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Chapter 116: Gong Jue Was a Three-year-old When He Woke Up

At this moment.

Four Seas Hotel in Qing Cheng.

In a high-end suite, Gu Meifeng was half-dressed as she leaned coquettishly against her distant cousin, Gu Enlong.

Half-truths of tears hung on her thick eyelashes.

“Brother Enlong, that bookworm b*tch is simply the scum of the Gu family.

Not only did she cause her father to go to jail as a form of compensation, but she also harmed my Xuexue badly.

Just last night, she snatched a million dollars from Xuexue and nearly made Xuexue become a prostitute in a bar… You must help me teach her a good lesson!”

Gu Enlong pointed at the headlines smugly.

“Didnt you see that the news has already been released Once shes on the trending searches, her reputation will be ruined.

Which school would still dare to take her”

“But, isnt there someone supporting her from behind…”

“Are you stupid Who would dare to support her now All men have to avoid her like snakes and scorpions to avoid being implicated by her!”

“Yes, but Brother Enlong, Im afraid that with her results and if someone finds out that you did something to her, it will be detrimental to you…”

“Dont worry about that.

Ive always done things flawlessly.

I didnt even change a word about her grades.”

“What Didnt they say that she cheated and scored a zero” Gu Meifeng cried out exaggeratedly.

“Its not zero.

Its one point.

You understand this, right The rules of the college entrance exam are that the answer sheet must be clean otherwise no marks are given and it will be considered cheating.

As for me, I just happened to draw a random mark on her answer sheet! The score for cheating is one.

Its used to differentiate the zero for cheating.”

“Brother Enlong, youre too awesome.

This way, even if someone investigated, they wouldnt be able to discover who drew that mark at all!”

“Thats right.

If I changed the answer, she could still verify the handwriting.

But if she drew a symbol, what the hell would she be able to verify! No matter who checked, they wouldnt be able to find anything!”

“So, Gu Qiqis going to die this time”

“Shes dead! And she will die an ugly death… So, shouldnt you repay me”

“Hey, youre so hateful… Hmm…”

Gu Qiqi still didnt know that the Witchs poisonous apple had already quietly entered her mouth.

But she knew that she would definitely not take the blame for this!

But she was just a weak third-year graduate.

How was she going to prove herself To defeat the rumors

At this moment, she suddenly realized that compared to the overwhelming and spreading rumors, a persons strength was very small!


She had to do something.

She couldnt control the rumors, but she could apply for the results review.

Why did she get 1 mark

When did she cheat

She had to seek an explanation.

She stood up abruptly

However, Gong Jues closed eyes suddenly opened a little.

His palm suddenly scooped up the ends of her skirt and he yanked!

He pulled her back onto the bed.


Gu Qiqi staggered and fell into his arms.

Gong Jue hugged her tightly like she was a pillow.

Hiss —!

Was this man made of iron She had hit him once, but he didnt even feel pain

On the other hand, she was in a mess from the impact.

She felt pain everywhere.

“Let go of me.

I have something important to do.” Gu Qiqi thought that he had woken up and pushed him away.

However, Gong Jues half-closed eyes and long and thick eyelashes cast a small shadow on her.

His thin lips muttered to himself, “Unacceptable…”

Gu Qiqi shivered.

He was acting like a three year old!

She nearly forgot that this man was like a child when he woke up.

Therefore, the correct way to communicate should be…


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