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Gu Qiqis heart ached even more.

When this man was stubborn, not even ten cows could move him!

She lowered her eyes and was silent for a few seconds.

Suddenly, she raised her head and stared at him.

“Gong Jue, do you know that my period today is over…”

Gong Jues breathing stopped!

In the past, every time he wanted her and wanted to go crazy, she would always say that her period was here or that it hadnt ended… She would cruelly block him!

This had tortured him for months!

Today, the stupid woman actually took the initiative to tell him that her period was finally gone! Gone!

It wasnt as if he didnt know the rich implications and implications of those words.

Did he have to ask

He gazed at her exquisite little face.

It was so pure and flawless in the moonlight, yet so extremely seductive!

His Adams apple bobbed.

With all the self-control hed ever had in his life, he resisted the urge to rip off her little dress and pin her to the balcony.

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His voice was hoarse.

“You dont have to report such things to me in the future!”

Hmph, when he married the stupid woman in the future, he could check on her period every day and record it in his notebook so that he would know what was going on.

There was no need for the stupid woman to report it to him!

Gu Qiqi realized that her ultimate move actually didnt work.

To her surprise, she had no choice but to make this hint clearer.

“Gong Jue, what I mean is that if you can calm down and listen to me talk about the past now, I can…”

She probably didnt need to make the rest more obvious, did she

If he was willing to accept her past, she was willing to become one with him!

He could do what he always wanted to do to her.

Surely he could feel the sincerity

And yet!!!

Gong Jue turned his face away and wiped the string of blood from his nose at an angle that Gu Qiqi couldnt see…

Then, he turned around handsomely and pretended that nothing had happened.

He replied expressionlessly, “Am I the kind of person who takes advantage of others when theyre in danger Do you f*cking think that I have to check the goods before I marry a wife Let me tell you, Ive decided on you.

Its you! I can f*cking wait until our wedding night to have sex with you!!! If you dont believe me, try it!”

Gu Qiqis heart skipped a beat!

Gong Jue was so straightforward and respectful to his wife, although the language he used was a little lacking.

However, the meaning was sincere!!!

If she hadnt had those troubled pasts, she would have been very, very touched and she would have stayed a virgin with him until their wedding night.

They would have explored that mysterious realm together.

But now…

Gu Qiqi was a little sad.

“Gong Jue, you dont know what I want to say at all…”

She didnt manage to finish.

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This time, Gong Jue wasnt so nice to her.

He leaned over and kissed her roughly!

He covered her lips!!!

Stupid woman.

You cant say it this time, can you

Gong Jues ultimate move worked.

Gu Qiqis lips were already swollen from the kiss, but she could no longer withstand too much love.

After Gong Jue started another round of crazy kissing, she finally stopped talking about things that happened “four years ago”.

She panted as she leaned on Gong Jues arm.

Her face was red and her lips were as translucent as cherry blossoms.

In the end, she was helped into the banquet hall by Gong Jue.

Fortunately, in the center of the banquet hall, Professor Brown was performing something that attracted the attention of most people.

Only then was she able to silently take a snack to calm her nerves.

Gong Jue knew that he couldnt use this method tonight forever.

The next time Gu Qiqi insisted onconfessing, how should he deal with it

He leaned over and whispered in her ear—


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