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Becoming the Elder Brother of the Villain. (BL) Chapter 44

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Noel group.

Reporters were murmuring. This was the first time they got a chance to work with a world renowned business enterprise. Within a year, they became a dark horse in the business world.

Noel group, a mysterious group, whose higher ups never appeared in front of the world but have the whole world of business on their palm made an sudden entry in country M, which had no relationship with country A. Middle of many speculations about their arrival, Noel group launched a new project which will actively cooperate with one of the top enterprise in country M. Which can also help them establish a foothold in the country. Even so many top companies doubt Noel group for their hidden intention still wasn able to avoid the temptation of this partnership.

With this project they can enter country A, which contributes to most of the world economy.

So, even if there is a risk, they still jumped on this fire.

Reporters, who are well known for their curiosity and can do anything for finding what others are hiding. How could they miss such a golden opportunity

So they surrounded the building. There is also a rumour saying that the current owner of Noel group is a person from country M. So with much more expectation, reporters surrounded the building.

Many business magnates including top companies of the country were present. Including He Donghai from He group, Lee Fengge from Lee group. Wu Heliang from the Wu group was present. These people were enough to excite those reporters.

"Mr.He, who do you think will win this project…?" One of the reporters asked cheekily.

He Donghai looked at the reporter and smiled and said,

"It depends on who has the ability.."

"Do you think He group has that ability?" Another reporter looked at Lee Fengge who come after He Donghai and continued,

"With Lee groups here, do you have the confidence that you can win..?"

His voice was loud enough for others to hear it clearly.

Lee Fengge, who heard those words clearly, didn even react and ignored both reporters and He Donghaiband got inside the conference hall..

The smile on He Donghais face cracked for a moment. His eyes darkened. Even so he composed himself quickly and said.

"Well, if my fiance can get this project, I will be happy for him. But that doesn mean I will go easy on him. We will compete fairly. If he wins or I win, its the same for me.." his words filled with indulgence. After saying this he excused himself and went inside, disappointing the reporters.

After disappearing from their sight, He donghairs face changed. He looked at his secretary chu,

"Did you contact anyone in the Noel group?"

Secretary Chu said.

"Sorry sir, I tried to contact them. But everyone was tight lipped. So I couldn get any information.."

"Damn it.." He punched the wall.

"What happened with your efficiency, why can you even do this small things"

He gritted his teeth.

If it was so easy to get information from Noel group. They wouldn have reached this height within a few months. He sighed inwardly

Suddenly someone came from outside.

He Donghai immediately composed himself.

A handsome young man walked inside. His sharp green eyes and red thin lips wore a playful yet mocking smile.

Seeing the person, He Donghais face paled.

"I was thinking who was making noise here, so it was Mr.He." the man said with the same smile with a sarcastic tone.

"Mr. Wu… Long time no see…" He Donghai smiled awkwardly.

"Yep… its been a long time." Wu Heliang narrowed his eyes.

The atmosphere between them was so cold that even secretary Chu could feel it.

That atmosphere broke when another guest came in.

Wu Heliang smiled once again then nodded his head to Donghai and ignored others and walked away.

Donghai clenched his fist..

"Why is he here..?" His voice was hoarse.

After a while, he took a deep breath and walked towards the main hall.

What He Donghai and others didn notice was that their every move was monitored by hidden cameras in every corner. There every changed actions and expressions were passed through this camera and displayed on a screen.

On the other hand, a pair of Golden phoenix eyes looked at the screen. Those sharp eyes narrowed. He clearly saw the panic He Donghai had when he saw that person.

He glanced back, and Secretary Wu, who got the hint, immediately opened a file.

"His name is Wu Heliang. The sole hair of Wu group, A beta. He was Mr.Hes secret boyfriend. Their relationship lasted for two years. When he realised his boyfriend already had a marriage partner and was cheating on his fiance, he immediately broke up with him. He wanted to expose He Donghai, but for some unknown reason, he didn do anything and went abroad. He returned 2 days ago and has now taken over the Wu group with 58% share." secretary Wu said in one breath.

Gu Weicheng looked back at the screen, the camera focused on the young man with green eyes.

He was familiar with the name Wu Heliang. A minor villain in this novel world. There weren any details about this person in the novel. So he didn give any importance to this character. But now when he sees He Donghais reaction, he is 100% sure that this person isn as useless as he thought.

Maybe, he is more useful than others..

A devil-like smile formed on his lips.

"Fong more information about him.." he said.

"Yes sir.." secretary Wu immediately responded.

Suddenly the screen changed, showing the inner hall of the conference room. Many people were sitting and chatting.

After scanning the hall Gu Weichengs eyes immediately glued on a certain person. He wore his usual black suit, combing his raven black hair neatly. Completely exposing his beautiful face.

Its been a few days since he saw that face.

After he took Lee Fengge back to his apartment, he put him on his bed. Hugged him to sleep. In midnight he clearly felt the movement beside him, but didn stop the other person from leaving.

He narrowed his golden phoenix eyes and licked his lips with his young

I really want to devour you alive, but it isn the right time…not yet. But it won be long until I make you mine. I will see how you will escape that time. he clenched his fist.

Gu Weicheng himself was surprised with his own thinking. When it comes to this person, he always becomes impatient. Though he didn like being controlled by feeling, still this feeling felt bitter and sweet at same time, making him addicted.

He looked towards the screen. A dangerous light flashes through his emotionless eyes.

"We should start.." he said.

"Yes sir.." Secretary Wu immediately responded.

Now the real game begins….


Spoiler alert - upcoming chapter.

Xiaochen sat on the dinner table alone. David got a call and went to attend.

When he was alone. He saw a figure walking inside of the restaurant. His eyes widened. The person also saw Xiaochen and Walked towards him.

David came back. He saw someone talking to xiaochen.

"Who? " He asked with a smile. When the person looked at him, his smile froze, he asked.

"Why are you here..? "


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