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Poor Little Rich Girl (1)

“Zhenjun, this item… can you let me have it” asked Zheng Wan hesitantly.

Her little palm-sized face was currently full of anxiety.

She squeezed the hem of her skirt, blushing at her rude request, but underneath that veneer, she was actually calmly assessing Ming Yu Zhenjun’s reaction.

This person always acted forthright and bighearted.

Zheng Wan couldn’t tell how much of it was genuine, but she was sure of one thing— such people valued their good name the most.

Especially when there was a pair of Cui Wang’s ears, Li Siyi, here as well.

“Why should I let you have it”

Ming Yu Zhenjun played with the item in her hand, feeling amused.

This sort of delicate and dainty female cultivator was the type she saw the most.

When attacked by beast mobs, they would hide in the rear, and during expeditions, they’d never help with the work.

Yet, when the loot was being distributed, they would never hang back.

Instead, they’d put on a squeaky voice to act spoiled and coy, and there would be heaps of willing victims who would offer them the loot.

“This was originally something Shu Yuan had given me, I—”

Zheng Wan closed her eyes, looking like it was hard for her to carry on, but her trembling eyelashes revealed that she had a “special” relationship with the stall owner.

“But yesterday, a very powerful person came and insisted on breaking us up.

I had no choice but to return this to him and rebuke him so he’d leave.

Shu Yuan, even if you are angry with me, you can’t sell this…”

She looked at Shu Yuan with a mournful expression, and there seemed to be tears on her face.

Shu Yuan was momentarily at a loss for words.

When he received the cold warning in the other’s eyes, he lowered his eyes instinctively and said softly, “I was wrong.”

“Oh” Ming Yu looked at her probingly, as if trying to read her true intentions.

“If this item is a love token of you both, it would be wrong of me to claim it.”


At this moment, Ming Yu Zhenjun suddenly smiled.

“It’s only been a few days since you’ve entered Yuqing Sect and you already have a lover You are indeed a young and passionate one, huh.”

Zheng Wan understood the unspoken meaning in her words and nodded solemnly.

“Zhenjun, that’s not right.

If you like someone, you’d know it at a glance.

If you don’t like someone, what’s the point of spending tens of thousands of years together The thousands of years of waiting and little strokes to fall great oaks portrayed in plays and novels are merely needless concessions.”

Ming Yu Zhenjun had no rebuttal.

“What a glib tongue.”

“However, I don’t believe it.” She toyed with the crescent forehead accessory in her hand, “You two…”

“Kiss, and I’ll believe you,” said Ming Yu teasingly, her face wearing the haughty expression of one who was used to having a high status.

Zheng Wan’s face flushed red.

Her skin was fair and clear, and this scarlet shade roused Li Siyi’s sympathy.

“Ming Yu, Ming Yu, forget it.

Why are you fighting with a little cultivator over something like that”

“First, a powerful person, then, a lover, and now, a Zhenjun.” Ming Yu tutted.

“I’ll never learn how to achieve this in my lifetime.”

She had suffered from this kind of female cultivator before, so the more meek and delicate Zheng Wan was, the more she couldn’t stand it.

“Fortunately, Li Wei is not like you,” sighed Ming Yu emphatically.

In the meantime, Zheng Wan had already walked close to Shu Yuan.

The Phoenix Jade at her chest was getting hotter and hotter; she seemed to be able to feel its urgency.

One who was in someone else’s territory could only bow one’s head— Li Siyi wouldn’t actually get into a conflict with Ming Yu because of her, so obeying her will seemed to be the best way to get the forehead accessory.

She tiptoed lightly, placed her hands on Shu Yuan’s shoulders, and mouthed imperceptibly, “Play along.”

The corners of Shu Yuan’s lips lifted.


Right at that moment, a cold flash of a sword broke through the air, as if cutting through frost and splitting the moon, and landed on the ground, then turning into a white figure.

Wide robe and broad sleeves whistled wildly in the wind.

The sudden wind blew Zheng Wan and Shu Yuan apart, and even a large part of the black cloth that was the stall’s padding was lifted.

Zheng Wan turned her head reflexively and met a pair of dark and frosty eyes.

The owner of those eyes was looking at her coldly, as if he would like nothing better than to send her off to see her ancestors immediately.

Oh no, Cui Wang.

Zheng Wan’s scalp grew numb; she instinctively gave him a sweet smile.

Cui Wang looked away coldly.

“Man and Sword Unification!” shouted Li Siyi.

“Little Junior Brother, you’ve actually achieved the realm of Man and Sword Unification!”

However, his Little Junior Brother ignored him, only looking intently at the pretty boy.

The pretty boy hung his head, his body trembling like a leaf in the wind.

Curiosity sprouted in Li Siyi’s mind, but very quickly, this curiosity was obliterated by the increasingly cold sword intent around them.

He rubbed his arms, thinking that no wonder his body protection vital Qi was utterly useless today— it was because his Little Junior Brother’s sword cultivation seemed to have improved again.

“Li Wei, why have you come” asked Ming Yu Zhenjun delightedly.

“Could it be that you knew in advance that I was coming I’m really flattered.”

Who knew that Cui Wang, who was usually on good terms with her, didn’t even glance at her, and only said to Li Siyi, “Master asked me to come to look for you.

Go back with me immediately.”

“He’s looking for me” Li Siyi pointed at himself.

Didn’t their master wish nothing more than for him to not be around Besides, this was something that could be settled with a voice transmission talisman, why did he need to bother Little Junior Brother with it Wasn’t that just using a sledgehammer on a gnat


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