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Chapter 118: Stupid Man, Would It Kill You to Coax a Woman

He faced Gu Qiqi, who refused to eat breakfast out of spite, just like the boy.

Gong Jues Adams apple bobbed.

He had never spoiled the boy.

Of course, he wouldnt spoil her either.

If she wasnt going to eat, then she was going to starve but he was going to see if she could still eat well next time.

Otherwise, if she kept up this terrible temper of hers and didnt eat, it would be disastrous!

This was his wolf father policy.

At this moment, he used it on Gu Qiqi without any hesitation.

Gong Jue slammed the door shut and left.

The sound of sturdy and powerful leather boots gradually disappeared at the end of the corridor.

Gu Qiqi sat opposite the window in anger.

Holding her chin, she calmed down for a moment.

Seriously, why did she have to go against that man with erectile dysfunction just now

She clearly knew that he was a conceited and arrogant child.

Couldnt she just play along

His attitude had inexplicably worsened just now.

She didnt know if it was because he was emotionally unstable after waking up, but it was fine as long as she didnt mind.

Perhaps she could find an opportunity to slip out after eating with him.

But for some reason, she cared a lot about his attitude!


Furthermore, she actually felt a little sad.

Gu Qiqi thought angrily.

Stupid man.

Would it kill him to coax someone

Gong Jue went downstairs unhappily.

“Hello, good morning, my Little Jue!”

“Get lost!”

Seeing that Bai Lang was actually sitting in front of his dining table early in the morning with a bright smile on his face, Gong Jue immediately felt even more unhappy.

Bai Lang rubbed his nose in frustration and said to Deputy Lu, “Is your Master Jues morning temper getting worse again I thought that he would be in a good mood after spending the night with the little demon.

Thats why he came to have breakfast with him.

Why does it seem like hes seriously ill”

Special Assistant Lus lips twitched but she didnt answer.

Instead, she pulled out a dining chair for Gong Jue respectfully and said softly, “Master Jue, the kitchen specially prepared kelp soup.

They said that it can help with a hangover.”

Gong Jue didnt comment.

“Master Jue, theres a faint darkness under your eyes.

Dont tell me that you didnt sleep much last night” Bai Lang observed Gong Jues expression and said with certainty.

“When the woman was unconscious, she didnt feel anything even after you did it.

Why did you have to spend so much effort As the saying goes, theres no land that cant be plowed.

Theres only an exhausted cow.

Although you arent allergic to her, you still have to take good care of your dragon body… Look at how tired you are…”

“Special Assistant Lu, see the guest out!”

Gong Jue ordered coldly.

His eyes were dark

Of course.

That disobedient sleeping posture of that stupid woman last night had repeatedly challenged the willpower that he was proud of.

How many cold showers had he taken

The showerhead was nearly broken by him.

Who knew!

It would be fine if he could plow her land! But the problem was that he didnt! He didnt!

Before Adjutant Lu could drive him away, Bai Lang stopped eating from the bowl of rice in front of him and refused to move.

He said loudly, “Dont drive me away! I wont talk, okay I will only eat! Eat!”

Gong Jue ignored him and swept his gaze across the kitchen.

What did Special Assistant Lu say just now

Kelp soup to relieve a hangover

That stupid woman had been drinking with someone last night and had a stomach full of alcohol.

Did she have a stomach problem from not eating breakfast

She actually had the cheek to throw a tantrum at him.

Special Assistant Lu observed his expression and suggested at the appropriate moment.

“Master Jue, why dont I scoop some kelp soup over for Young Lady Qiqi to cool down first She can drink it directly when she goes downstairs later…”

“Are you very free”

Gong Jue glared at her in annoyance.

Special Assistant Lu choked.

She didnt dare to mention it again.

Bai Lang was amused.

Oh, look at Little Jues attitude.

Did that little vixen provoke him again He even disallowed her to eat breakfast

Thats great! I can take this opportunity to add fuel to the fire and let the little demon suffer the consequences.

He was about to speak.

But she heard Gong Jues cold voice—


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