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Bai Lang suddenly remembered that Young Master Ye had never left him a bank account.

If he made money, how could he share it with Young Master Ye

He was so enthusiastic about doing business now because he wanted to show off his economic strength and standard of living in front of Young Master Ye.

He wanted to let Young Master Ye understand that he was a good man of the new era who could be diligent and thrifty, and could also develop his own territory!

When two men were together, they could also build a beautiful empire!

No, he had to call again and find out.

Bai Lang called back the number.

This was the first time he had taken the initiative to call Young Master Ye.

Just thinking about it made him a little excited.

“Du du—!”

“Du du du—!”

After a long pause, the call finally connected.

“Young Master Ye…” Bai Lang called out eagerly.

He had practiced calling him that countless times.

There was a faint familiarity in his gentleness, a faint admiration, and a faint desire…


However, a rough mans voice came from the other end of the line.

“What Ye!”

“Uh… Isnt this Young Master Yes house” Bai Lang was vigilant.

Why was this man in Young Master Yes house He sounded like a stupid man who swept the streets!


The rude man slammed the phone down angrily.

“This is a public phone! Your head!”

Bai Langs heart instantly shattered into a hundred and eight pieces.

Young Master Ye, oh Young Master Ye, you actually used a public phone to contact him.

How much do you not want to share your privacy

He was being too distant!

It stung.

How heart-wrenching!

Bai Lang grabbed his phone in a daze.

In the living room.

Bai Yeyuan was sitting upright on the golden velvet sofa, looking at the latest financial news on his tablet.

Hearing the commotion, Bai Yeyuan looked up coldly.

“Its that Ye guy again That Ye guy is just a doctor.

Is he worth all of you chasing after Bai Yingzhu hasnt returned for an entire day.

I heard that shes going to look for that Young Master Ye.

Why are you out so late Are you looking for him too”

Bai Lang covered his heart and cried, “I want to, but the problem is that I havent been able to find him…”

Bai Yeyuan frowned.

“I think youve fallen too deep.

Youd better wake up.

Does that kind of man of unknown origin have ulterior motives towards our Bai family”

Bai Lang immediately straightened his back.

“Of course not.

Hes very low-key!”

Unknowingly, he began to defend Young Master Ye.

Even though Young Master Ye had hurt him, when the other people suspected him, he still couldnt help but speak up for him.

Bai Yeyuan said coldly, “Hehe, its been so long.

Do you know where his family is Whats his background Did he leave you his number Did he invite you to be his guest”

Bai Lang was speechless.

However, he immediately explained on Young Master Yes behalf, “I already said that hes low-key, low-key! You dont understand such a low-key world of geniuses! Youre just a vulgar businessman.


Bai Yeyuan was speechless.

He looked at the departing Bai Lang with a complicated expression.

This younger brother was becoming more and more disobedient.

In the past, the way he messed around with women everywhere made people worry, but now, it was even more so.

Bai Yeyuan raised his eyebrows coldly.

On the opposite wall, the clock read 10 p.m.

Why wasnt Xiao Ning back yet

He had been waiting in the living room all night.

The evening self-study session at school ended at nine, right

His eyes darkened as he picked up the phone.

“Little Lemon, where are you Do you not want to sleep tonight and serve me until dawn Hmm”


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