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Qiao Zhen Min frowned and turned around.

He saw a woman in her late twenties standing less than two meters away from him with a beaming smile.

Seeing the other, his brows furrowed even tighter.

This woman, Qu Hui, was the younger sister of another good friend Qu Fei.

To set up a transportation company, capital wasn't the only thing required.

Ability and channels too.

At present, he can't manage a company by himself.

So he initially planned to find Qu Fei and Wu Kang Bao to work together, but something went wrong later.

In his impression, Qu Fei had always been a very loyal and daring person.

Who knew that after listening to his cooperation project this time, he actually put forward an unbelievable request!

He wanted him to marry his younger sister, Qu Hui as his wife.

This way, everyone would be more closer to each other and the cooperation would be smoother.

Since they would be family, there was no need for an outsider like Wu Kang Bao to join in.

He laughed when he heard it.

Putting aside the fact he didn't like Qu Hui, he won't give his brother a knife for a woman even if he did!

Besides, even if this woman Qu Hui is parceled to him, he won't like her!

At this age, Qu Hui must had been married before.

She hadn't only married, but also divorced twice.

He himself had also been divorced twice.

Originally, they couldn't pick fault on each other.

However the difference was that he was cuckolded by the other and Qu Hui cuckolded her two ex-husbands.

Unless he had a cuckold complex or his brain is flooded, he would marry that woman Qu Hui!

He refused on the spot.

Qu Fei felt that he was looking down on his younger sister, slapped the table and told him to get out.

In a fit of rage, he left.

After calming down, he felt that Qu Fei's personality had changed a lot in recent years.

Especially that time's behavior.

It became more and more obvious that he wasn't a good partner to cooperate with.

With the later addition of Chu Sheng Mei, he dismissed the option of cooperation with Qu Fei.

When Qu Fei knew that he had been kicked out, he angrily came knocking.

Waving his fist, he declared the end of their friendship.

So the two fell out like this.

Therefore, seeing Qu Hui at this time, the expression on his face instantly became solemn: "Qu Hui, it's you.

Why did you come here"

Qu Hui didn't seem to sense his indifference and kept smiling like a flower: "Elder Brother Zhen Min, I specially came to find you.

Originally, I wanted to go to where you live.

Didn't expect to meet you here.

We are really destined!"

Qiao Zhen Min said, "What did you find me for"

Qu Hui looked around: "This is not the place to talk, Elder Brother Zhen Min, why don't we go to your place to sit down and talk"

Qiao Zhen Min refused: "No way! Lone man and woman isn't good when it get spread out.

And I have an appointment with someone else!"

Qu Hui forced a smile, "As a woman, I don't care about being talked about.

What are you worried about, Elder Brother Zhen Min"

Qiao Zhen Min responded, "Of course I'm worried.

I've been divorced twice, and my reputation isn't good.

If there are rumors of messy relationship, how can I find a wife in the future!"

It sounded like he was talking about himself, but wasn't he also slapping Qu Hui's face

Qu Hui's face turned red and white.

She was furious!

At this moment, a clear voice came from behind: "Elder Brother Zhen Min"

When Qiao Zhen Min heard this voice, his eyes lit up and he quickly turned around: "Sheng Mei, you're here"

Chu Sheng Mei wore a light blue dress today.

It perfectly showed her beautiful figure.

Qiao Zhen Min stared at her with bright eyes as his heart beat like thunder.

Qu Hui took in Qiao Zhen Min's expression and her heart became sour: "Elder Brother Zhen Min, who is this Old Sister"

When Chu Sheng Mei came over, she saw Qiao Zhen Min talking to a woman.

She was a little curious, but didn't think too much about it.

Unexpectedly, as soon as she came over, the other party looked at her up and down with particularly uncomfortable gaze.

And also called her Old Sister

Off with your Old Sister!

Her face became deadpanned and said, "If you have another appointment, then I'll go first!"

After she finished speaking, she turned to leave.

Qiao Zhen Min was anxious.

He stepped forward and grabbed her arm, "Sheng Mei, I didn't any other appointment.

I only have one with you! This is the younger sister of a former friend of mine.

I've already fallen out with that friend."

When Qu Hui heard this, she was so vexed that she almost bit her tongue: "This Old Sister, don't misunderstand.

I came to look for Elder Brother Zhen Min by myself.

He had a misunderstanding with my elder brother due to my matter.

I can't sleep well."

These words seem to be explaining, but they have the effect of painting things blacker and blacker!

Chu Sheng Mei flared up when she heard this and slapped Qiao Zhen Min's hand away.

Qiao Zhen Min hurriedly explained again: "Didn't I say before that there is a partner It's her elder brother.

Her elder brother want me to marry her, but I don't want to marry her.

Due to this, everyone broke up on bad terms.

