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Chapter 142: What Was True Crushing

Ten minutes later.

Gu Xuexue looked at the examination questions and sweat formed on her forehead.

Twenty minutes later.

Gu Xuexue felt like she was sitting on pins and needles.

She couldnt wait to turn back time so that she wouldnt take on this mess even if she died!

These questions were simply abnormally difficult!

She had studied for several years under a tutor whom Gu Meifeng hired her for a sky-high price.

She boasted that she could speak a few words in English, but she actually couldnt understand the words and sentences on this examination paper!

This was definitely not an English paper that a high school student could answer.

She had no idea what these words meant at all.

When they were combined into an entire reading comprehension, she was even more clueless.

Furthermore, there were even some ancient English four lines poems from the Middle Ages.

It had to be known that that was equivalent to the ancient Chinese.

It was a fighter jet in an English exam!

Furthermore, she was struck down by these ancient poems until she was defeated.

She had been holding the pen for twenty minutes now, but she couldnt finish a single stroke!

“Xue Xue, hows it going Is it—especially simple” A fifty-year-old English teacher slowly picked up a piece of pork and asked “inadvertently” as he ate.

Gu Xuexues face flushed red from embarrassment.

She felt that she was even more miserable than the pork.

“Yes… Im writing it now… Soon…”

She gnashed her teeth and braced herself.

She thought to herself that Gu Qiqi definitely wouldnt be able to answer questions that she didnt know how to answer!

At this moment, a classmate exclaimed.

“Qiqi has also completed her Science paper and is writing an essay! Gosh, Qiqi is so formidable!”

“I used to think that top students were nerds.

But now, I realize that top students are really cool when they answer questions!”

“Thats because, you wretched mortal, you were struck by our Qiqis light, right Haha!”

Upon hearing her classmates praise, Gu Xuexues heart burned with hatred.

Handsome my ass.

Gu Qiqi was definitely like her—she couldnt understand anything and couldnt answer anything, right

Could it be that the reason why Gu Qiqi wrote so quickly was because she didnt know how to Was that why her answers were all wrong

For example, her multiple choice questions were all answered with C

In a flash, Gu Xuexue seemed to have seen through something.

That must be it!

She knew it! How could she possibly finish a project in twenty minutes There wasnt even enough time to copy the answer sheet.

Gu Xuexue breathed a sigh of relief.

She picked up her pen and started to write down her answers rapidly.

Of course, she was all wrong!

After covering all the multiple choice questions along the way, she came to the English composition section.

Since she couldnt understand the theme, she decided to write a random essay by herself.

Just like that, she spent an hour finishing the questions.

At the same time, on the live-stream screen, Gu Qiqi had already gotten up and handed the last examination paper to the examiner!

Gu Qiqi completed all four subjects.

The examiner was shocked.

Everyone in the examination room was shocked.

The students, teachers, and the principal of Grade 12 Class 1 were shocked.

At this moment, everyone who was watching the live broadcast online was also shocked!

The comments flew past the screen.

“How heaven-defying, Goddess!”

“This is the most awesome live-stream Ive seen! A real top student!”

“A female genius would plagiarize I wont believe it even if you beat me to death!”

“Slandering! Definitely slander! Theres too much fake news these days!”

“Thats right.

I saw her write an English essay with my own eyes.

She wrote it even faster than Chinese! More importantly, do you know what the English essay was about Its a freaking speech for an Olympic champion who won an award! Do you know how to write it if it were you”

Upon seeing this, Gu Xuexues hand that was handing in the script trembled.


That nerd Gu Qiqi even had the ability to write a speech for an Olympic champion

Others might not know, but she knew best that Gu Qiushan couldnt bear to hire an extracurricular tutor for Gu Qiqi.

Gu Qiqi learned English by memorizing the words!

She didnt believe that this level of mute English existed.

Those audience members must be blind!

“Xue Xue, are you done answering Ill help you check the answers.” The English teacher reminded her with a smile.


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