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Basically, Gu Qiqi was someone who usually respected her teacher.

Even if the teachers class was about content that she already knew, she would still listen to it patiently.

If it was about basic knowledge that she had not paid attention to previously, she would take notes seriously to make up for the regret of not attending a proper university in her previous life.

However, a teacher like Sun Yuzhen was really looking for trouble.

She felt too good about herself.

She treated her students like slaves under her control, not allowing them to disobey her orders at all.

Make a mistake

Stand as punishment!


Creative punishment!

Upset her

All kinds of outrageous and humiliating punishments!

Otherwise, he wouldnt have been nicknamed “Punisher Sun”!

At this moment, in the face of Sun Yuzhens tantrum, scolding her to get out of the classroom and disqualifying her from the final exam, Gu Qiqi didnt get angry.

Instead, she smiled and said calmly, “Im sorry, your class is indeed worthless.

Its fine if you dont want me to attend it.

But youre talking about an exam.

You dont have the right to disqualify me unless youre afraid that Ill get first place.”

“You… ! Look at how arrogant youve become!” Sun Yuzhen was so angry that she pointed at Gu Qiqis nose and pointed.

“Who said that you can get first place Dont think that just because you participated in a few lousy competitions and obtained some results, youre awesome and invincible.

Let me tell you, dont I know what kind of shady dealings and messy benefits those competitions have You can get a ranking with just a little money! Back then, there was even a little lover of a medicinal merchant who also obtained results!”

Yes, she did but it was just a consolation and encouragement award.

However, Sun Yuzhen completely ignored this point and directly found an excuse to belittle Gu Qiqis results.


It was as if Gu Qiqi had also spent money to buy her ranking.

She even hinted that Gu Qiqi was a wealthy businessman who had paid for her achievements.

She was a shameless woman.

This was very bad.

Not to mention Gu Qiqi, even the people around her were unhappy when they heard this.

Qiu Qiu frowned and stood up.

“Teacher, what are you saying How can you say such irresponsible words My master clearly relied on his own ability.

How can those people compare!”

Xiaolan wasnt afraid at all.

She said, “Professor Sun, the competition was broadcasted live on the Internet.

Everyone was watching the entire process.

We dont care how others produce results, but Qiqis strength is obvious.

How can you make such a conclusion without watching it”

Sun Yuzhen didnt take these two students seriously at all.

She flipped through the roster.

“Qiu Qiu, Yang Xiaolan, right Hehe, so youre Gu Qiqis lackeys.

I remember now.

Qiu Qiu, your father just divorced his mistress, right Dont you hate women who are mistresses the most What about you, Yang Xiaolan Why are you wearing a veil in class Stop pulling it! Dont tell me youre too ugly and secretly went for plastic surgery Let me tell you, I dont allow students like you to exist in my class.

Get lost! Get out and stand as punishment!”

Her saliva flew everywhere, and her fingers were almost poking Qiu Qiu and Yang Xiaolans faces.

Not only did Sun Yuzhen attack her, but she also humiliated her friend.

Gu Qiqis gaze gradually turned cold, and her tone became a little colder.

“Sun Yuzhen, didnt your mother teach you that its very rude to point at others”

“Of course, my mother taught me…” Sun Yuzhen followed Gu Qiqis words and realized that something was wrong.

She flew into a rage out of humiliation.” Who do you think you are to teach a teacher a lesson Youre a piece of trash from a trash academy.

You relied on money and connections to get a place in the competition!”


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