Sheng Mei, don't misunderstand!"

Originally, when hearing the woman's bitchy tone, a feeling of sourness surged in Chu Sheng Mei's heart.

At this time, she couldn't help but secretly feel refresh when she see him slapped her in the face without any scruples.

Chu Sheng Mei's expression improved, while Qu Hui was pissed!

"Elder Brother Zhen Min..." She bit her lower lip and called out pitifully.

Qiao Zhen Min got goosebumps all over his body and interrupted her at once: "Qu Hui, if you are here for your elder brother's matter, then I will tell you directly.

Your elder brother and I have different opinions.

We will never be friends again.

Everyone happily separated.

I got to leave first since I have something to do!"

After speaking, he ignored the other party and turned away with Chu Sheng Mei.

Watching the two's departing back, Qu Hui stomped her feet in anger!

"Sheng Mei, I...I really have nothing to do with that Qu Hui."

After walking for a while, Qiao Zhen Min felt a little uneasy when Chu Sheng Mei remained silent.

Chu Sheng Mei tilted her head to look at him: "Whether there's something or not Why do you want to explain it to me"

Qiao Zhen Min was so nervous that his heart was about to jump out.

He took a few deep breaths: "Sheng Mei, I have something to tell you!"

The two happened under a paulownia tree.

It was the beginning of May, when the paulownia flowers were blooming the most brilliantly.

Strings of white and purple paulownia flowers hang on the branches.

When viewed from a distance, they look like a sea of ​​clouds.

So beautiful that people were fascinated.

Chu Sheng Mei guessed in her heart what he wanted to say to her and her two cheeks flushed, "What do you want to say"

Originally, Qiao Zhen Min had wore a lot of clothes.

Now, because of his nervousness, the sweat on his forehead kept streaming down.

Quite a funny sight.

He wiped the sweat off with his sleeve.

Soon, the sleeve got wet.

In his heart, he regretted wearing it like this: "Sheng Mei, I have nothing to do with Qu Hui, but...I want to have something with you!"

Chu Sheng Mei saw him sweating profusely.

She wanted to laugh but held back: "Have what"

Although Qiao Zhen Min had married twice, this was the first time he was so nervous in front of a woman.

Suddenly two cats jumped over the wall together.

His eyes lit up.

He pointed at the cats on the wall and said, "I want to like that pair of cats with you!"


Chu Sheng Mei couldn't stop the laughter anymore.

Being laughed, Qiao Zhen Min's ears turned red.

He scratched his head in embarrassment: "I'm sorry, I'm bad at speaking.


my feeling for you is serious! You know about my two unsuccessful marriages.

I originally planned to never get married again in this life.

That was until I met you.

You attracted me like a magnet!"

With such a hot confession, Chu Sheng Mei can't laugh anymore!

She looked down at the ground and replied, "Elder Brother Zhen Min, I...

I can't accept your feeling!"

Qiao Zhen Min felt like someone poured a bowl of cold water over his head: "Why Do you mind my two divorce"

This tone sounded very aggrieved.

Chu Sheng Mei hurriedly shook her head and answered, "No, of course not! You know, Little Mi Bao's dad has only been gone for more than half a year.

I don't think I'm ready yet."

When Qiao Zhen Min heard this, he breathed a sigh of relief: "I am willing to wait for you!"

Chu Sheng Mei was very moved: "But it's not fair to you!"

Qiao Zhen Min interrupted her, "There has never been a so-called fair and unfair when it comes to feelings.

Only willing and unwilling.

I am willing to wait for you!"

He repeated it again.

Chu Sheng Mei grasped her hands: "But I...

what if the two of us aren't suitable when it comes to time"

She couldn't deceive herself.

She was attracted to Qiao Zhen Min.

But the relationship between the two families was great.

If they fail to get together in the end, it will inevitably affect the relationship between the two families.

She didn't want to see this.

Qiao Zhen Min said: "Sheng Mei, don't feel pressured.

Although I think we will be very suitable, but if you are worried, we will not disclose it to the public.

Only when it is confirmed that we're suitable, then we will tell our family.

What do you think"

Since he thought it all out, how could Chu Sheng Mei refuse

She originally wanted to say something emotional, but as soon as she looked up and saw his sweaty face, she burst out laughing again: "Aren't you hot"

Qiao Zhen Min was embarrassed: "Hot! I didn't expect it to be so hot today!"

Chu Sheng Mei smiled, took out a white handkerchief from her bag, and handed it over, "Wipe it.

It's such a hot day.

Don't wear long sleeves when you're out in the future!"

Qiao Zhen Min accpeted the handkerchief and grinned, "I want to confess to you, so I dress formally.

Who knew..."

Who knew, instead of being handsome, he made a fool of himself in front of her!

