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Chapter 51 – Not even giving an inch (2)

“What happened again”

Chu Yuanzhi had a very bad headache.

Their squabble just ended in the morning, and it started again in the afternoon.

There was no end to this, alas!

“Aunt He, why don’t you say that I have been working hard like a slave in this family for five years, and I have not received any salary If you go hire a nanny for a month, you have to pay 20 yuan, including the food and housing.

I have worked in this family for five years in vain and I didn’t get a penny.

You can go ask others, and they would definitely say I’m not white-eyed wolf.

If you persist, I will go to find Director Bi to judge!”

Chu Qiao became angry when he heard the three words ‘white-eyed wolf’.

She was too lazy to talk to this woman.

The kinder she treats her, the more imprudent this woman becomes.

She simply couldn’t bear it anymore.

If it didn’t work, then just sever the relationship.

Moreover, her hukou was in the countryside, under her mother’s account, not in He Jihong’s hands.

This woman couldn’t control her, and she had nothing to fear.

But she still had to hurry up to move her hukou.

She didn’t want to give the house to Xu Bilian, and let Xu Bilian get more benefits.

In this life, she would not give an inch to Xu Bilian1!

1Not give an inch to others : describes unwillingness to compromise.

He Jihong’s eyes widened, she couldn’t believe her ears.

Was this the submissive Chu Qiao

Did she eat bear heart and leopard gall2

2eating bear heart and leopard gall (idiom): to pluck up some courage ; tremendous bravery.

Unexpectedly, she dared to talk back

“Qiao Qiao, why are you talking like that to your Aunt He Quickly apologize to your Aunt He!” Chu Yuanzhi had a severe headache.

He had applied a thick layer of cooling oil before, which made him a little better.

But now it started to hurt again, so unbearable.

Chu Qiao sneered secretly.

Her father was really good at trying to smooth things over.

No matter what happened, he would blame it on her without asking her the reason.

She used to be honest and timid before, and deserved to be trampled on by this family.

But it would not happen again.

“I don’t deserve it!”

He Jihong sneered.

She still hadn’t realized the change of Chu Qiao’s character now.

She thought that it was because Chu Qiao had been bullied by her daughter Bilian a few days ago, and became a little resentful.

There had been such a situation before.

She just rebuked a little and then moved on.

This time, although this was a bit more serious, she didn’t take it to heart.

After all, Chu Qiao was just a timid person that was still in her control.

There was nothing to be afraid of.

After she finished satirizing, she waited for Chu Qiao to apologize, which used to be like this in the past.

“Why did you want me to apologize Did I say something wrong Have I not been treated as a slave for the past five years Did you pay me a penny You didn’t even make new clothes for me.

As for the clothes that I am wearing now, do you still have the nerve to let me wear this out Do you know that people call me when I go out, dad

Chu Qiao suddenly burst out and roared at Chu Yuanzhi.

She resented He Jihong, but she hated Chu Yuanzhi even more, this biological father who did nothing.

Chu Yuanzhi was a little confused.

In his impression, his daughter had always been timid and obedient, just like a puppet.

Just what happened today

She even lost her temper twice

“People call me Auntie.

Look at my clothes.

Even Aunt Wang wears better than me.

Dad, I’m your biological daughter.

Don’t you earn a salary I dress so shabby, do you think your face will look good I’m just resizing two old clothes now, but both of you are so unwilling.

Moreover, you guys even wanted to force me to marry a widower and become a stepmother.

Aunt He is not my biological mother, so I won’t blame her.

But dad, you’re my biological father.

You treat me like this, are you not afraid that waigong3 will come to you at night”

3waigong : maternal grandfather.

Chu Qiao gnashed her teeth in anger and asked.

She even moved out her waigong.


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