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Ch30 - Woooooooooooooooooo

It is as expected.

Wu Rong was relieved, took the paper crane from Fu Qing’s hand, and some other talismans: “Thank you.” 

After knowing that Fu Qing is also a reborn person, Wu Rong thought about the previous things carefully, and found that many things made sense.

The problem lies in the relationship between ‘he’ and Fu Qing in the previous life.

After all, ‘he’ should have become a ghost, and Fu Qing is sure to be a Heavenly Master.

Can the Heavenly Master and the Ferocious Ghost coexist peacefully But if it is a hostile relationship, Fu Qing’s performance at the first meeting was too calm.



If Bai Gu hadn’t been struck by lightning, Wu Rong might have asked directly.


“Do you feelthe same way”


Wu Rong was startled, Fu Qing stared at him, those eyes were as cold as the first time he saw it, like a thin layer of ice floating on the water.

Human beings are inherently greedy for warm things and afraid of the cold, especially a cold and handsome Taoist priest like Fu Qing, who is aloof and lofty, like a sculpture carved from ice and snow, being detached from the rest of the world, it is somewhat less popular, more awe inspiring, and less intimate.


Sitting together, Wu Rong seemed much gentler.

“Among the crowd, only you are special.”

Fu Qing said indifferently, looking down at the lavender paper crane in Wu Rong’s hand.


“If I must have a partner, it can only be you.” 

Wu Rong suddenly realized that Fu Qing was clearly hinting.

It should be right.

In their previous life, they were likely to be some kind of special partner relationship, or the kind that cooperated very well.

No wonder Fu Qing was so calm when he showed him his palm reading the second time and pointed out that he had the face of a ‘dead person’, it because he was born again, so it was no surprise.

But in this way, would Fu Qing think that he was also reborn

Wu Rong took a deep look at him and said calmly, “I’m different.”

Although he was reborn, he was an ordinary person, he was not reborn from the world of supernatural recovery, he didn’t know Fu Qing, Bai Gu, and he didn’t raise a big dog.

Right now, he thinks it’s good to be alive, and he doesn’t plan to die as a ghost. 

Fu Qing looked a little dazed.


The car window was knocked, and the people outside pointed to the time on their watches.

Wu Rong made a decision. 

“I’ll go.”

Although it happened suddenly, he took almost all his belongings with him before going out today, and he didn’t have anything to go back to get.

Wu Rong called the pet hospital to foster the kittens for a few more days.

He closed his eyes again and ordered the evil Miao ghosts in the house to look after the house.

Then he got out of the car with Fu Qing.


“This time the destination is Liuyang, and it takes a lot of effort to take the train normally.”

Entering the Public Security Bureau through a special passage, Deputy Director Zheng explained to the two on the way: “So we have to use some special methods.” 

At the end of the corridor, the two were waiting there, their faces were similar, and they seemed to be related by blood.

The one on the left was Zhou Xun, who is always lively, he winked at Wu Rong, while the middle-aged man on the right, who was older and steady, with sharp eyebrows and eyes, took a step forward.

“Deputy Zheng.”


The two exchanged greetings and shook hands.

Zhou Yongnian glanced at him, and Zhou Xun pressed the elevator knowingly. 

“The place we are going to next is a federal secret.” In the elevator, Zhou Yongnian took two blindfolds and two earplugs from Zhou Xun: “Please cooperate, both of you.”

The blindfolds issued at that time were similar, but more advanced.

After Wu Rong put it on, he found that it could not only shield the ghost energy from the outside, but also his own ghost eyes could not penetrate the blindfold and see the outside scene.

After wearing earplugs, almost all senses were blocked, which made people feel extremely insecure.

Fortunately, the little green snake and spider were still there, which was a guarantee.

This discomfort was only temporary.

After getting off the elevator, Wu Rong only felt that he had stepped into a puddle of meat mud, and the stench of blood rushed over his face, followed by a whirlwind.

This feeling was a hundred times worse than the drop tower.

Wu Rong closed his eyes when he got down on the ground again, and it took a long time before he managed to dispel the dizziness.

“Come on, mint candy.” 

Taking off his blindfold and earplugs, Zhou Xun stood in front of him with a smile, and handed the candy box to Wu Rong.

“I’m not used to it for the first time.

I was the same at that time.

I vomited as soon as I came out.

It was very embarrassing.

Just eat some mints.”

“Is this Liuyang”

Even though he has gradually adapted to this world, it is the first time that Wu Rong has experienced it himself.

This kind of black technology that can teleport thousands of miles still feels a little shocking. 

“Yes, this is Liuyang.

To be more precise, it is the ‘Tiankeng No.

