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At this moment, Suzanne was standing beside Professor Brown as his assistant.

The two of them looked at Gu Qiqi.

Their gazes met in midair and collided!

Suzanne whispered something into Professor Browns ear, causing him to nod repeatedly.

He looked at Gu Qiqi kindly and gave her a thank-you gesture.

Gu Qiqi had saved his daughter.

Naturally, he had to be grateful.

However, he quickly clenched his fists again.

Gu Qiqi understood.

Haha, foreigners are really straightforward.

The meaning of Suzannes fathers gesture should be that even if you save my daughter, I will still do my best to compete with you in the competition.

I will never lose to you on purpose.

Gu Qiqi smiled and nodded.

The competition concerned the honor of a doctor.

How could he give it up

She naturally had to do her best to fight for first place!

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The rules of the finals were different from the group stages.

It was a competition of medical skills based on the same content.

Only then would it be easier to determine the winner.

Gu Qiqi and the others had learned about the questions one night in advance, but the audience didnt know yet.

At this moment, the questions for the finals were displayed on the big screen.

All the audience members were dumbfounded—

“Oh my god, I thought it would be some terminal surgery, like the one Young Master Ye did…”

“Isnt this question too simple”

“The easier it looks, the harder it is to achieve the best! This is also the principle of medical skills.”

“Yes! For example, if its just a simple extraction of a tooth, those who can really pull it out without even needing anesthesia and still manage to pull it out in an instant without much bleeding would be super awesome doctors…”

Everyone began to discuss.

However, there were still many people who found the words on the big screen unacceptable.

The title announced on the screen was—Beauty!

Beauty techniques! That had been insta-killed by Young Master Ye in the first group competition!

At that time, the ghost doctor had performed plastic surgery on an ugly woman.

In the end, Young Master Yes terminal illness-healing technique was shockingly brilliant, causing that plastic surgery technique, which was full of mistakes, to fail miserably.

Now, the finals were actually about beauty.

They really wanted to interview Young Master Ye and ask for his thoughts.

Unfortunately, everyone suddenly realized that Young Master Ye was not inside at all!

“Could it be that Young Master Ye really looks down on beauty techniques and directly forfeited the competition”

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“Or does Young Master Ye not know any beauty techniques and has no choice but to leave”

“Ahhh, actually, I dont care what surgery Young Master Ye performs.

I just want to take another look at his devastatingly beautiful face!”

On the live-stream screen, mischievous comments appeared.

Gu Qiqis lips twitched a few times.

Oh, she was afraid that she would disappoint everyone.

Young Master Ye really wasnt coming today.

However, although Young Master Ye had not arrived, that did not mean that he had given up on the competition!

The competition officially began.

Bai Lang opened the delivery box and said excitedly, “I knew that Young Master Ye loved me! Everyone, cheer up! We might not lose!”

Hmph, his Young Master Ye would definitely defeat that little vixen, Gu Qiqi, in seconds.

As for Professor Brown, that old vixen, it was no problem at all!


At this moment.

In the audience, Gong Jue and the little packrat were also watching the competition without blinking.

Gong Jue didnt forget his true purpose for bringing the little packrat here.

“Gong Ting, the S Nation representatives are 45 degrees to the left.

Do you see any familiar faces”

The little packrats eyes were fixed on Gu Qiqi.

How could he have the time to look at others

Gong Jues eyes darkened.

“What are you looking at”

The little boy said, “Big Sister, youre so beautiful…”

Gong Jue: said,”…I didnt bring you here to see her.”

The little boy pursed her lips.

“Then why do you keep staring at my big sister Why can you look at her but not me Thats not fair!”

Gong Jue was speechless.

He couldnt take it anymore!

If the little packrat continued to address her like a big sister every day…

He would feel that he was messing around with Gu Qiqi!

He was… his Dad.

She was… his sister!


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