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A sketch of the Philippine eagle with the word "Malaya" below it in baybayin.

One day, as I was playing the game "Angry Birds", the idea to draw the Philippine eagle in a style similar to the birds I was playing in the game came to mind. Then I thought, why stop there? There must be dozens of beautiful birds that are unique to the Philippines. So I researched more and found out that there are many more wonderful Philippine endemic birds, but to my dismay many of them are also endangered1, just like the Philippine eagle.

Some initial sketches of the endangered babblers found only in the Philippines.

Further research led me to the International Union for Conservation of Nature or IUCN, which has specific criteria for what makes particular species endangered. As of Nov, 3. 2012, they list 22 endangered Philippine endemics: 10 endangered species and 12 critically endangered species2. It was then that I started drawing and learning, further expanding my knowledge of the Philippines and it's unique biodiversity.

The Philippine endemic Flame Templed Babbler (Dasycrotapha speciosa) from real life to "angry bird". Deemed endangered by the IUCN.

Conservation efforts are occuring up and down the archipelago so I will be adding information about these efforts and how to donate or volunteer for them on each bird page. Ultimately, I've stylized these birds in "Angry Birds" imagery in an attempt to introduce people to them in a fun way, with an emphasis on the importance of saving what makes the Philippines unique and special. It's not just for the birds, it's for the Philippine rainforests and the Filipino people.

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1. "…the Philippines topped the list of countries in terms of the number of critically endangered endemic bird species, and second after Brazil for the number of most threatened bird species under endangered and critically endangered categories." From page 2 of Endangered Philippine Wildlife Species with Special Reference to the Philippine Eagle and Tamaraw. By Ceferino P. Maala.

2. The IUCN actually lists 12 endangered and 15 critically endangered endemic birds but I found that 2 of the endangered birds and 3 of the critically endangered birds were migratory. For this reason I opted not to include them in this website to emphasize only the birds that are endemic or native to the Philippines.