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Perhaps it was because Li Yuan carried Lord Lis scent, the four fox cubs shrunk behind Bai Lixin as soon as they saw him.

Their backs were bowed, and their fur stood up as they bared their teeth.

Bai Lixin looked at his wrist.

The black mark on his wrist had turned a little red, and there was also some pain, as if he was being burned.

Dijia noticed Bai Lixins abnormality and frowned.

“Whats going on”

Bai Lixin shook his head, and bent down to hold the four scared and fierce little foxes in his arms.

He ran his fingers along their fur to soothe them.

Li Yuan stood there dumbfounded.

“What are you doing with your arms What the hell”

Bai Lixins fingers paused for a second, and quickly continued to stroke.

Li Yuan could not see the four little foxes, only the four of them.

The fox cubs finally quieted down when they no longer felt the threat.

One by one, they put away their tiny fangs, and their hair settled down.

The four fox cubs huddled together and burrowed into Bai Lixins arms.

The scalding heat from the beast mark on Bai Lixins wrist disappeared, and its color also turned back to black.

It seemed that this mark could reflect the mood swings of the four little foxes.

Bai Lixin finished calming the four little foxes before looking up again at Li Yuan in front of him.

This Li Yuan was a little younger than the actual Li Yuan.

His face was glowing, and his cheeks had a faint red.

Li Yuan rubbed his face and sighed He was wearing a thick coat, and pointed to the four.

“Come with me.”

With that, he turned his head and muttered in a low voice, “Hiss…why is it so cold this year”

A soldier in the back whispered: “It is summer yet he seems to be very cold and is even wearing a cotton jacket!”

Another soldier said, “Yeah, yeah, isnt it warm”

Some maids with goat-horn braids passed by, also wearing thick cotton coats.

Bai Lixin: “Xian Gus painting is in summer, but these people are wearing winter cotton clothes.”

“These people are separate from the painted landscape.”

He heard Li Yuan mention “the madam”.

That meant the madam was still alive.

Then it was possible to find out what happened on the day the madam died.

The madam died in the winter.

But since the painting was originally set in the early summer, it seems that the person showing them all this did not change the nature of the paintings general background.

The group followed Li Yuan through the long, rugged corridor, and along the way, they would meet the busy servants walking by .

Li Yuan spoke coldly as he walked, “There are still a few days to go before the Chinese New Year.

On New Years Eve, the mysterious Bai Sheng of the Meiyuan House will make his debut on stage.”

“I heard that the repertoire and performance are brand new, and no one else has ever seen them.”

“But in the end, my Li family was made an exception because of its status.

They will perform this “Romance of the Western Wing” for my Li family in advance.

“The madam and other concubines love to listen to Peking Opera regularly, but it makes the Lord displeased, so today is a happy day for them.

Dont spoil their fun, otherwise, you will not be able to bear the consequences!”

Bai Lixin extracted the clues from Li Yuan.

“Romance of The West Wing” was first performed three years ago.

Li Yuan said New Years Eve is the public performance, so it seems that this point in time was really three years ago.

It was winter, or the winter before the Chinese New Year.

They would soon discover what was true or false from the things Bai Ban told them when he was interrogated.

Bai Lixin didnt believe Bai Ban when he said that Lord Li just inquired about his acting and then gave him a bunch of expensive gifts.

Lord Li was rich, not stupid.

There is no love without a reason, there is no hate without a reason, and there is no gift without a reason.

There must be a reason why so many things were given to Bai Ban.

In addition, Bai Ban concealed the fact that he had come to the Li residence to give a private performance.

That itself was very fishy.

When passing by the back garden, Bai Lixin heard a burst of laughter.

Bai Lixin followed the sound and looked over.

A woman in a yellow cotton cheongsam was standing enchantingly.

A furry cloak was draped over her shoulders, and the woman smiled as she chatted with the robed young man who was pouting in front of her.

Bai Lixin looked over.

The young man should be building a “snowman” that he couldnt see.

