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The moment Chu Junmo said this, Gong Jue exploded in the next second.

Damn, Chu Daiyu was doing this again

Are you addicted to acting weak

Gong Jue clenched his fists.

He wished he could punch that shameless man through his phone.

Hmph, if you dare to pretend to be weak and covet my woman again, Ill… act even weaker than you!!!

Indeed, Gu Qiqis tone was a little pitiful.

“Why dont I help you find a nurse whos familiar with the technique The wound is very tender.

If ones hand is too rough, it will tear.

Seriously, they dont know how to be gentler to you…”

Chu Junmo thought to himself, Its not that they dont know how to be gentle, but… I just want you to touch me.

Gu Qiqi suddenly thought of someone.

“By the way, my classmate, Xiaolan, is not bad.

Shes very enthusiastic.

She was especially experienced in taking care of her fathers cancer some time ago.

Why dont I ask her to help take care of you…”

Gong Jue was in a good mood.

Well, a wife knows how to behave.

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Just let Xiaolan go!

At most, he would pay the salary!

However, as expected, Chu Junmo decisively refused.

“No, Qiqi, your studies are more important.

I heard that the final exam is coming soon, so you should hurry up and study.

I… will endure it myself.”

Gu Qiqi felt even more guilty when she heard that.

“Brother Chu, Ill visit you when I have time…”

Chu Junmo pursed his lips in relief.


When youre free, well discuss how to promote the award-winning beauty treatment in this competition.

Many manufacturers have already come knocking on our door.

Qiqi, youre going to become a popular female miracle doctor in the business world…”

Gu Qiqi smiled.

“You know, Brother Chu, Im not magical.

You can decide on business matters.

Just give me a little money to spend.”

Chu Junmo said, “Of course not! This is a project between the two of us.”

He emphasized the words “the two of us” and continued, “In the future, the decision-making and the direction of the companys development will require your participation.

By the way, Qiqi, in order to better promote Chinese medicine and participate in international competitions, I plan to register a new pharmaceutical factory that specializes in producing our medicinal herbs.

What do you think the name should be”

Gu Qiqi said, “I dont have any experience in this.

Its all up to you, Brother Chu.”

Chu Junmo suggested, “Junqi Pharmaceuticals… What do you think”

Junqi Pharmaceuticals

Well, that sounds rather grand.

Gu Qiqi agreed without thinking.

“Its quite smooth.

I think its not bad.”

Jun… Qi

Gong Jue eavesdropped from the side, and his handsome face turned even colder.

What do you mean

Why didnt it sound nice to himat all

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What the hell was this

Besides, something didnt feel right!!!

Only Chu Junmo was filled with joy as he silently chanted, “Junqi, Junqi, Junqi, Junqi… I cant wait.”

Qiqi, we can finally be closely connected.

Qiqi, wait for me.

I will use my strength to prove that Im more suitable than Gong Jue to protect you and accompany you!

Gu Qiqi hung up and realized that Gong Jues expression was a little off.

She thought he was angry and carefully adjusted her tone.

“Brother Chu is a patient so I talked to him for a while.

I dont have time to visit him at the hospital anyway.

If I hang up on him again, it would be too unkind, dont you think You can understand that, right Our chief is the most humane and magnanimous…”

The free praises and hot flattery kept hitting Gong Jue.

However, Gong Jues expression didnt seem angry.

Instead… Why did he look a little uncomfortable

Gu Qiqi felt guilty.

Could it be that her call to Brother Chu had angered Gong Jue

On closer inspection…

No, why did Gong Jue look a little… drunk


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