Chu Sheng Mei turned her head to look at the incomparably bright paulownia flowers.

Her heart felt sweetened like it tasted honey.


The weather was getting warmer.

Before the final exam, Da Qiao finally welcomed her first period in her life.

Because she was in good health, she didn't feel at all when it came.

She had witnessed female classmates who went pale in pain and broke into cold sweats before.

The worst she seen, one fainting from the pain.

She was very glad that the little koi gave her such a koi jade pendant.

She sold the dried flowers she planted to female classmates in the school at a low price.

After everyone used it, they found it very useful and liked her more and more.

However, there was one female passer-by who had always been jealous of Da Qiao.

Seeing that everyone was grateful to Da Qiao, she felt very uncomfortable.

She curled her lips and uttered, "I really don't understand why you should thank her.

She doesn't give it to you for free.

You have to buy it from her! When you go out to buy things, do you thank the other"

Some girls felt it made sense when they heard this.

Some people retorted: "But Classmate Qiao Nian Mian gave us the cheapest price.

My dad had checked those dried flowers.

He said that five times the price wouldn't be overboard.

You're getting a good bargain and act you're not!"

That passerby snorted: "I won't stop you if you want to be her licking dog! But I can't stand her arrogant behavior.

While earning money from classmates, she wants a good reputation at the same time.


If she is really good to everyone, why doesn't she give it away for free"

Some people who liked to getting benefit immediately went along with her.

"There's some truth in what you said! We are all classmates.

How could she have the cheek to accept everyone's money"

"Ain't that right I heard all those dried flowers are grown by her.

They don't cost her anything at all.

Is she that crazy about money"

"Money isn't the matter.

I'm afraid that these things will be bad for your health after eating.

I heard the police station's chief is her godfather.

If something happens, can we make her compensate"

Originally, these words were only circulated among a few people.

Later, it was unknown who spread it and everyone gradually knew.

Some people wanted to watch a good show.

They went to tell Da Qiao these words and hoped that Da Qiao will tear up the girl who was jealous of her.

Da Qiao looked up from the book and indifferently spoke, "Oh, I see.

Since everyone thinks I made everyone's money, I won't sell it."

The girl who came to tattle was stunned.

Obviously not expecting this consequence!

One must know that she was also a member of period cramp team.

Since consuming the dried flowers from Da Qiao, her cramp symptoms have been relieved a lot.

What to do if Da Qiao doesn't sell her

She came to tell Da Qiao with the intention to see Da Qiao make a fool of herself.

After all, Da Qiao was too perfect.

Not only was she good-looking, she was also ranked first in the county every time.

No matter how hard she tried, she couldn't surpass her.

The other girls wailed at once: "Nian Nian, we have never said anything bad about you.

It's all those nosy parker that don't know to be grateful.

You can't stop selling them to us because of those nosy parker!"

"That's right.

That's right.

Since I drank the dried flowers you gave, I feel like I've had a new life.

In the past, I wanted to die on the spot every time!"


Classmate Nian Nian, please continue to sell.

I'm willing to give as much as you want!"

"Me too!"

Da Qiao tilted her head while holding the pen and thought: "I will sell dried flowers in my family's store.

If you really need it, you can go to the store to buy it.

But the price will definitely increase!"

"That's fine.

Nian Nian, if there is any stock, can you tell us in advance"

Da Qiao smilingly nodded: "Sure."

The girls cheered and discussed about going home to ask for more money to stock up.

The girl who came to tattle was completely shock-still.

No one paid attention to her though.

When those girls, who got it cheap and not happy about it, knew that the price had been raised, they were angry and regretful.

They originally wanted to muddy the water and then take the opportunity to pull Da Qiao down from that high position.

Most importantly, they wanted Da Qiao to give them dried flowers for free!

Who knew they failed to steal the chicken and lost the rice!

Once the things are put in the store, the price becoming expensive was one matter.

There were more people competing with them.

They may not be able to buy it by then!

Because of their own interests, some people went to apologize to Da Qiao.

No matter who came over, Da Qiao smiled and said that she didn't mind.

But want to buy dried flowers as cheaply as before

Hoho, dream on!

Da Qiao certainly didn't take those words to heart.

But the thing was hers, she could give it to whomever she wanted.

If they didn't know how to be grateful, she would take it back.

As for the torment that everyone was looking forward to, she just want to say that if there is time for it, it would better to do more questions!

After this event, everyone knew that soft and fluffy looking Da Qiao was actually very scary when she iron up!


In the midsummer of 1982, among a group of nervous students, An Ping jollily walked into the college entrance examination room.

Unlike later generations, as long as one participate in the college entrance examination in this era, they pass the college entrance examination preliminaries.

Everyone thought that An Ping wouldn't pass the preliminaries.

