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Chapter 28: From now on, she would just hug his thigh

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When Shi Qingluo finished her bath, Xiao Baili was done cooking.

Stir-fried tofu, wild vegetables and a bowl of egg drop soup. It was a very simple meal.

Shi Qingluo ate nonchalantly.

Xiao Hanzheng was also very calm, but Mother Xiao and the other two ate very happily.

Shi Qingluo looked at Xiao Baili and asked, “In the past, when you were in the old residence, would you be full”

Xiao Baili replied, “No. Mother and I did most of the cooking, but we were given the least amount of food.

“When big brother returns home from studying in town, we would be given just a little short to fill our tummies.”

Their current living conditions were something that they didnt dare to imagine in the past.

“In the past, even if we only ate wild vegetables and steamed buns, we would still be very satisfied.”

Xiao Erlang nodded as well. “Thats right. When big brother wasnt around, we had never eaten eggs or meat, let alone a full meal.”

When big brother was around, he would ignore the ugly expressions of the others and take the initiative to take food for them.

When Shi Qingluo heard their replies, her heart ached.

The people of the Xiao familys old residence were really evil.

She smiled and said generously, “In the future, Ill bring you guys to eat all sorts of delicacies, whether its those flying in the sky, running on the ground, or swimming in the water.”

Xiao Erlang cheered, “Sister-in-law is fantastic!”

Xiao Baili and Mother Xiao also smiled with anticipation.

Seeing his little wife brought their mother, brother, and sister-in-law so much joy and anticipation, Xiao Hanzheng seemed to gradually brighten up from the emptiness and loneliness he experienced in his previous life.

After eating, Xiao Baili tidied up and washed up very diligently.

Shi Qingluo wasnt good at cooking, and she did not like to do housework, so she didnt rush to do it.

Mother Xiao took out her purse and sat in the courtyard to sew it.

When Xiao Hanzheng was unconscious, the two shrews snactched away all the food and money in the house.

She relied on this purse to get medicine and to make a living.

However, as the medicine became more and more expensive, she really could not afford so much money and had to borrow from others in the village.

Xiao Erlang went out to play, while Xiao Hanzheng called Shi Qingluo back to her room.

He handed Shi Qingluo a stack of draft paper on the table. “Ive written the introduction. See if it works.”

He had copied scripts for several years, and after becoming an official in his previous life, he also liked to read all kinds of miscellaneous books, but he had never seen an immortal cultivation novel before.

However, because he had discussed it with Shi Qingluo, he now had a lot of inspiration and ideas.

At the beginning, he was not used to it and was unfamiliar with it.

As he continued to write, he felt more comfortable to continue on.

Shi Qingluo took it and read it from the beginning.

After reading it, she raised her head in amazement and said to Xiao Hanzheng, “Old Xiao, youre too talented.

“This story is written very smoothly and has a strong sense of immersion. I think its written very well.”

She had heard that Xiao Hanzheng was a genius at school.

She did not expect that he was so talented in writing fiction.

If she were he, she wouldnt be able to produce such an effect.

Her writing would definitely be very plain.

On the other hand, Xiao Hanzhengs writing carried some elements of this era, which was more acceptable to the readers here.

She believed that if this novel was distributed in the modern era, Xiao Hanzheng would probably become a famous writer.

When Xiao Hanzheng heard her praise, a smile appeared on his face. “Then, it seems that we can continue writing it”

Shi Qingluo nodded. “Of course, but there are two areas that we can improve to make it better.”

Xiao Hanzheng asked, “Which two”

Shi Qingluo pointed out the problem and explained how to revise it.

Xiao Hanzheng nodded. “What you said makes sense. Let me try to amend them.”

After saying that, he sat down and began to amend the changes.

Shi Qingluo sat next to him in boredom and watched him writing.

Then, he realised that Xiao Hanzhengs handwriting was not only good-looking, but also gave a mature vibe.

It did not look like something written by a sixteen or seventeen-year-old.

To Shi Qingluo, Old Xiao was a big shot.

Sure enough, she had made the investment early, at the right moment.

Xiao Hanzheng quickly finished revising, and Shi Qingluo read it again. “Its much better this time. You really have the talent to write novels.”

She smiled and said, “But dont get too addicted to it. Just write them occasionally during your free time, because Im still waiting to hug your thigh.”

Xiao Hanzheng didnt know whether to laugh or cry. “Okay, Ill focus on the imperial scholar examination. Ill let you hug my thigh in the future.”

Cough cough, why did these words sound so strange and cringy

His little wife only had to hug his thigh in the future, so he had to work even harder to start over.

Shi Qingluo nodded in satisfaction. “Old Xiao, well all be relying on you. I believe you can do it.”

It was still important to encourage and trust him.

Xiao Hanzheng looked at Shi Qingluo with a hint of warmth in his eyes. “Then, Ill thank you in advance for trusting me.”

The two of them discussed the plot again.

Xiao Hanzheng continued to write while Shi Qingluo went to sleep.

At midnight, Shi Qingluo heard some movement outside and knew that Mother Xiao and the other two had gotten up to make tofu.

She got up very quickly and walked out.

At this moment, Mother Xiao was carrying the beans and was about to let the two children grind them.

When she saw Shi Qingluo get up, she smiled and said, “Why dont you sleep more”

Shi Qingluo replied, “I slept early last night. Im no longer sleepy now. You guys go over first. Ill come over after I wash up.”

Mother Xiao was the perfect mother-in-law. She nodded. “Its fine. Take your time.”

After the tofu was done at dawn, Shi Qingluo let Xiao Baili and Xiao Erlang exchange it at the courtyard entrance.

She was confident with Xiao Hanzheng overseeing the courtyard.

Hence, she went to town with Mother Xiao.

Shi Qingluo carried a basket on her back and placed the medicine remnants from the backyard and the leftover medicine bought two days ago.

Xiaxi village was not too far from town. It was only an hours walk.

Walking from the town to the city would take slightly more than thirty minutes.

The two went straight to the medicine hall.

This was also the only medicine hall in town, and was mainly visited by the villagers.

As soon as Mother Xiao entered, Doctor Shis disciple greeted her with a smile.

“Have you finished the medicine that you bought a few days ago”

Mother Xiao nodded. “Yes.”

Then, she followed this person into the inner hall.

Shi Qingluo saw a middle-aged man in his forties, who was currently treating a patient.

There were a few people in front of them, and judging from their attire, they were also villagers.

After seeing the other patients.

Doctor Shi smiled politely at Mother Xiao and asked, “After your son woke up, has he felt any discomfort in the past few days”

Mother Xiao looked a little worried. “After he woke up, he didnt feel any discomfort. Its just that his body is very weak, and its difficult for him to get out of bed.”

She sighed. “I dont know if hell recover.”

Doctor Shis eyes flashed. “Hes been in a coma for so many days, and the fever hasnt subsided. Its good that he woke up. Its normal for his body to feel weak. He still needs to take some medicine to nourish her body for a period of time.”

Mother Xiao forced a smile. “Alright, then Ill continue to take some. Ill have to trouble you to prescribe it for three days.”

Every time she would come over to collect three days worth of medicine.

Doctor Shi nodded. He picked up the brush and started writing the prescription.

Then, he asked his disciple to get the medicine.

Shi Qingluo was scratching her head. Even if it was a tonic, was it something that could be casually eaten

Shouldnt the doctor look, listen, question and feel the pulse (four ways of diagnosis in traditional Chinese medicine) and find out what was wrong before prescribing the medicine

Not only was the doctors character problematic, he was also very irresponsible to his patients.


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