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Gu Qiqis words inadvertently reminded Jiang Rouwan.

On the way to the Civil Affairs Bureau to remarry, Jiang Rouwan looked at her ex-husbands greasy and fawning face.

She lowered her eyes and looked at her body, which was recovering step by step, and her hands, which were still supporting herself.

She thought, since she had the ability to live a more exciting life, why did she have to make herself remarry that scumbag

That thing of his had already taken the initiative to be used by other women countless times.

Was she really not thinking about whether it was clean or not

Would she really not feel disgusted when she dreamed at midnight and recalled those dirty and filthy images

He had been so heartless and greedy during the divorce.

Who could guarantee that he wouldnt betray her again when he became rich and his life improved

It was said that cheating was addictive!

Betrayal was even worse!

He had recognized the true colors of this mistress, but what about the next one

If a younger and more innocent-looking girl came, would he shamelessly pounce on her again

As Jiang Rouwan thought about it, she suddenly realized that she could no longer trust and forgive her ex-husband, nor was she willing to let herself suffer.

In the past, she had not helped this family, but had helped a man be heartless and irresponsible.

At the entrance of the Civil Affairs Bureau, Jiang Rouwan did not move when her ex-husband got out of the car.

Instead, she quickly closed the door and calmly instructed the driver, “Drive away!”

She left her ex-husband alone at the Civil Affairs Bureau stomping his feet!

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Looking at the mans incredulous face and exasperated expression, she suddenly laughed heartily.


It turned out that throwing away a dirty man was so satisfying!

It turned out that she did not have to rely on a man to obtain happiness!

Hadnt she been living just as well in the days after the divorce The sky hadnt fallen.

Instead, shed become more fulfilled and more purposeful.

She had to become beautiful, healthy, learn to earn money, learn the true spice of life…

At this moment, Jiang Rouwans words to Gu Qiqi were filled with vitality and hope.

“Qiqi, I know that its not easy to set up a factory.

Actually, back then, when this pharmaceutical factory started from scratch, it was run by me and my ex-husband.

I know how to manage the accounts, purchase, and manage the workers… However, after giving birth to Qiu Qiu, his grandmother was unwilling to help take care of the child.

I was worried about the nanny, so I could only retire and take care of the child myself.

Ive been a housewife for more than ten years.

In the past ten years, Ive abandoned myself, but my foundation is still there.

As long as Im willing to learn and understand the trend of the current market, I believe that Im not inferior to others!”

Gu Qiqi was very gratified.

“Miss Jiang, youve already succeeded halfway with your determination.

If you have any other difficulties in terms of funds, feel free to look for me.”

Jiang Rouwan said guiltily, “Qiqi, you helped me change my life and even gave me such a precious prescription.

I cant thank you enough.

How can I continue to trouble you…”

Gu Qiqi chuckled.

“Well, I have to collect interest on my funds, not give them away for free.

I think highly of your pharmaceutical factory as an investment.”

Jiang Rouwan also smiled.

“Thats great.

Welcome, big shareholder Qiqi!”

She admired this girl even more.

Just now, she had given Gu Qiqi shares for free, but Gu Qiqi had firmly refused.

However, at this moment, she had promised that if she was having financial difficulties, she would help her by investing.

This was true kindness.

True loyalty!

Jiang Rouwan silently made up her mind.

She had to work harder to run the pharmaceutical factory.

At that time, she would split the shares with Gu Qiqi and repay her for this precious favor!


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