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Gu Qiqi instructed Bai Lang to make a name for Young Master Ye so that she could quickly collect color points.

Next, she focused all her energy on treating Xiaolan.

Of course, it was definitely not convenient for her to be dressed as a man.

She brought Xiaolan home and handed her over to “Gu Qiqi”.

Naturally, she took over the treatment.

Well, this way, she wouldnt feel guilty when she hugged and comforted her sister in the future!

After Gu Qiqis meticulous treatment, Xiaolan recovered very quickly.

In a few days, fresh nails had already grown out, and the damaged skin on her face was gradually healing.

The mysterious man in the gray leather shoes was never seen again.

On this day.

Gu Qiqi and Xiaolan returned to school for class.

They had both taken a few days off.

Seeing that their final exams were coming up at the end of the month, if they didnt go back soon, they wouldnt be able to catch up.

She had specially covered Xiaolans face with a veil to prevent others from gossiping.

However, she was clearly worrying too much.

When they arrived at school, they realized that everyone was busy gossiping about the big news.

They didnt have the time to gossip about Xiaolans appearance.

“Oh my god, have you seen the newspaper The missing Bai Yingzhu has finally been found!”

“Where was she found Was she fooling around with some guy”


“How is it one boy Its said to be a group of hooligans! In a super remote village.

There were at least ten men!”

“Oh my God, what happened”

“I dont know! But those ten men were already dead when they were discovered.

According to the speculation, it was because the number of times they had been involved with Bai Yingzhu was unfair, so there was internal strife and she died in a fight!”

“Wheres Bai Yingzhu”

“Its said that she was so crazy and that she was crippled.

She kowtowed to everyone she saw and kept shouting,I was wrong, I was wrong. Her nails were lifted off, and her face was rotten.

How terrifying! Those men probably tortured her a lot before they died.

Who asked her to play with those perverts for no reason Didnt she deserve it”

“Why hasnt she starved to death after being missing for so many days”

“Dont mention it.

Its disgusting.

She survived by eating… ***…”

“Isnt living like this worse than death”

“It feels like shes been punished by the heavens.

She survived to atone for her sins, right Otherwise, why would she keep kowtowing and saying that she was wrong”

“By the way, do you know about Dean Shen Ping His family was completely bankrupt, and the entire Shen family collapsed.

Then, I heard that he committed suicide…”

“Ah, wasnt he so arrogant in the past, always calling us trash from the trash academy”

“Thats right.

He made things difficult for our Qiqi by saying that shes useless!”

Everyone sighed as they discussed.

The little princess, who used to have her nose in the air, was now worse than a beggar.

Meanwhile, the dean, who used to treat others as trash, had now become a pile of trash and was buried underground.

Gu Qiqi had long known the outcome of Bai Yingzhu and Shen Ping, so she was very calm.

Only Xiaolans body trembled slightly when she heard all of this.

Gu Qiqi whispered into her ear, “Dont be afraid.

Its all in the past… Shen Ping is dead.

Bai Yingzhu is already crippled.

Living is no different from dying.

Its impossible for her to hurt you anymore…”

Before he could finish speaking…

She wasnt finished.

“Who allowed you to whisper in class and gossip here You bunch of trash are only worthy of being trash for the rest of your lives!”

Professor Sun Yuzhen walked in with a dark and sharp gaze.

At this moment, the other students had already heard the news and quickly returned to their seats.

On the other hand, because Gu Qiqi was comforting Xiaolan, she was leaning to the side, looking like she was indeed whispering to her.

Sun Yuzhen didnt ask about the cause and effect at all.

Instead, she targeted Gu Qiqi directly.

“Gu Qiqi, youve been absent from class for so many days.

The moment you arrived, you broke the classs rules.

I think you can get out of the classroom.

You dont have to take the final exam anymore!”

Gu Qiqi narrowed her eyes and looked at this teacher who was always looking for trouble.

She couldnt help but feel a little rebellious.

She spoke calmly—


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