOLLA

Food Network needs to hook me up with Rachel Ray so we can make babies. I mean burgers.

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21 Responses to “God bless you Angel’s Burger”

  1. Raymond:

    I love it…

  2. Filipeanut:

    Mon, you and I will have a feast when we’re back in Bohol!

  3. Botchu:

    Missed a lot of Fun, Food, and Events! Damn! hehe

  4. Filipeanut:

    Bots! We gotta go back together one of these days. Miss na miss kita yeeee!

  5. Botchu:

    I like that!
    One big happy family outing! Am looking forward… :)

    • Filipeanut's nuts:

      Ako din manong!! Magkikita tayo mamaya! I just learned mamaya btw. I use it all the time now, even when im not supposed to use it.

  6. Evelyn C. Lolim:

    mgkano franchise ng angels burger pls reply

    • Filipeanut:

      Hi Evelyn, hindi ko alam. I just visited the store sa Pilipinas. If you find out paki let me know, salamat!

  7. hi gud day po.ask lng po bka pwd mkahingi address at contact number nang angels burger…….

    maraming salamat,

  8. au ba mag franchise nyan ntereted ksi kami msrap ksi ung angels burger nyu at gusto nmin mag tayu dto smin kso hnd nmin alam kung panu kindly beep as heres my no
    09334573390 il wait ur txt

    • Filipeanut:

      Hi Dyoana, hindi ko alam ang contact sa Angels burger. Diary journal lang ito sa experience ko sa Angel’s Burger. Masarap di ba! Good luck sa inyong business!

  9. jef:

    how to avail the franchising angels burger

  10. Jefferson Cordova:


    Interested here for franchise plssend me details thru email.

    thank you


    • Filipeanut:

      Hi Jefferson, unfortunately I don’t know who to contact, I merely ate there. Hope you start one soon, the food is great and cheap!

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