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At this moment, Gong Jue was left alone on the bench at the door of the ward as he watched the little packrat kiss Gu Qiqi.

Seeing that Gu Qiqi only cared about the little packrat but left him alone, he couldnt be bothered to complain.

But the little packrat had come up with a mushy “I miss you” and even dared to take the initiative to hug and kiss her.

What the hell was this

When did this brat become so good at flirting

Not only did he kiss her once, he even kissed her twice!!!

Damn, he hadnt even gotten this treatment yet.

Gong Jue was very unhappy.

He clenched his fists and wanted to snatch Gu Qiqi back.

But on second thought, that wouldnt do.

He was pretending to be drunk like Chu Daiyu.

How could he do it

Wouldnt that give it away in a second

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How could he continue to take advantage of stupid women in bed tonight without anyone knowing

This was a rare chance as her relatives werent home!

Gong Jue suppressed his anger.

Unexpectedly, the little packrat suddenly noticed Gong Jue sitting beside him.

“Daddy, whats wrong”

Only then did Gu Qiqi remember that she had been kissed by the little packrat and had completely ignored a certain man.

She couldnt help but feel apologetic.

She put down the boy and supported Gong Jue again.

“Your father is drunk.

Ill take care of him to rest first…”

The boy said suspiciously, “Thats not right.

Papa never gets drunk…”

Gong Jues heart skipped a beat.

Little brat, not only did you steal my woman, you even want to expose me!

Gong Jue beat her at her own game.

He burped and hugged Gu Qiqis waist with both hands.

He muttered in a muffled voice, “Drink with me again… Hurry up and give me champagne! Otherwise, Ill beat someone up!”

Gu Qiqi looked at the little packrat helplessly.

“Looks like he really drank too much today and started acting crazy…”

The boy pursed his lips and studied his father.

Something was wrong.

Gu Qiqi was worried about Gong Jues health and had already started to discuss with him.

“Little boy, lets talk tomorrow, okay Your daddy really needs to rest.

Oh right, this is a gift from Auntie.”

The boy was disappointed.

However, when Gu Qiqi handed the gift to him, his eyes lit up again.

“This is… a tool for repairing mini robots!”

He saw a set of very mini repair tools, all made of good steel.

There were small scissors, small knives, small screwdrivers…

Each of them was as small as a needle.

However, they were very handy for small hands like the little packrat.

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No wonder the little packrat thought of repairing the mini robot in a second.

This tool was very small!

Gu Qiqis lips twitched.

“Yes! You can repair robots too!”

This set of tools was a carefully crafted surgical tool model from the worlds best medical device manufacturer.

If the designer knew that the little packrat was using it to repair robots, he would probably cry.

However, it was fine as long as the little packrat was happy!

Finally, holding the gift, the boy reluctantly returned to his room to rest.

Gong Jue was already smug as Gu Qiqi helped him into the ward.

The softie wins at the end of the day!

Gu Qiqi helped Gong Jue onto the bed and started to worry.

How do you bathe a stupid man

There was no way she could get him into the bathroom.

Special Assistant Lu had gotten off work.

It was too late to disturb General Gong Qing, let alone ask the female nurse for help.

She was depressed.

She thought to herself that her hangover pills had always been effective.

Why didnt they work on Gong Jue


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