Filipino rappers vs. international rappers

December 7, 2012

Above is a rap battle that took place in the Philippines between Dirtbag Dan an American of Mexican descent, and Anygma, a rapper from the Philippines.

Here are some of my favorite lines…

What you think we’re clueless? You must be downright deluded into thinking that beard could fool us into forgetting your rape case in Subic.


The Subic rape case Anygma is referring to is a case against a group of US Marines accused of raping a Filipino woman back in November of 2005.

But you really think you can insult Filipinos in your verses? When anyone you love or know that’s terminally hurting, is serviced by at least one of our nurses?


The Philippines was the largest exporter of nurses worldwide during the past decade. And it hasn’t been easy for many of them, particularly in the United States where they experienced discrimination from American hospitals, American leaders, and even American television.

And you want people to buy your disc? Fuck, we got any and all appliances for that shit to be pirated and you wouldn’t even get the slightest tip.


Music, and even movie piracy, is rampant in the Philippines. Anygma even names a few music download websites soon after this line during the battle.

As for Dirtbag Dan he had a few good ones too:

Plus, you look like Bruno Mars. Wait, you’re even more of a bitch than he is plus you probably tuck your penis, we’re gonna have to call you Bruno Venus.

-Dirtbag Dan

Bruno Mars is an American pop singer of Filipino descent. This was a funny line but too bad Anygma doesn’t really look like Bruno Mars. If he did, this line would have been funnier.

It’s another Mexican vs. a Filipino, but that comparison is as far as we go, cuz you don’t got hands like Manny do man and I ain’t no damn Margarito.

-Dirtbag Dan

Dirtbag Dan is referring to a fight between Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao and Mexican boxer Antonio Margarito that occurred in November of 2010.

Above is a battle that took place in Canada between Diaz, a Canadian of Spanish descent, and Protege, a rapper from the Philippines who has been dominating english battles there.

Two of my favorite lines:

You can’t diss my heritage little bitch, cuz history’s repetitive isn’t it? And this here’s like Pacquiao against the last six spics that he stepped in the ring with.


Here Protege is referencing Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao’s boxing record that includes victories against several boxers from Mexico.

And finally, I really liked this one from Protege’s opponent, Diaz:

And if you got a girl, she must be brutal with her taste. Check it out, Bruno Mars finally caught that grenade and it blew up in his face.


Funny how both non-Filipino contenders used Bruno Mars references. Is he the first thing that pops up when you search for “topics to bring up when battling against Filipino rappers”?

A big thanks to my neighbors Nile and Orian for letting me know about these videos!

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