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Chapter 48 – Everyone had a couple (1)

The Aunt led Chu Qiao to the second floor.

In the backstage area, there was an electronic keyboard, and also the drum kit, and other musical instruments.

It seemed that this Caixia Dance Hall was quite stylish, the interior decoration was also very elegant, it looked like a high-end club.

“Let’s play it for a while.” Tang Yaozong sat down casually with interest in his eyes.

This girl, who looked like a calamity, as long as she could play a piece of music, even if it was only a little, he would accept it.

Besides, the men who came here at night, only a few who really came to listen to the music.

They all had other things in their mind.

Chu Qiao sat in front of the electronic keyboard and tried to feel it.

The sound quality of the electronic keyboard was very good.

After thinking about popular music now, she said, “I will play Tian Mi Mi.”


-Tian Mi Mi by Teresa Teng

Teresa Teng is the most popular nowadays.

All the streets and alleys were filled with her songs.

Chu Qiao also liked Teresa Teng.

She could sing and play almost all her songs.


Tang Yaozong nodded his head.

Soon, a smooth sound of the piano began to echo.

Chu Qiao could not help humming when she was playing.

Tang Yaozong’s hand also followed, beating the tempo.

Although he was a macho man with tattoos, he also liked Teresa Teng.

After playing the song, Chu Qiao looked at Tang Yaozong nervously.

She didn’t know whether he was satisfied or not.

“Can you play disco music” Tang Yaozong asked again.

Chu Qiao nodded and played “Babylon”.

Fortunately, in her previous life, she was an idle old woman who was bored.

So she learned a lot of classic songs.

The disco song Babylon was very popular in the 1980s.

At this time, almost all young people could hum for a while.


-Rivers of Babylon by Boney M.


The lively sound of the piano dispelled Tang Yaozong’s drowsiness.

His body shook, and his eyes became brighter and brighter.

The girl really played it so beautifully.

Later, he had to ask if she was married.

It just so happened that his age was not young anymore, his mother had urged him to get married yesterday.

After she finished playing Babylon, Chu Qiao sat upright and looked at Tang Yaozong hopefully, wondering if she could pass the test or not.

“You have read the recruitment notice, so I won’t talk more.

The work time is from 08:00 pm to 12:00 am, it may be extended a bit later than that.

If it’s too late, you can sleep in the staff dormitory.

You will get 50 yuan for a night, and guests’ tips.”

As soon as Tang Yaozong finished speaking, Chu Qiao asked, “Mr.

Tang, Am I accepted”

“Yes, but you will start working next week.”

Tang Yaozong wanted Chu Qiao to go to work tonight, but the second floor was a new high-end club that was opened by his eldest brother, which was especially designed for the rich.

His eldest brother learned it after visiting Hong Kong Island.

He invested a lot of money, about several hundreds of thousand yuan, and it would not open until a week later.

“Thank you, Mr.

Tang.” Chu Qiao was very grateful.

He didn’t expect the interview to go so smoothly.

Being looked at by Chu Qiao like this, Tang Yaozong’s face was hot.

This girl’s eyes were so beautiful that he became soft hearted.

50 yuan was too little.

His eldest brother was really a black-hearted profiteer, the dance hall earned so much money in one night, and he only gave 50 yuan.

Really a wicked capitalist!


Tang, I will come to work on time in a week.”

Chu Qiao was very happy, her brows and eyes crooked with laughter, because she could also earn money, and there were tips too.

Just after she worked for a week, the money she earned would be more than He Jihong and Chu Yuanzhi combined.

“What’s your name” Tang Yaozong’s face became hotter.

This girl looked like a calamity, but her voice sounded like a junior high school student.

With those eyes, his conscience was burning.

He regretted that he didn’t wear a shirt when he came out.

The two tattoos on his arms didn’t scare this girl, did they

“My name is Chu Qiao, the name was from Qiaochu1.” Chu Qiao said with a smile.

1Qiao Chu (翹楚) : Person of outstanding talent.

The mc name is Chu Qiao (楚翹) which was using the same words.

“Marital status”

Tang Yaozong asked again, his eyes were shining brightly.

Chu Qiao didn’t think much about it, and replied honestly, “I am unmarried.

I didn’t bring my hukou, but I’m really 21 years old.”

“The hukou is no longer needed.

Okay, just come to work after a week, at eight o’clock in the night.”

Tang Yaozong believed that she was 21 years old.

Her voice sounded like a junior high school student.

However, her figure and appearance could not be a junior high school student.

He had seen many things over the past few years, and he still had this vision.


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