444 Security Bureau of Liuyang City’.

We are now on the outskirts of the Tiankeng.”

Zhou Xun pointed out the window: “Look, that is Tiankeng No.


We’re sorry for MTLers or people who like using reading mode, but our translations keep getting stolen by aggregators so we’re going to bring back the copy protection.

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Fcali cbk, atf mjerf bo atf aljcxfcu kjr ralii j wsrafgs.

Ktf bcis atlcu atja mbeiv yf mbcolgwfv lr atja fnfgs aljcxfcu, cb wjaafg tbk ylu bg rwjii, lr jiwbra atf jgfj ktfgf reqfgcjaegji fnfcar olgra jqqfjgfv lc atf fjgis rajuf bo atf rqlglaeji gfmbnfgs. 

For example, the No.

444 Tiankeng here.

444 was not a number, but the name of this tiankeng.

The reason why it is called No.

444 is because the school in the tiankeng is the school where the girls in the No.

444 dormitory disappeared and the sewer blood mud incident occurred in the early stage of spiritual recovery.

At that time, the death of the girl was reported, and there were many terrorist incidents in Liuyang City where citizens went missing and the sewers were clogged with blood.

People were panicked, and the school that was the source was also blocked.


But on the day before the blockade, all the staff and students in the school disappeared mysteriously and were never found again.

And this school was also shrouded in thick fog, trapped in a distorted space, becoming the first confirmed medium-sized tiankeng in China.

“Fu Qing” 

“Fu Qing is going to get something.”

Zhou Xun said: “We are the last one to arrive, and the sinkhole will be opened in a short time.

It is faster for you two to split up, do you feel better now Let’s go, I’ll take you to fill out the form.”

The Tiankeng trial is not much safer than going to a Huangquan to hone oneself.

Before the trial, everyone must sign a life-or-death agreement.

Compared with the barren and vast ghost domain, the ghosts in the tiankeng fixed in a certain scene are denser and more terrifying.

Not to mention the evil ghosts who have been trapped in the tiankeng for decades.

100% of people who die in sinkholes will also become ghosts, evil spirits who are thirsty for blood and fond of killing.

Over time, although many young talents enter the pit to test every time the sinkhole is opened, the number of ghosts in the pit has not decreased too much. 

“Some people say that the small tiankeng has gaps connecting it to the big tiankeng, so the number of ghosts in the small tiankeng will not decrease.

Otherwise, after killing ghosts for so many years, and not even having that many deaths each time, the ghosts in several of tiankeng should have already been killed off

Zhou Xun chatted with Wu Rong on the way.

He is the son of Director Zhou and he knows more about this than ordinary people: “Most of the old tiankengs born in the early stage of spiritual recovery are assigned to the level of evil ghosts, right Let newcomers like you experience it.

The 444th tiankeng is also an old tiankeng, and it can be said to be the source of the blowout of supernatural events in the early days, but because the main ghost in the pit is special, it is still assigned to the level of the earth-bound spirit.”

“Hey, speaking of sinkhole 444, it’s really not too dangerous.

If you’re not sure, you’ll be safe as long as you don’t go to the bathroom.

The main body of that ghost can’t get out of the sewer…”


An unhappy cough came, Zhou Xun stopped talking, and said with a sneer, “Oh, Dad, why did you come back so fast.”


Deputy Zhou stared at him in displeasure, then turned to look at Wu Rong, and nodded.

Without saying much, the kind-hearted old monk next to him, wearing a monk’s robe, smiled and said, “Young man, it’s good to be lively.

The last time I saw Xiao Xun, he was only a little old.”

“Hello Master Kuchan.” 

Zhou Xun was very well-behaved, like a mouse meeting a cat.

The old monk smiled kindly and turned his gaze to Wu Rong again: “This is Mr.


“Amitabha, I seem to have seen Taoist Fu collect the items and go to the hall just now.”

“Then I will take A-Rong to sign.”

Zhou Xun laughed, scratched his head with a smirk, and walked around with Wu Rong.

Wu Rong was still looking at Master Kuchan, and there was a hissing sound from his waist, as if something pushed his cloak from inside.

Then he was pushed by Zhou Xun and they left. 

“Master Kuchan, have you noticed anything”

Watching the two go away, Deputy Zhou frowned, and said in a low voice, “Is there any problem”


“This boy’s aura is really extraordinary.”

The monk said slowly, as if thinking of something, he smiled knowingly: “I haven’t seen a person who can raise a spirit Gu for a long time.

Don’t worry, Benefactor Zhou, although I think this child is very special, he may not be a wicked person.” 