The woman stretched out her hand and walked over.

She smiled as she gave the young man something and said, “Yun lang, use this.

I got this carrot from the kitchen.

You can use it to make the nose of the snowman.”

It was really a snowman.

The back garden was empty, except for them.

The man took the air from the womans hand and looked her up and down with a deeper meaning, and teased, “The carrot is all warmed up.

Say, is Meier craving my carrot”

The woman didnt understand what it meant at first, and only after a second did she react.

She blushed and pounded the mans shoulder several times, “Yun lang, youre so bad!”

The man smiled sweetly, “Men are not bad, women just dont know how to love.”

Bai Lixin: “……”

Help, what kind of shibboleth astringent flirtation was this

No wonder Lord Li was so angry about being cheated on.

Although the sky was almost dark, it was not completely dark, but these individuals dared to boldly flirt there.

If Lord Li hadnt discovered it, he could only be called stupid.

“Adulterers!” A curse rang out.

Bai Lixin raised his head and fallowed the voice.

Li Yuan was sweeping a disgusted and contemptuous glance over the man and woman.

But Bai Lixin could see the greed hidden under the table of contempt.

His eyes secretly fell on Hu Meier.

He took a deep look before regretfully retracting his eyes.

Hu Meier and Brother Yun were flirting when they saw several people suddenly walking down the corridor.

They started trembling, and the bright orange carrot rolled down at their feet.

Li Yuan ignored them and continued to walk forward.

Soon, they left the back garden and walked around for a while before they came to a row of compartments.

The compartments were lit up, and one was opened.

Li Yuan turned around and frowned in disgust at the four of them, “Come in.”

Bai Lixin walked in and saw a row of bunk beds.

In the corner was an iron basin, and there were still some burned-out bits of broken charcoal.

This should be a room for the servants.

Li Yuan seemed unfamiliar with this place.

He walked around, opened a cabinet, and rummaged through it before finding four sets of clothes in it.

“Put them on and follow me.”

He threw the sets of thick gray and coarse linen robes onto the bed.

It was just a set of thick winter clothes, so their own inner clothes would not look bloated under them.

The four did not waste much time and followed Li Yuan after putting on the clothes.

One soldier spoke quietly: “Speaking of which, where are the other four”

The other soldier glared at him: “The four Where are the good brothers who said they would die on the same day and in the same year!”

Soldier: “Uh, didnt they die”

The other soldier: “Those traitors! They died on their own!”

“They might have fallen into the other part of this painting.

We need to find them as soon as possible.” Bai Lixin gently stroked the fur of the fox cubs in his arms.

The fox cubs had almost drowned and were then frightened by Li Yuan.

They were lethargic and yawned one after another.

The mouths with pointed teeth were wide open in order to yawn.

Bai Lixin couldnt help but laugh when he saw this, and his caresses became even more gentle.

Dijia glanced at him and frowned tightly.

Bai Lixin had never touched him like that, and yet these little beasts get the privilege!

One soldier frowned and asked, “Is it possible that the four didnt fall into this painting, but went straight out”

Bai Lixin: “It would be best if that were the case, but its highly unlikely.”

The soldier immediately looked gloomy.

The group passed by the back garden once again.

Hu Meier and Brother Yun were long gone, and only a fresh carrot was left on the ground.

They followed Li Yuan for several turns, during which they crossed a long corridor and a small bridge before finally entering a luxurious-looking courtyard.

He led the four to stand in front of the door.

Li Yuan knocked on the door and said respectfully, “Madam, its me, Li Yuan.”

Madam So they were going to meet the legendary Madam who died from burning charcoal.

“Come in,” a slightly thick female voice came, “the door is unlocked.”

Li Yuan opened the door and whispered to the four: “You better not disgrace yourselves later!”

The door was opened, and the group walked in.

Although many years had passed, and the woman had wrinkles and a head of silver hair , Bai Lixin still recognized her as the woman he saw in the snow mountain forest.

Lord Lis first wife.




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