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Chapter 46 – Azure Dragon at the left, and White tiger at the right.


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Chu Qiao walked around the dance hall, but she didn’t see anyone, not even a gatekeeper.

However, there was a phone number on the recruitment notice.

She didn’t have a pen or paper on her body, so she could only memorize it in silence.

There happened to be a public telephone booth nearby.

It cost 2 dime1 to call in the city.

She had 2 yuan on her body.

It was the pocket money that Chu Yuanzhi had given her before, and she had never been willing to spend it.

110 dime = 1 yuan

The phone got through, but no one answered it after several rings.

Chu Qiao’s excited heart slowly cooled down.

After ten rings, no one answered.

She was very disappointed, and was ready to hang up the phone.

However, the weeping willows were dense and the flowers were eye-catching2.

The phone was answered with a click.

2the weeping willows were dense and the flowers were eye-catching : It is a metaphor of encountering a turning point in difficulties.

“Who is this”

It was a man, his voice was very impatient and fierce.

Chu Qiao was startled and asked tremblingly, “I saw the recruitment notice in your dance hall.

Have you recruited the person who plays the electronic keyboard”

“Do you know how to play” The man asked suspiciously.

Hearing the voice, it sounded like a junior high school student.

Could it be that she was looking for trouble

“En,  I can play it.”

Chu Qiao affirmed that she could play the piano and electronic keyboard.

She did not mention how well she played it, but the piano teacher who taught the two little beasts in her previous life, praised her for playing better than some musicians.

And also said that she could go to the coffee shop to perform and earn some money.

Although that piano teacher was a bit flattering, Chu Qiao felt that she was not bad at playing it.

She had tried some difficult music, and she could play it.

Furthermore, it was also quite pleasant to hear, even Gu Jianshe was surprised.

But that bastard said that she was not doing her job properly, and she was not allowed to play it.

She was only allowed to concentrate on taking care of the children and doing the housework.

Chu Qiao couldn’t understand it before, but now she has figured it out.

Gu Jianshe just didn’t want her to learn and improve.

He wanted her to become a faded old woman who was narrow and shallow in knowledge. 

Therefore, he tried hard to prevent her from learning any skills, only let her keep staying at home, and cut off any contact with the outside world.

Because she was good-looking, if she learned and made progress, this bastard Gu Jianshe would not be worthy of her.

So he wanted to break her flying wings, just like He Jihong, who did everything just to hide her beauty.

So that the neighbors in the family building always thought she was ugly.

The man on the phone didn’t speak for a long time.

Chu Qiao was a little flustered, afraid that he wouldn’t believe her, so she said, “I really know how to play it.

Why don’t you interview me and I will play it for you”

“How old are you My dance hall is a legal place, and does not recruit child labor.” Tang Yaozong said.

The more he heard her voice, the more he felt that she had not graduated from junior high school.

It was estimated that she was not even 15 years old.

He could not cause trouble for his elder brother.

Last time, there was a little girl who looked very mature, she used heavy makeup and wore a miniskirt.

The way she talked was very coquettish, she also had a good figure.

Well, no matter how you looked at it, she looked like an old Jianghu3.

She came to apply for the position of wine lady.

3Old Jianghu (老江湖) Lao Jiang Hu : A person who was well acquainted with the ways of the world. 

Oh my God! She drinks more than men.

So of course, he agreed to accept her.

This girl was very good at selling wine.

She could earn hundreds of yuan in one night.

Of course, the dance hall also earned money, which was a good thing for mutual benefit.


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