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A Contractual Marriage with the Best Leading Actor Chapter 133

Our Sister-In-Law is Simply Adorable (2)

President Pei made a phone call and said, “Hold on for a moment.

I’ll have someone come over to help President Peng with the accounts.

Let’s settle them once and for all.”

Just then, Bai Qi’s phone rang.

He looked down and picked up the call when he saw the caller’s name.

“Yes, dad”

“Have you found him yet” Papa Bai asked.


For the first time in a long while, he didn’t know how to phrase himself.

He passed the phone to Xi Chengyun and stared at him with pleading eyes.

“Xi-ge, help…”

‘Look at those beady eyes, he’s desperately in need of help’ Xi Chengyun thought to himself.

Xi Chengyun quickly took the phone over and talked to Papa Bai.

Towards the end of the call, he even comforted him by saying, “Please don’t be too upset over someone like him.”

Papa Bai sighed as he said, “What is there to be upset over He truly helped me back then.

It was just that towards the end...

Could you put me on speakerphone, please I have something to ask Peng Wanli.

I’ll be quick.”

Xi Chengyun agreed and switched to speaker mode.

However, President Pei couldn’t wait for him to speak.

“Actually, if Mr.

Bai were to make it through those tough times, it’s likely he’ll be richer than before.”

Papa Bai laughed weakly.

“It’s hard to know what could’ve happened, who knows, I might have gone down another dead end again.

Back then, our main focus was to hustle and get the game going.

Our success was all thanks to the regulations the government had enacted back then, even a pig would have succeeded.

However, as the business grew, the challenges we faced increased, and I knew my limits…”

President Pei was taken aback.



It’s hard to find people who are so self-aware these days.”

‘Bai Qi’s family is an interesting bunch!’ President Pei thought.

Before he placed the phone in front of Peng Wanli, President Pei couldn’t help but say, “What did I say, wouldn’t it have been easier if you were to plan an arranged marriage with Xi-ge when Bai Qi was a baby”

Xi Chengyun threw a glance at him and interrupted him.

“Pei Hui.”

“Sorry, my bad, I’ll shut up now.”

“No can do.

Bai Qi was a naughty little child when he was younger,” Papa Bai replied.

Xi Chengyun smirked.

He loved hearing about snippets from Bai Qi’s past from his parents.

Papa Bai took a deep breath and shouted, “Peng Wanli!”

Peng Wanli shivered in silence.

However, Papa Bai couldn’t care less about whether he got a reply from him.

“There has to be a reason, right Tell me, tell me why you lied to me for so many years!”

“Sure, I’m thankful that you gave me a place to work, but I treated you kindly even before I went bankrupt, right How the hell could you just...”

Peng Wanli tightened his fist and remained silent.

“What did I do wrong” Papa Bai angrily asked.

Peng Wanli couldn’t take it anymore.

He stared at the phone coldly and said, “I just wanted you to have a taste of your own medicine, for you to stay by my side and see you struggle every day...I did not need your charity.”

“Woah, you truly are a scum.

How could you say that he was doing charity when he was being kind to you”

Papa Bai took another deep breath and shouted, “Go to hell! Did you do all this just because of that”

“You were so high and mighty back then, people like you have all done the same dirty work.

You had it easy, it was a smooth ride to the top of the ladder.

Did you even graduate from high school And how could someone like you be blessed with a highly educated and beautiful wife In the meantime, I was traveling all over the place, begging for customers.

You were so blessed.

You had a son, and all the riches the world could offer...” Peng Wanli suddenly paused when he realized what he was saying.

Xi Chengyun knocked on the table with the back of his hand.

He kept his phone away and said, “There’s no need to listen to this distasteful explanation.”


Someone, take this man away,” President Pei added.

‘It’s best not to agitate my sister-in-law’s father.

Better safe than sorry.’

The bodyguards immediately stepped forward and carried Peng Wanli away.

Peng Wanli laughed coldly.

“You all wanted me dead! This was your goal all along! If only I knew...”

Before he was done, President Pei’s phone rang.

He picked up the phone and passed it to Xi Chengyun.

“I suspected he wasn’t telling the truth, so I had someone do some further digging.”

Xi Chengyun accepted the phone.

Bai Qi instinctively turned over and looked at the phone.

He was curious to know what had been left out.

Xi Chengyun’s gaze shifted as he naturally swung his arm around Bai Qi’s shoulder.

His skin was silky smooth.

Bai Qi was startled and Xi Chengyun also curled the tips of his fingers.

However, within seconds, Xi Chengyun started to pat him softly on the back to comfort him.

“Good day to you Xi-ge.

So here’s what we found, I don’t think Peng Wanli remembers it himself.

Back then, the person in charge of one of the projects Peng Wanli was dealing with was Ji Chuanmin.

Perhaps you haven’t heard of this man.

He is bisexual, and he is a pedophile.


we suspected Peng Wanli might’ve had ill intentions to make use of Mr.

Bai’s young and beautiful son.

However, in the end, either due to fear or his guilt-consciousness, he didn’t act on it…”

Xi Chengyun’s hand which was gently patting Bai Qi froze.

He immediately placed the phone on the table and pushed the chair aside, making a loud screeching sound.

He strode to where Peng Wanli was, tugged him by the back of his collar, and pulled him to face himself.

The bodyguards who were escorting him out couldn’t even react before Xi Chengyun threw a painful punch on Peng Wanli’s face.

Peng Wanli’s ears were filled with a buzzing noise and he felt blood pouring out from his nose and ears.

President Pei was in shock.

‘My God, what happened to being a gentleman And I just promised myself to be more of a gentleman like him!’


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