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Gu Qiqi was looking at Bai Lang with a smile as he downed three large glasses of wine.

She didnt expect this playboy to be so bold and straightforward at the wine table.

She couldnt really be casual.

She understood drinking and socializing.

Even if they didnt finish the same three glasses, they should at least have a glass.

Unexpectedly, as soon as the wine glass touched her lips, she smelled a special scent.

“Master Silver, its an aphrodisiac! F*ck, that scumbag Bai Lang actually drugged you and wanted to pounce on you!” The little dirty turtle exclaimed in Gu Qiqis heart and looked at Bai Lang with anger and disdain.

Gu Qiqi narrowed her eyes and said softly to the little dirty turtle with her divine sense, “Its not him.”

“Ah How do you know its not him, Master Silver! This player must have a lot of them.

He probably uses them all the time!”

“Hehe, Little Lang Lang wont,” Gu Qiqi replied firmly.

In the past, she had also decided that Bai Lang was a playboy.

But now that they had interacted more, she realized that he actually had an innocent and cute side.

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His ears turned red when she was shy.

He would twist his fingers when he was embarrassed.

His attitude toward the people he likes and dislikes was stark and undisguised.

Needless to say, such a person was actually quite suitable to be friends with.

She had misjudged him in the past and wronged him many times.

She had innocently harmed him many times.

She more or less felt like compensating him now.

“Master Silver, dont be fooled by his seemingly kind appearance!”

“Its not that he looks kind.

Hes really kinder than that scumbag Bai Yeyuan.

Go and smell the three large glasses of wine he drank just now.

Was there the same medicine” Gu Qiqi instructed calmly.

The little dirty turtle checked around and came back.

As expected, he was convinced by Gu Qiqi.

“Yes, Master!”

Gu Qiqi said calmly, “If he did it, theres no need for him to use it on himself.”

Realization dawned on the little dirty turtle.

Thats right! If Bai Lang really had any evil intentions, he would definitely drug his master and he had to stay awake to do bad things.

So the Young Master Bai was set up too

“Whos so bold Ill bite him to death!” The little turtle was indignant.

Gu Qiqis eyes darted around and she glanced outside the door.

“Why do I seem to see a familiar person standing outside the door”

“Isnt that… Isnt that Special Assistant Lu” The little turtle was surprised.

“Dont tell me he was instructed by Master Jue”

After saying that, the little turtle wanted to bite off his stupid tongue.

Of course, it couldnt have been Gong Jue.

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How could the most easily jealous person in history push Qiqi into another mans arms

Then Special Assistant Lu took matters into his own hands

Old Lu looked quite honest.

He did not expect him to be such a person in private.

Gu Qiqis eyelashes flickered.

“Lets wait and see.”

With that, he drained his glass!

“Master Silver! Ow—!” The little turtle covered his face in despair.

Why did the host drink it when he knew there was something wrong with it

What did it mean to wait and see He had never learned this phrase before.

He needed to quickly flip through the dictionary!

Outside the door, Special Assistant Lu heaved a sigh of relief when he saw that Bai Lang and Young Master Ye really had no doubts and finished all the wine.

Actually, he could only give Young Master Ye medicine.

However, he was afraid that Bai Lang would be like his Master Jue.

He was too gentlemanly.

What if Young Master Ye could not endure the fire while Young Master Bai was awake and went around looking for the antidote for him

Therefore, he had to also drug Young Master Bai.

The two of them would be aroused together and couldnt help but…

Up and down…

Come and go…

Cough cough cough!


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