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Chapter 125: Who Exactly Was The Man Who Bullied Xiao Ning

“Not only is everyone going to take the exam again, but theyre going to do a live-stream on the internet as a show of fairness!”

Gong Jues powerful orders shocked Special Assistant Lu.

Oh my.

In the history of the Empire, there had never been a chance for cheating examinees to prove their innocence and take another examination.

It was even more impossible to broadcast the examination venue live!

Chief, youre going to heaven!

Couldnt he be like that big shot behind the scenes and quietly settle the Empire Medical University behind her back and directly enroll Young Lady Qiqi

When he saw Special Assistant Lus stunned look…

Gong Jue frowned unhappily.

“Why Cant do it”

“Yes, yes! Definitely! But Master Jue… Isnt this too high-profile”

“Others are already riding on your neck, but youre still **ing keeping a low profile”

Special Assistant Lu was speechless.

Chiefs words were crude but reasonable.

He suddenly understood the Chiefs good intentions.

Changing an application form wasnt difficult.

It wasnt difficult to change the admission results.

What was difficult was to reverse the dark hearts of people and clear her name of being forcefully slandered!

In that split second, he suddenly felt that the Chief had struck a vital spot on the problem more ruthlessly and directly than that big shot behind the scenes.

Of course, the premise for all of this was that the chief trusted Young Lady Qiqi deeply in his heart.

Thats right.

Why did the chief believe that Young Lady Qiqi would definitely be able to score an amazing result for the reexamination

What if… Young Lady Qiqi didnt perform well

What if… Young Lady Qiqis paper was really suspected of plagiarism

Of course, he meant what if.

Clearly, the chief hadnt considered this possibility at all!

Special Assistant Lu sighed in his heart.

Chief, you have always been arrogant and conceited.

Are you really not afraid of being slapped in the face this time

As he was thinking about it, Gong Jues cold voice exploded above his head again.


Go and do something first.”


“Buy ten pregnancy test kits… No, just buy a box and throw it into that stupid womans room.”

He must have broken two to three of her limbs, right

It should be fine to lose one to compensate for ten, right

Special Assistant Lu was speechless.

He looked bitter and embarrassed!

What sins did Old Lu Deng commit in this lifetime to help him buy a box of pregnancy test kits

Would the staff think that Im an old, bad*ss, hooligan

In the bedroom.

Gu Qiqi called Xiao Ning.

Just like when Gong Jue made the call just now, the ringtone rang at least a few times before Xiao Ning picked it up.

“Yes… Yes… Qiqi”

On the other end of the call, Xiao Nings voice was soft, low, and hazy.

It was as if she was on an endless coast that was being splashed by waves.

She was so… delicate!

How charming!

Gu Qiqi looked at the clock in confusion.

“Are you still asleep”

Clearly, she was too naive.

Opposite her, Xiao Nings tone immediately became nervous.

“No… No… Qiqi… Yes… Is there something wrong”

“Its nothing.

I just left in a hurry yesterday and had many things to talk to you about.

Ill send the pregnancy test kits over to you today.

Do you still want them”

Xiao Ning became even more nervous and even sounded like she was about to cry.

“No, no, no… Yes, no more!”

Her intermittent voice sounded breathless and suspicious.

Even the innocent Gu Qiqi frowned.

“Little Lemon, what happened to you”

“I… Ah!”

The bed on Xiao Nings side suddenly flailed.

Gu Qiqi thought that she was going to get up and wash up.

As she didnt see the road clearly when she picked up the call, she tripped and felt a little guilty.

Thus, she said, “Forget it.

You can continue with your work first.

Tell me, is Bai Lang really your uncle”

“Yes, thats right.”

“So… the man who bullied you was actually him” Gu Qiqis heart burned with anger.

That scum!


Xiao Nings reply was drowned by a series of rustling sounds.


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