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Chapter 45 – Looking for a job (2)

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“You came here just to talk about this”

Gu Ye was about to go out.

He had three shops in his hands, but he had not rented them out yet.

He had entrusted someone to look for the tenants.

Today, it was settled.

He had to sign the contract.

With more income from the rent, his financial condition at the moment became more comfortable.

“And also, Uncle Ye, do you want to put that bastard Gu Jianshe into a sack Tang Weiguo’s eyes flashed with a light.

He liked to put people into a sack the most, especially following Gu Ye to do it together, it was very exciting.

“Don’t be rude.

That bastard Gu Jianshe is my eldest nephew.

What are you calling him!”

Gu Ye kicked his feet, and went to the room to change his clothes.

The brand new white shirt and black trousers looked a bit elegant, but in Tang Weiguo’s view, he looked more like a beast who dressed up1.

1dressed up beast (衣冠禽獸) : it is a metaphor for a person with corrupt morals and despicable behavior. 

“Don’t provoke Gu Jianshe, just wait for my notice.”

Gu Ye took a bag and the bicycle key.

When he was about to go out, he instructed the two brothers, “Don’t eat the watermelon.

After Xiaobao finished eating the noodles, don’t forget to eat the medicine.”


Uncle Gu, good bye.”

Zhou Xiaobao waved his hand.

He was a very clever child.

There were still more than half of the noodles in the bowl.

“Dabao, Xiaobao, good bye!”

Tang Weiguo followed Gu Ye out.

He kept asking when he could teach Gu Jianshe a lesson.

He couldn’t wait to avenge Chu Qiao.

That bastard dared to covet his Chu Qiao.

If he didn’t peel that bastard’s skin, he wouldn’t have the surname Tang!”

“In a few days!”

Gu Ye replied impatiently.

He had to wait until he got his waigong‘s things back.

Now it was not the right time to startle the snake.

Tang Weiguo still wanted to ask again, but Gu Ye had already got on his bike and rode away with the dust.

He kicked off the wall angrily, he could only go home now.

He didn’t dare to disobey Gu Ye’s words.

Just let that bastard have a comfortable life for a few days.

Chu Qiao walked around the street in the afternoon and saw a lot of job advertisements, but they were all recruiting workers for factories.

For example, this kind of clothing factories and electronics factories.

she didn’t want to go there.

She might as well set up a stall to sell food by herself, rather than working for others.

Chu Qiao had walked around, but still didn’t find anything.

She was sweating a lot from the heat, and was about to return home.

She planned to find a job for three days.

If she still didn’t find a job at that time, then she would set up a snack stand, and asked Chu Yuanzhi for the money first.

She knew that Chu Yuanzhi had a lot of private money.

Chu Qiao walked slowly and unconsciously came to the door of a luxuriously decorated dance hall, called Caixia Dance Hall.

The signboard was magnificent.

The door was very quiet during the day, and would be very lively at night.

There was also a job recruitment sign at the gate.

It was said that they were recruiting a female comrade who could play the electronic organ and sing at the dance hall.

The ages were between 18 to 35 years old, who had good-looking appearance.

It would be better if she was a student of a music academy.

Working hours were night time from 08:00 to 12:00.

Got 50 yuan for a night, and still got an additional bonus.

Chu Qiao’s eyes were bright.

She just had to work for four hours a night, and got 50 yuan.

In a month, she would get 1500 yuan.

Even He Jihong’s monthly salary was less than 200 yuan.

Although the dance hall was a bit chaotic, high risk will give her high rewards.

Even if she set up a stall, it wasn’t certain that she could earn that much.

She had no capital and had no other way now.

If she wanted to make money quickly, she had to take the risks.

This dance hall was quite suitable.

The big deal was that she would carry a knife at night.

If there were any gangsters pestering her, she should be able to scare them away with the knife, right

Those gangsters were also afraid of death, and they were also afraid of killing people.

The current houses in Shanghai were not expensive, and there were no commercial houses.

Public houses couldn’t be sold, so people could only buy private houses.

But Chu Qiao doesn’t like them.

There was no independent bathroom and kitchen.

The bathroom will be used for dozens of people to share.

They could only use the spittoons, and dumped them in the early morning.

She definitely did not want this kind of private house.

(In the early 1980s, there were no commercial houses, and public houses could not be bought and sold.

The earliest commercial housing was in Guangzhou, and later in Shanghai.

It was about the end of the 1980s, there were many conditions to buy a house, and it was not cheap.

In fact, houses have never been cheap.)

Foreign-style houses or private houses with independent courtyard were expensive.

The cheapest one was also about 10,000 yuan, while the good one was a hundred twenty thousand yuan.

Chu Qiao sighed, she could only buy an old private house.

She had to move her hukou first before thinking about this again.


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