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In a daze, the little packrat saw Gu Qiqis eyes.

They were so close to him and so familiar.

Coupled with the large mask, why did she look exactly like the young lady in his memory

Like a bird returning to its nest, his excited heart began to race.

Boom! Boom!

Boom! Boom!

Boom! Boom!

With great effort, his big, beautiful eyes opened a crack…

Gu Qiqis black grape-like eyes shone brightly.

Under the lights of the operating theater, she looked like a beautiful galaxy.

The little packrats breathing hitched!

“Little sister…”

This was his little sister.

He was absolutely certain!

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It had been a few months since they first met in the corridor of Qing City Hospital.

Although the face was getting more and more blurry, there was no mistaking the pair of big eyes peeking out of the white mask.

In this world, only a certain young ladys eyes were so bright and moving.

One look at them was like a huge vortex that sucked him in.

No one else could have such beautiful eyes.

“Big sister…”

He was actually lying in the arms of his little sister.

He was truly blessed!

The little packrat felt as if it had come back to life.

He blinked, afraid that the young lady would suddenly disappear.

He gripped Gu Qiqis sleeve tightly and stared at her, muttering to itself, “Big Sister… dont go… I miss you…”

However, there was another voice in his heart.

His sister had arrived.

Where was his stepmother

Was his stepmother still in danger

That anxiety made him unable to control himself.

He muttered softly, “Stepmother… Stepmother, I missed you too…”

Gu Qiqis heart broke when she heard this.

That soft child-like voice, that mouthful of white and delicate teeth, that pair of big, black, and grape-like eyes were filled with anticipation and grievance… All of them struck a chord in her soft heart.

She really wanted to embrace him completely.

She really wished that this was her biological child.

“Little boy… youre awake.

Youre finally awake.

Im so happy!” Her voice was choked with emotion.

However, why did the boy call her Big Sister

This was very strange!

Gong Jue, who was standing behind Gu Qiqi, frowned.

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“Big sister…”

The nurse that the boy had been missing dearly

He had always thought that the boy was hallucinating.

He didnt expect it to be true.

Moreover, it was actually… Gu Qiqi!

Gong Jue was overwhelmed with emotions.

His son had finally found his little lover.

However, this little lover was his woman.

Should he be happy or unhappy

He was sullen and not overjoyed that his son had woken up.

The doctors and nurses nearby didnt even dare to breathe loudly.

The atmosphere was very subtle!

On the other hand, Gu Qiqi was completely focused.

She said gently, “Little boy, does your head hurt Do you feel unwell anywhere else Hmm Let me take a look for you…”

Gu Qiqis voice rang out slowly.

The little packrat finally felt that something was wrong.

Why did this young ladys voice sound the same as his stepmothers

With an effort, he opened his eyes wide and blinked hard.

He raised his weak little hand to grab Gu Qiqis big mask.

Gu Qiqi thought that he wanted to touch her face.

She smiled and said, “Youve been ill for so long, yet youve learned to act like a spoiled child.


She leaned against him dotingly and pulled off her mask.

Her hair also fluttered gently to her cheeks.

Her lips were red and her teeth were white.

Her skin was as fair as snow, and her eyes were bright.

There was a faint smile on her face.

Even when she was smiling, there was still a hint of reserved coldness in her eyes, making her bright face look a little otherworldly.


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