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As soon as she finished speaking, she saw Old Master Gu and Xiao Bei looking at her like she was an idiot.

Gu Meifeng didnt pay attention to it either.

Instead, she was only focused on urging Gu Xuexue and Mu Liuchuan.

“Alright, alright.

Our old man is here.

He can help to be the witness of your marriage.

Later, say that the couple masks are for the sake of not having a new match! Also, spray more perfume.

The smell of alcohol is too pungent…”

After dealing with these two people, she called Gu Qiqi in front of Old Master Gu.

“Qiqi, I know that its very embarrassing for you to lose the competition, but you dont have to be too sad.

Xuexues engagement banquet is going to start later.

Its at the best seafood restaurant in the capital, Furong Restaurant.

Come quickly.

Dont worry, Auntie will definitely stop the reporters from asking you about the competition and leave you some face.

You dont have to feel too sorry for Grandpa.

After all, the most important thing for a girl is to get married.

Whether her medical skills are good or not is secondary, right Its not an honorable thing to show your face outside…”

Gu Qiqi wanted to laugh as she listened.

Gu Meifengs words were really informative.

Every word had to be heard in reverse.

What she really meant was.

Gu Qiqi, you deserve to fail.

Im so happy!

Fleur House is the most upscale place in the city.

You cant afford to eat here, right If you dare to come, Ill ask the reporters to interrogate you until youre in a sorry state!

Your medical skills are so bad, and you still cant marry anyone.

You even embarrassed the Gu family in public.

I want Grandpa to be completely disappointed in you and look down on you!

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How could Gu Qiqi not understand these subtexts

Gu Meifeng probably said this because her grandfather was beside her.

She wanted to pretend to be a “good aunt”, right

Gu Qiqi sneered.

“Sorry, Im not free.”

With that, she hung up!

Gu Meifeng frowned as she looked at the scene of the other party cutting off the call.

She complained to Old Master Gu exaggeratedly, “Dad, look, Qiqi is too insensible.

I kindly invited her over, but she hung up on me!”

Old Master Gu looked at her, speechless.

He snorted.

“Qiqi knows her limits! Stop nagging.”

Gu Meifeng was speechless.

The banquet was approaching.

Gu Meifeng didnt have much time to gossip about Gu Qiqi.

She thought to herself that there was no hurry.

There would still be a chance at the banquet later to remind the reporters that Gu Qiqi had failed.

She wanted everyone to see the stark contrast between Gu Qiqis sad state and her daughters happiness.

With that thought, she smiled again.

“Alright, Father, lets go! Lets announce Xuexue and Liuchuans marriage first…”

Old Master Gu did not say anything else on account of the couple.

However, he turned back to Xiao Bei and said, “Send a voice message to your sister and tell her not to rush.

She should go about her business and tell her to ignore your aunts nonsense.”

Xiao Bei replied obediently, “Got it, Grandpa!”

They all started toward the ballrooms front hall.

They passed the promenade and heard the sound of a flute outside Fleur Court.

Xiao Bei couldnt see, but he could hear clearly.

“Grandpa, is the road blocked Is something big about to happen”

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Old Master Gu said in a deep voice, “Yes, usually only big shots at the presidents level have this treatment.They blocked the road and let their cars pass through without any obstruction.”


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