“Liu Hu’s soul is biased.

Grey, it’s not as dark as it is, and because of feeding vicious dogs, his soul has long been shattered.”

Director Zhou said solemnly: “When he dies, his soul will be scattered, and the possibility of turning into a ghost is very small, let alone becoming a fierce ghost.

Other possibilities must be considered.

Master Kuchan smiled and said nothing, and the two walked side by side for a distance, and when they reached the end of the corridor, the monk smiled lightly and said: “I heard that Daoist Fu treats this child quite extraordinarily, Benefactor Zhou can start from here.”


A little bald man in a dusty monk’s robe ran over and saluted Director Zhou in a polite manner: “Benefactor Zhou.”

“Hui Xin, don’t run around, go get ready.”

“Master, I will serve you first.”

The little monk gave the master a firm look and held the master’s arm.

Master Kuchan smiled kindly and indulgently, and said to Director Zhou: “Please Benefactor Zhou.” 

“Master first, please.”

“Hey, I was scared to death just now, you don’t know how terrifying that old monk was just now!”

Wu Rong read through the letter of guarantee carefully and signed his name at the end.

During this process, Zhou Xun was like an overly frightened parrot, babbling all the time: “When I first conquered the ghost sores, I was in the rebellious period.

Even my father couldn’t control me.

I don’t know who gave the old man a trick to send me to Mount Wutai.”

“I wanted to run away, but unfortunately, I bumped into Master Kuchan, and he just took one look at me.

Almost died on the spot.

With one finger, I was fixed there and couldn’t move.

I stood there for a whole night.

It’s embarrassing.

He also has an apprentice, who is also very stubborn.

He stared at me and copied the scriptures for a whole year and a half.

A year and a half, a whole year and a half, I lost more than a dozen brushes, and if I made a mistake, I’d have to do it all over again!” 

After signing and filling out the form, Wu Rong pressed his waist to appease the excited Green Spirit Gu.

Spiritual Gu like spiritual things, most like the pure holy spirit that was not stained with a trace of dust.

That Master Kuchan must have a very high level of knowledge, just standing there can induce the sleeping spirit to wake up naturally.

It seems that the psychological shadow left by the monk on Zhou Xun must be very deep.

If no one came in, he would be able to talk endlessly until the end of the world.

“Veterans, aren’t I bragging this time, Big Fish I told you the live broadcast of the whole Tiankeng, and it will be completed! Look, there is No.

444 Tiankeng outside the window! What, I can’t see it, of course, I can’t see it.

It needs to be shot with a special camera.

When I enter the Tiankeng, I will explode a ghost for the veterans.

Now let’s take you to see the legendary security bureau —”

“Turn off the live broadcast.

Are you the person participating in the special training this time Don’t you know that the security bureau can’t broadcast the live broadcast”

The special police uniform immediately bluffed the live broadcaster. 

“I’m sorry, old man.

Next time, I must pay attention.

I must pay attention.”

“Who are you with”


Zhou Xun smiled and waved his hand: “Hurry up, why are you still here“

After the man left, he turned his head and whispered to Wu Rong: “The Security Bureau can’t do live broadcasts, but it can be done in Tiankeng.

The higher ups encourage live broadcasts in Tiankengs.

If you are popular, there will be a special topic right away.

You can earn a lot.


“Well, the one just now is said to be a big anchor on the Ghost Fights Platform.

He has a bit of real ability and a bit of access.

He also came to Tiankeng for special training.”

“This man is a bit shady.

Be careful when you meet him in Tiankeng. Tut, you can seize this opportunity, and your future development will not be worse than his.”

Halfway through, Zhou Xun’s phone rang, as if something was wrong.

He pointed Wu Rong in the direction of the hall and left in a hurry.

Wu Rong looked at his phone while walking.

After signing the agreement, he followed the official account of Tiankeng Trials.

After entering the verification code, he entered the pdf of the precautions for Tiankeng No.


The version was also sent to his mobile phone.

There are not only the building plans of Liuyang Vocational High School, but also several dangerous people marked out, all of which are the valuable experience left by the predecessors.

After falling into a tiankeng, Liuyang Vocational High School was a normal school before midnight and fell into the realm of ghosts after midnight.

The ghost domain would change the shape of the building so much that it will be completely unrecognizable, so the building plan is only useful during the day.

At the same time, No.

444 tiankeng is also a special “scene reappearance” type of tiankeng.

After entering, the testers will naturally obtain their status and become a member of the school. 

The trial time is fifteen days, which is the time from the disappearance of the first girl to the disappearance of all the teachers and students of Liuyang Vocational High School.

