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The steaming open-face soup poured into the big copper vat at the door with a refreshing smell.

The quick-witted server hung the note containing today’s topic for the ‘wake up early’ outside the door.

This article was relatively simple before Chen Luo entered Zhongjing.

It was nothing more than an introduction to who the narrator was going to be today, and which policy they were going to focus on.

But since Chen Luo appeared, this note practice has become more complicated.

This is the current entry of Beifeng Building, and it usually is the name of the narrator for the wake up early today: Huazui Nansheng.

After that, his cultivation base was written: Poetry Creation Realm.

Further down is the article that Nan Yuanxi wants to talk about today.

The first fold: On the entry of the southern demons.

This is not news.

Fighting against barbarians and demons has been the basic national policy since His Majesty Daxuan took the throne.

Every few years, a group of envoys from the demon race will enter the capital, and they will come to Daxuan and fight to get some benefit from the autumn wind.

It’s just that although the demon clan is called the Kingdom of Ten Thousand Demons, in fact, each clan is self-governing, so their customs and habits are quite different.

The imperial court will write in the paper of the residence, what kind of monsters are coming, what restrictions they have, and where they will live, so as to avoid any disputes between the people and the mission.

For example, the fox girl’s tail can’t be touched, such as not throwing yarn balls in front of the cat girl, etc…

After all, it is not uncommon for warriors to risk their lives to molest the beast girl over the years.

The second fold: The second episode of “Laughing in the Wind” (3)

This is the core of today’s “wake up early”.

In Zhongjing City, if there is no martial arts story written by The Lord of Wan An among the topics of the ‘wake up early’, then that wake up early business… Dear, it is better to close the door as soon as possible.

It is said that in order to keep the interest of Nanyuan, the owner of Beifeng Building gave up 30% of his share in favor of Nanyuan.

It’s just that usually, it’s usually these two kinds of content, but today, it’s different.

Below the second fold, written in striking red letters——

The third fold: “Fragrant: The Lord of Wan An’s Youth is Merry, Crazy One Night Linglong Building”

Well, it was Chen Luo who taught Nan Yuanxi, the headline and notices should be eye-catching.

No matter what the content is, just pick the most attention-grabbing ones and put them on it! What “shock” and “horror”, what “the secret story that XXX and XXX can’t tell”, what “human nature can distort morality”, anyway, anyway it can make topics explode is how you should do it!

As for the content, people are already cheated into reading it, would they still care

Chen Luo never expected that the technique he taught would be used on him first…

One more thing, the “Daxuan People’s Daily” also recorded this matter, the title is “Never Belittle Mister, Yearnings are Already Over”.

Well, the author who wrote this article is: Sang Luo.

”Pfft—” Chen Luo spit out a sip of tea, and Ji Zhong flexibly turned sideways, avoiding the splash.

”Fuck, I’ve been beating eagles all day long, but still ended up being pecked in the eye by an eagle!” Chen Luo sighed.

He glanced at the content, but it was mainly to promote his reputation.

”This Nansheng is also insidious…” Chen Luo smiled.

In that article, in addition to Chen Luo’s heroic appearance, he also deliberately described the despicable and shameless behavior of Qian Erkang and his party.

Apparently, the delicate Luo Hongnu was forced to burst into tears by them and was very frustrated that she wanted to smash the piano and ban herself from singing Qu on the spot.

Fortunately, the hero, Chen Luo saved the beauty, which made everyone in this generation’s Qu poets fascinated.

They really want to drive Qian Erkang to a corner!

”However, I like it.”

Ji Zhong also said, “That’s right, young master, do you know what the people say about the three schools of Confucianism, Taoism, and Buddhism”

”Oh What do you say”

”The sect of Taoism is cruel, the sect of Confucianism is dirty, and the sect of Buddhism makes people panic.” Ji Zhong blurted out.

”Oh Why” Chen Luo asked curiously.

”Daomen cultivates the soul, is ruthless to others, and even more ruthless to himself, and the user’s soul becomes ruined and scattered with every little thing, that’s why it is said to be ruthless.”

”Confucian scholars have a lot of heart.

They want to say one thing but need to turn eighteen corners first.

If they sold you, they’ll still make you count the money.

Their hearts are very dirty, that is why Confucianism is said to be dirty.”

