Filipino food workstation

August 29, 2011

Do they have Wi-Pie?

I wish cubicles at work looked more like this! Its tough visiting Facebook at work without dinuguan/dugo-dugo (pig blood stew) within 4 feet of me.

Cancel my 3 o’clock, I have leche flan at my 6! Thanks to @besighyawn for the pix!

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Guess who?

August 10, 2011


Who is this revolutionary figure in Philippine history?

If you can read that ancient script from my pre-colonial ancestors, you already know. Unless of course my first stab at writing in Baybayin is totally off, then you’ll have to disregard that cypher tee hee.

Don't mess with a girl with a big sword.

It was fun drawing her mainly because, although I could not find any photos of actual blades, bolos, and daggers from her era, I was able to research on traditional Philippine weapons used all throughout the early 1900’s. You can find a modern collection of traditional Philippine blades here.

I also learned a bit of Baybayin, which this revolutionary figure probably didn’t use, since she was born and raised a bit after the Spanish had arrived in the islands. I also learned a bit of Ilokano, which is also a hint!

Naimbag a gasat kenka, pakada!

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If you don’t like Filipino food, put a sock in it!

August 4, 2011

Let's kick it.

Upon realizing making t-shirts was expensive business, I decided to back the “Fil-culture-preneur” jeepney up a bit and reflect on how to go about this in a more budget-friendly manner.

Now im experimenting with, a place where I can design prints on practically anything! I started with slapping a bangus drawing on a button. And after selling one, I went ahead and uploaded a frozen beer mug with a balut on it and a sticker with a Pturondactyl: a cross between a Filipino dessert snack called “turon” and a Pterodactyl. How random can this get? Now I sell shoes lol.

I believe my itch to draw started one evening when my mom drew a star for me. She did it in 5 strokes without lifting the pencil once! Never in my 5 or 6 years of life did I see something so amazing!

Ahhh there's a hole in his head!

Since then I drew everything I saw. But never from my imagination. I imitated a lot. The hardest things to draw were my favorite robots. Voltron and Optimus Prime. So I mimicked much simpler subjects within the next few years. Like Bart Simpson, who was really just a rectangular head, a zig zag line of hair, two balls for eyes, and a side ways “U” nose.

Simpson simplified. Bart art. And various other alliterations.

I don’t know if an artist can truly be original, but I try to now-a-days. Whenever I make something, it might remind someone of something else they’ve seen, or convey a style that can easily resemble the style of another artist. In the end, I believe that since I made it, a piece of me is there and it is my own.

Like Filipino food. Some dishes might remind someone of other cuisines they’ve seen, but in the end I believe since Filipinos embraced and loved it, a piece of us is there, and it is ours.

I'd eat that.

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