Once the fifteen days are up, you must leave the Tiankeng, otherwise you will become a ghost in it.

Similarly, there are many rare resources in the tiankeng, and the list alone takes two pages.

Wu Rong saw the red “sewer blood mud” on the top, the following is the federal government’s purchase, one gram is worth 100 times gold.

Other articles are collected by officials and private people, and the rewards offered by the Public Security Bureau can be said to no be rich.

But if you have money to spend, you must live to get it.

There were already more than a dozen people waiting in the waiting hall.

Wu Rong was still wearing the black cloak he wore when visiting the ghost market, but it was not very conspicuous.

In fact, except for a few people, most of the people in the hall used special means to cover their faces.

Everyone kept a certain distance, without any communication.

When Wu Rong entered, only half of the people looked up.

Some of the others were wandering, and some were talking to themselves.

It was just like the scene of a mental illness rally, and there seemed to be few normal people. 

“Oh old man, we met again, it’s really fate!”

Seeing that Fu Qing was not there, Wu Rong also wanted to find a place to stay quietly, but someone didn’t know the way and came over.

“Do you still remember me, we just met at the sign-in just now, right next to you is Director Zhou’s son, right He is an amazing young talent!”

The tip of the nose have people an honest and harmless feeling at first glance.

He was startled, whether it was on purpose or out of his mind, he attracted all the eyes in the hall.

Seemingly unaware of Wu Rong’s indifference, the big anchor kept talking like a croaking frog:

“The Yellow River Hanging Coffin Tiankeng was born the year before last, and the first batch of exploration teams were almost wiped out.

He was the only one who survived.

He is indeed the son of the police chief.

There must be something good on him.

You are friends when you see him.

He must have given you a lot when you came out this time.

Otherwise, how about a partner of our two groups When the time comes, there will be one for each other——” 


With a loud bang, the big anchor fell out like a broken sack that was thrown away, rolled on the ground several times in embarrassment, clutching his stomach on the ground and screaming, “Hey yo eh yo”.

The audience fell silent for a moment, and their fearful or unclear eyes focused on the stern Taoist priest who had just entered, wearing a crane-pattern robe.

However, as if he had brushed off a speck of dust, he walked up to Wu Rong step by step, ignoring the gazes of others.


Wu Rong took the backpack from Fu Qing, which contained some basic survival supplies distributed by the police.

“Thank you.”


After a pause, he asked doubtfully, “Isn’t my partner you”

The sinkhole needs to be entered together.

The partners should have been selected long ago.

Why would this person want to join him 

“After entering the tiankeng, you and I may be temporarily separated.”

Fu Qing ignored him and said, “I will meet you.”

Neither of them cared about the eyes of others.

They talked to themselves under different gazes.

This attitude stirred the hearts of everyone present, and was noticed by the leaders who just came in.

Deputy Zheng and Director Zhou’s face remained unchanged, Master Kuchan smiled kindly, but a tall and thin celestial master frowned, staring at Fu Qing hesitantly, although he didn’t speak in the end, but judging from his displeased expression, it should be to Fu Qing that he gave birth to some dissatisfaction. 

“You Yingfa, are you going to the infirmary”

Director Zhou said solemnly, the anchor who was still rolling and moaning on the ground stood up the next second as if nothing happened, patted the dirt on his body and laughed: “No, no, say: it’s strange, I was in pain just now, Master Kuchan stood beside me and everything was healed.”

“Let’s go back to the team when you’re done.”

Master Kuchan smiled indifferently and said gently.

The celestial master next to him snorted coldly and took a step forward. 

“The personnel are all ready, and the tiankeng is about to open.

What should be said and what needs to be paid attention to are all written in the manual.

You are not children who can’t read.”

“I just want to say one more thing, life and death are destiny, wealth and honour are in heaven.

Don’t lose your life because of greed.

In the Tiankeng, no one is allowed to kill or persecute others.

If there is any violation of the rules…”

He didn’t say the last sentence, just snorted coldly, but the meaning was very clear.

Master Kuchan said ‘Amitabha Buddha’ and said slowly: “All benefactors have a Bodhi seed in their bags and bags.

The old monk has consecrated it, and the Buddha’s light can protect it for three days.

At the entrance of the tiankeng, someone will pick you up.”

Director Zhou said seriously: “Once the tiankeng is opened, outsiders cannot enter until the end of the cycle, and may not be able to run to the entrance of the tiankeng in time when life is in danger.

If you still want to, now is the last chance to quit.” 

No one answered, Director Zhou nodded slightly.

In the end, Deputy Bureau Zheng glanced at the audience and said briefly: “Let’s go.”

