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However, Gong Jues heart felt heavy.

He didnt pay attention to his phone at all, let alone what he was saying.

Instead, he ordered in a deep voice, “Special Assistant Lu, go and investigate something.

Quickly! In detail!”

Special Assistant Lus nervous little heart finally came alive.

“Yes! Chief, what do you want to find out”

Gong Jue said in a low voice, “Investigate everything about Qiqi from four years ago! I want everything!”

Special Assistant Lu shuddered.

He felt even more uneasy.

“Chief, didnt you once say you wouldnt check any of her private affairs”

Back in Qing City, the Chief clearly had a chance to investigate Young Lady Qiqi thoroughly, but he insisted on not investigating and respecting her privacy.

Later on, in the capital, when Gong Qing wanted to investigate Miss Qiqi, the Chief directly issued a ban, making him unable to find anything!

Chief used to respect Young Lady Qiqi and protect her.

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But now, he actually wanted to investigate Miss Qiqi!

Was he going to catch Young Lady Qiqis weakness and break up with her

Special Assistant Lu couldnt help but feel his heart ache for Gu Qiqi.

The more Master Jue doted on her in the past, the colder he looked now.

It seemed that his lord was really interested in that male vixen, Young Master Ye.

That was why he was so cold to Young Lady Qiqi…

The more Special Assistant Lu thought about it, the more his heart ached.

However, the decision was not his…

Gong Jue said coldly, “Why are you talking so much nonsense! Hurry up and investigate! If you delay my good plan, Ill blame you!”

Good plan

Sob sob sob.

Could it be that his Master Jue wanted to have a good relationship with a male fox

Special Assistant Lu broke down inside, but he could not disobey the order.

He could only reply, “Yes!”

In his heart, his thoughts of chasing away that male fox, Young Master Ye, were already as firm as a rock!

He had to act quickly! He had to kill the male fox spirit!

He had no idea.

When he turned around, he was at an angle where he could not see Master Jue.

Gong Jues eyes instantly softened.

His gaze on Gu Qiqis back was filled with endless love.

Stupid woman, dont worry about what happened four years ago.

Ill check everything for you.

Ill check everything youre worried about.

Then, Ill solve all your worries for you.

When you come clean, you wont have to feel burdened anymore.

Youll happily accept a romantic proposal!

At this moment, as he looked at Gu Qiqis back view, his heart had already transmigrated to the sea of flowers on the independent island of Northern Europe half a month ago…

At this moment.

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Gu Qiqi and the doctors from various countries were exchanging their medical insights.

Gu Qiqis kind personality and fluent foreign language received everyones love and admiration.

Everyone extended their olive branches and invited Gu Qiqi to their respective countries.


Brown had just finished performing the cello.

At this moment, he put down the heavy cello and walked over.

He smiled and said, “Everyone, dont fight with me.

Ive long wanted to invite Young Lady Qiqi to dinner.”

They were all old men, so they didnt stand on ceremony with him.

“Hey, hey, Old Man Brown, you cant snatch our Qiqi away halfway!”


Brown smiled until his eyes narrowed.

“I have a reason that Young Lady Qiqi cant refuse.

You dont!”

“And what reason would that be” everyone asked curiously.

Gu Qiqi couldnt help but look over.

She had heard nothing from Professor Brown about an invitation to dinner.

What was the reason she couldnt refuse What if she didnt even know


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