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Chapter 145: The Truth Was Finally Revealed

Gu Qiqi received a grand slam for the most difficult set of exam papers—Full marks.

Amidst the heated discussions on the Internet, Gu Qiqi stood up lightly in a white dress.

She gathered her long hair and curved her lips slightly.

Facing the camera, she suddenly said neither lightly nor lightly, “So, do you owe me an apology”

The examiners present were stunned.


Wasnt this female student too arrogant

It was already unprecedented to give her a chance to take the exam again.

She actually requested for an apology

An examiner said unhappily, “Gu Qiqi, on what basis do you have to apologize Dont forget that there are traces of cheating on your college entrance exam paper! Although the reexamination today proved that your grades were passable, you deliberately drew a cheat mark on the exam paper.

This is also looking down on the rules of the examination room.

Theres nothing wrong with convicting you of cheating! Youre openly opposing us.

Do you not want to change your college entrance examination results”

These arrogant words made the live-stream audience very angry when they heard it.

“D*mn it.

It turns out that those idiots sentenced my goddess to cheating because of a stupid mark I knew it! My goddess is so awesome! She doesnt even care about cheating, alright”

“What exam rules My goddess doesnt need to be looked down on at all.

Isnt full marks the greatest form of contempt If you have the ability, can you come up with a question that can stump my goddess”

“F*ck, I feel like punching someone after hearing this! Brothers, lets go and cause trouble!”

In less than ten seconds.

The admission exam website had been hacked by a group of hackers of unknown origins!

What was most infuriating was that even after the hacking was over, there was still a big red title on the screen: A stupid world doesnt need the internet!

In the room next to the examination room.

Gong Jue sat in front of the huge screen and stared at the look on Gu Qiqis face as she insulted the examiner.

Gu Qiqi replied arrogantly, “Its not my humiliation to be accused of cheating, but yours!”

Behind her, Beigong Xiaojiu—the designer—kept exclaiming exaggeratedly.

“Perfect! Jue, not only is your woman perfect, but shes also handsome! The style that I personally designed for her is also f*cking perfect and handsome.

In particular, putting your mens watch on her slender and fair wrist is simply my inspiration! Dont you think that the white and blue buttons imply that your soul is holding onto hers I cant stop the surging emotions in my heart.

You wont mind if I fall in love with her, right”

Gong Jues gaze turned cold and he gave her a look that said, “Unless you want to die.”

Then, he said coldly, “Special Assistant Lu, that person is talking so much that Im annoyed.

Tell him to shut up!”

The mans long and cold fingers pointed to the examiner who was making things difficult for Gu Qiqi on the screen.

Special Assistant Lu immediately complied and left.

A minute later.

That examiner was still trying to threaten Gu Qiqi with her grades so that she wouldnt mention any unreasonable requests for an official apology.

Suddenly, a piece of news exploded on the Internet.

A paper that was supposed to be top-secret was revealed to everyone.

That was Gu Qiqis original English paper.

There was a symbol drawn on it.

This symbol became the conclusive evidence that Gu Qiqi cheated in the college entrance exam.

But at this moment, there was a date verification attached to the back of the paper!

Although the simple symbol couldnt be compared with Gu Qiqis handwriting, the mark in the ink could be traced back to a date.

Gu Qiqis paper was written on the day of the college entrance exam a month ago.

And that symbol was just ink from a few days ago!

The college entrance exam papers were all sealed and preserved.

How could Gu Qiqi steal the exam papers and draw a symbol to frame herself for cheating

A test paper and a handwriting date appraisal silently explained everything!

Someone had drawn those symbols later on.

Someone was deliberately framing Gu Qiqi.


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