The way to the Tiankeng was through a dedicated passage, and Wu Rong and Fu Qing lined up in front of the team and walked side by side.

Before entering the tunnel, Wu Rong suddenly felt a pinprick in his eyes, like a light on his back.

He looked back and saw Liu Hu at the end of the line.

Liu Hu is also participating in this trial

Compared with before, he has restrained a lot, no longer arrogant, but his eyes are darker, gloomy, as dangerous as jackals.

Wu Rong saw the vicious dog tattoo on his arm.

It used to be only a dog’s head and half a dog’s body.

Now the vicious dog on the tattoo is more complete, spreading from his arm to his shoulders and neck.

The scarlet eyes of the dog seem to be devouring people. 

Noticing Wu Rong’s gaze, Liu Hu hooked the corners of his mouth and put his hands threateningly across his throat.


“Wu Rong and Liu Hu really know each other.”

The leaders who stayed in the hall clearly saw the situation in the corridor through the monitoring screen, and a few people walked into the hall besides them. 

“Wu Rong’s elder brother, Liu Bao, is Liu Hu’s blood brother.

It’s not surprising that the two know each other.”

Director Zhou said, “Wu Rong has turned against the Liu family brothers in the factory corpse pit incident the day before yesterday.”

“Wu Rong is indeed a suspected candidate.

He had a close relationship with Xun An and experienced the Qingwu Cliff ghost boy incident.

But Fu Qing values him very much.”

An elderly celestial master who just came in stroked his beard thoughtfully: “It can even be said that Fu Qing only cares about Wu Rong, for an unknown reason” 

Why is Fu Qing called the true leader of the right way to fight against the ghost king in the future He is cold-blooded and cold-hearted.

He has no rules, no pity and empathy.

No matter how talented he is, such a person does not deserve to be called a Heavenly Master! ”

The thin and tall young celestial master had long been prejudiced and dissatisfied: “Look at the tragedy of him slaughtering the ghost pit before, and then look at how he knocked others to the ground for no reason just now, there is only killing intent in his body!”

“What’s wrong Only when you kill your heart, can you kill ghosts with sword.

If you can’t learn from it, you should talk less and listen more.”

A skinny old man with a enigmatic face, said with a smile: “Besides, what kind of good bird is You Yingfa Every live broadcast accident has him, and every time he is alive, who doesn’t know if he is alive more often than not This time, it is obvious that the newcomer will be used as a shield.

As I said, Fu Qing played well, it makes sense to kill him directly.



“Okay, back to the topic, there is no doubt about Fu Qing’s identity.”

Director Zhou said: “Longhu Mountain has confirmed that Fu Qing is indeed the heir of the Fu family who has been lost for many years, and his horoscope is correct.

According to the divination left by Grand Master Fu before he went to Tiankeng decades ago.

In the future, he will be the leader of the righteous way.

Longhu Montain has sent people to come.

Before that, our resources should be tilted towards him as much as possible.

Maybe we can rely on him as the hope to solve the Lantern Ghost King crossing the border two months later.

“The Fu family is notoriously for being both ruthless and the most affectionate.

Fu Qing attaches so much importance to Wu Rong, this person must be no small matter.” 

The only woman in the crowd was thoughtful and suddenly said, “I remember, isn’t he the model of ordinary people”

“At first sight, he is a decent boy.”

“Lao Ma said that Wu Rong must be alive.”

Director Zhou suddenly remembered and added: “Although Ma Hongbo was seriously injured and left the front line, he still has a ghost baby.

He should have seen something.” 

The old Heavenly Master sighed, “Now everyone is gathered here.

I don’t know how many old friends are left after the Lantern ghost king passes through the border

Everyone present at this moment is the top of the security zone in Yunnan and Guizhou.

The Lantern Ghost King must be at the top of the line when crossing the border.

They will sacrifice to buy time for others to evacuate.


“When we grow old, the younger generation will see them.”

The scene was silent for a moment.

Although the minds of all people were different, they were somewhat dejected at this time.

Finally, the thin old man came back first and said, “Hey, why don’t you talk, Old Ghost Zheng” 

During the discussion just now, Deputy Zheng did not speak from beginning to end.

When all eyes converged, he pondered for a long time, and finally thought: “I think the relationship between Fu Qing and Wu Rong may be closer than we imagined.”

The author has something to say:

Zheng Ju has good ears and heard two young people talking in the car. 

Fu Qing: Among the crowd, only you are special.

Fu Qing: If I must have a partner, it can only be you.

Wu Rong: I’m different.

Zheng Ju:  

Zheng Ju suddenly understood

The emotional entanglements of young people are really complicated.


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