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Business at 14 Nicki's Quince (1)

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e here, thanks again," Jian said as she took the bag from John inviting him inside. "Hi miss Kim," John said and Jessica greeted him the same. "Be safe and enjoy yourselves tonight, curfew is at 10:30 pm," Jessica said as Jian came back outside. Jian nodded saying, "Thanks mom, bye."

"So how do I look?" Jian asked before she poses on the way towards the stairs of the apartment. John smiled saying, "Beautiful as ever, and what do you think?" He asked posing with his suit. Jian nodded saying, "Dashing, suits are really good on you, I can wait to make more, anyways what type of car did you bring?" He raised his eyebrows asking, "Would you know even if I told you?"

"Not at all, I know a few brands but cars have never really been my thing," she said and he chuckled before saying, "Here let me carry that for you." She nodded passing the gift to him and he asked, "Wait, when is the party starting?"

"Its at 6:30, but you can enter from 6 so we have about 2 hours to kill before then. I was hoping to go see her before the quince but right now she is probably really stressed so lets grab her a drink and some snacks. I heard that most girls forget to eat during their quince." Jian said as they walked towards the car. John nodded opening the door for her, she got inside and he placed the gift in the back seat before walking towards the drivers side door.

"Well then what would she like to drink?" He asked, starting the car. Jian looked up a place on her phone and said, "I think a cold bubble tea and dumplings are perfect, I will turn on the navigation system and we can just follow that, while I make the order." He responded with an okay and then started driving. They picked up the food for themselves and Nicki before going to her location which was a hotel suite where they were getting touched up before the quince at the ballroom of the same hotel.

Jian and John arrived after a few minutes on a curved path toward the hotels entrance. John stopped the car before the doors, saying, "They have a valet service, so I wouldn have to park, lets go. Ill get the gift." Jian nodded as John opened the doors from the inside, she smiled she knew it was an expensive car from the looks of it and the automatic doors proved it to be a much bigger stance. "Thank you," John said passing the keys over to a valet and reaching out to Jian for the bags. She smiled passing the food over to him just carrying her drink and purse.

"Jian is that you?" A familiar voice asked as they walked towards the lobby. She smiled at Nick and walked over to him with John following her. "Hi, you look nice in the tux, oh and here ya go," She passed a drink over to him and he took it saying, "Thanks babe," then turning to face John. Jian smiled as she introduced the two to each other, "Nick this is my date, Johnny, and Johnny this is Nickolas, Nickis little brother." John smiled extending a hand forward and Nick responded accordingly. "Oh right, Nick can you take me to see Nicki, I brought some snacks for her since she probably hasn eaten yet?" Jian asked after their handshake. He smiled nodding and the three walked towards the elevator.

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