”As for Buddhism, when they kill people, they don’t call it murder, they call it transcendence; they don’t call robbery, robbery, they call it fate; whoever they target, will have to be nervous…”

Chen Luo suddenly realized that it was indeed the case.

Taoism is ruthless, Confucianism is dirty, and Buddhism makes people panic.

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The Awakening Wood was hit, Nanyuan’s voice was heard as he talked in a loud voice.

”At this moment, we just heard the Lord of Wan An lightly smile and say ‘interesting’!”

”Heavy rhyming about yearning”

”Perk up your ears and listen to this Sir!”

”All my life I had not known lovesickness;

I have only just learned to be lovesick,

yet already I am suffering from lovesickness.

My body feels like a drifting cloud,

my heart as willow catkins in the air,

my breaths as gossamer.

There is but only leftover incense,

to wonder about the whereabouts of the aristocratic wanderer.

And when the symptoms come, when do they come

When the lamp is half-dimmed, when the moon is half-lit.”

”After the composition of this song, the poems resonate, the lingering sound lingers, and the elegant rhyme is fragrant!”

”As soon as it can be seen, that building was full of flower fairies, yearning became love, they all felt romance towards the Earl.”

”It can be seen again that Luo Hongnu on the stage, full of gratitude and love, they all flowed onto Chen Dongliu.”

”At this time, Qian Erkang and his party are nothing more than chickens and dogs, and they are just noisy like mosquitoes and flies…”

”This is: the young earl is full of romance, and the three songs are heartbreaking and exquisite.

Elegant Tone Fragrance made all the guests drunk, and his feelings are as soft as water.

He has a natural talent to compose new songs, and when he writes about yearning he can write its very essence.

All the prettiest in the country, ask the young master about his name—”

”Pai!” The Awakening Wood struck down crisply.

”Her head was down from feeling embarrassed!”

”Good!” As soon as Nan Yuanxi’s voice fell, applause suddenly sounded everywhere.

Everyone seemed to see Luo Hongnu’s eyes full of love, alluring and a great beauty, feeling blessed, and asked carefully about names, she didn’t dare to look up, just blushing.

The beauty in the high places is like a jade,

While the handsome young man is unmatched in the world 

Isn’t this a template

How could such a person be the shame of a literati

It was decided that until the next “Laughing in the Wind” comes out, he won’t be shouted at for the time being!

Chen Luo didn’t know that his character setting at this time had undergone a slight twist, because he was staring at the red dust air mass that had just gathered in front of him.

The circulation of this issue of “Daxuan People’s Daily” climbed to 100,000 copies.

It is said that other prefectures also went to school and gave it to Wenchang Pavilion, requesting that they’ll be part of the publishing team, following the example of Zhongjing.

Wei Yan talked to himself about this before, and Wenchang Pavilion meant to agree with this matter, they’re only waiting for Chen Luo’s consent.

According to Wenchang Pavilion’s estimates, covering the three Central Plains and Linhai states Realm can be achieved in the next issue.

In the next issue, it will be possible to cover all thirteen states of Daxuan.

At that time, the circulation given by Wenchang Pavilion was about 700,000 copies, and the number of readers climbed to more than 3 million, and this number will increase depending on the situation.

”By that time, the red dust should be enough for me to shock and nourish my qi” Chen Luo thought.

”However, when I started a newspaper, it was because the whole Yawen book was too expensive for ordinary people to bear.

If the price was lowered anymore, I couldn’t afford it.”

”However, most of the cost of the transcription is now contracted by the academy belonging to Wenchang disciples.

Maybe I can reduce the price of a full copy”

”After all, the more readers read, the more feedback I get.

And if any of them comprehends the martial arts written in the book, I will naturally learn it too.”

”It’s possible to become stronger even if I just lie down!”

”If I write books for thirty years, then I become a saint”

”I don’t know if this plan is feasible or not.

Also, why is the academy rushing to help me write a book I can still understand the reasoning of the eight major academies in Zhongjing.

After all, they took the copyright of my “Du Shiniang”.

What are the other academies in the world planning”

”I have to figure it out.”

Thinking of this, Chen Luo stood up and walked outside the house.

Unexpected answers, just ask people.

Isn’t there a fourth senior brother living at home

Let’s go– 


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