To their surprise, he barely passed!

Clearly this good luck didn't last long.

Three days after the college entrance examination, everyone asked An Ping how he did.

An Ping cheerfully said that he didn't remember anything.

Everyone was speechless after hearing this.

An Ping shrugged and spoke, "You can't blame me.

There is no fan in the exam room.

It was so hot that I was about to faint.

Those questions turned into bloated buns in front of me.

It made my head look big!"

A month later, the college entrance examination results came out.

The total score was 600 points and An Ping's got 250 points!

This score was very good and powerful!

Little Dong Yun made fun of him on the spot: "Elder Brother, the points represent the person, This 250 is the best portrayal of you, Elder Brother!"

An Ping wasn't angry at all when he heard this.

Instead, he was extremely happy.

With this score, he can't even get into the worst college.

Repeating wasn't going to happen.

Not happening in this life.

In other words, his studying career came to an end from the day he got his college entrance examination results!

Da Qiao raised her eyebrows to look at him and said, "Elder Cousin Brother, did you deliberately fail the test"

An Ping scratched his ears and laughed: "I haven't.

I'm not as smart as you! Grandfather, Grandmother, you promised me before that if I don't pass the test, you won't force me to continue studying.

Does it count"

Qiao Xiu Zhi and Xue Chuan looked at each other and both sighed.

Xue Chuan replied: "Of course it count.

But Grandfather hope you will consider retaking it.

If you want to go back to study in the future, it will be possible!"

An Ping waved his hand and stated: "Grandfather, no need to consider! I really don't want to study.

Every time I see the textbook, I feel a headache and stomachache.

I feel uncomfortable everywhere! Please let me off!"

Qiao Xiu Zhi spoke: "Since you have thought it through, then we will not force you.

What do you want to do in the future"

An Ping jollily answered: "I made up my mind.

I want to do food-related work!"

He had no great ambitions in his life.

He just liked to eat.

As long as he can eat delicious food, he felt that it was worth it no matter how hard and tiring!

Qiao Xiu Zhi said, "In the past few years, you have learned to cook a lot of dishes from your grandfather.

If we open a small shop for you, do you think you can support it"

As soon as these words came out, not only An Ping, but also the others present were shocked.

Wan Chun Ju's eyes were as bright as a thief: "Mom, are you going to buy a shop for An Ping Where is it How big is it I think since we're going to do food, it's better to buy a big one in one time.

This way, we don't have to find another one once it's up and working.

Mom, aren't I'm right"

Qiao Xiu Zhi gave her a cool gaze, "When did I say I will buy a store for An Ping"

Wan Chun Ju immediately became anxious: "Just now, didn't you say open a small shop for An Ping So it's not buying, it's renting"

Qiao Xiu Zhi nodded: "That's right, it's renting! If he can support it, he will use his own skills to buy the store in the future.

If he doesn't have the skills, he will only lose more by buying the store!"

Wan Chun Ju: "..."

She had thought Mother-in-law found her conscience and finally noticed the existence of the 'eldest grandson', An Ping, after years of biased.

And planned to open a shop to compensate him.

Unexpectedly, it was her wishful thinking!

She hated it!

But An Ping didn't want to take advantage of his grandparents: "Grandmother, you're right.

If I have the ability, I can buy a shop for myself.

There's no need for you!"

When Wan Chun Ju heard her son's words, she became more and more anxious.

She wanted to find her man to help persuade with her.

When she turned her head, she saw that her man was in the yard, trying to persuade Gu Gu and Pi Pi to not fight.

Her breath also didn't come up and she became pissed.

Recently, there was something up with Gu Gu and Pi Pi.

The chicken and the dog who were very close to each other turned into enemies!

For this matter, Qiao Zhen Guo wrecked his mind and acted as a mediator every day!

After finally persuading Gu Gu and Pi Pi to be on good terms, Qiao Zhen Guo walked in humming a tune, "Wife, your sister has been very grumpy recently.

Pi Pi's dog head has been pecked to bleeding!"

Wan Chun Ju: "..."

When did she become sisters with a chicken

And at this time, how could he still care about chicken and dog

This one was simply pissing her off!

When Qiao Zhen Guo knew his son's decision, he scratched his head and expressed, "Then you listen to your grandmother and open a shop.

Later, Dad go to help you!"

Seeing that his dad supported him like this, An Ping put one hand on his shoulder and grinned: "Dad, you are really my good dad!"

At these guy's buddy buddy behavior, Wan Chun Ju almost vomited blood!

Two days later, Qiao Zhen Min returned from Nanshan County.

After dinner.

Qiao Xiu Zhi glanced at everyone and announced, "Since everyone is here, then I will take the opportunity to tell you all about the matter.

In the next two days, everyone will split the family.

Then you all will have your own way!"


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