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Turning around coldly, Gu Qiqi said, “I can only let one of you out alive.

So, after dealing with her, do as you deem fit!”

The hooligans looked at each other.

Facing Gu Qiqi, who had slammed the door and left, they panicked.

What did Young Master Ye mean

What did he mean by “only one person can walk out alive”

Didnt that mean that everyone else had to die

Then how could a living person escape…

The hooligans stopped what they were doing and instinctively rushed out.

However, in the next second.

As the metal door closed, the door and windows were instantly covered with terrifying vines, wrapping around the entire dilapidated house.

Before they could get close, green vines suddenly stretched out and twisted in midair like snakes, as if saying silently, “Want to leave Break your necks!”

They stopped in shock.

Only then did they recall Young Master Yes strange skills—

Damn, this was simply a great demon!

They did not have the ability to resist at all, so they could only obey obediently!

When they turned around again, their eyes were bloodshot.


Only one could live, right

Then he could survive by killing others!

In an instant, everyone attacked at the same time.

There were sounds of fighting, and they started a chaotic battle.

Everyone wanted to kill someone else and become the last one to survive.

The ending

Of course, none of them would survive…

With that, Gu Qiqi easily let the dogs bite each other.

She carried Xiaolan and walked quickly.

Soon, she arrived at the SUV parked on the main road.

She had come out in a hurry and did not have time to go back and take Gong Jues No.


She only “borrowed” an off-road vehicle by the roadside.

After opening the back seat, she gently laid Xiaolan, who was covered in blood, down.

She quickly took out some medicinal herbs from her space and crushed them, applying them on a few large wounds to stop the bleeding.

Her heart ached at the sight of her terrible nails.

She picked up the plucked fingernails from the ground one by one and put them away.

At this moment, she had finished washing them and was observing if they could be directly covered and healed.

However, Bai Yingzhus methods were too ruthless.

Furthermore, those hooligans were all heavy-handed.

Some of these fingernails had already been broken into two.

Even if they were put back in place, they would still be broken.

It seemed that she could only wait for it to heal slowly and find a way to grow new ones.

Fortunately, after the little dirty turtle had been upgraded to the green level, its alchemy ability and her ability to find medicine had improved greatly.

In just a short while, she had found the medicinal herbs she needed from the farmland and wilderness.

Then, she used a medicinal furnace to refine them, increasing the medicinal properties by dozens of times.

She crushed them and gave them to Xiaolan.

She fetched another bucket of mountain spring water and wiped the blood off Xiaolans body.

After being busy for a full two hours, Xiaolans tender skin could finally be seen.

The wounds on her face and hands needed time to recover slowly.

Gu Qiqi had already wrapped a white gauze around them and applied medicine to maintain them.

“Xiaolan, dont worry.

Ill get you ten boxes of my beauty masks from the World Medical Tournament.

Youre so beautiful, I definitely wont let you suffer any losses!”

Xiaolan didnt dare look up at him.

Her heart was beating like a drum.

Her palm, which was being held by him, was trembling so much that it was about to go limp.

Beads of sweat formed on her palm.

If he was safe and sound, then all the suffering she had suffered was worth it.

She did not cry when she was tortured by Bai Yingzhu, but at this moment, she really wanted to cry!

It was the kind of tears that wanted to vent their grievances and attachment in front of the person they loved!

Gu Qiqi was at a loss because of Xiaolans sudden tears.

“Xiaolan… I… You…”


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