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Chapter 147: Would You Go To A Hotel With Your Dads Friend

Gu San saw that Master Wang wanted to continue arguing with the five-year-old and he interrupted them immediately.

He said gently.

“Master Wang, Ive managed to make an appointment with Mayor Yuan for you.

You should go now…”

Ye Wangchuan looked at the kid that turned red with anger.

He threw him an orange-flavored sweet and said, “Ill come back to pick you up.”

Ye Qichen was speechless.

He was going to cut his hair.

(Theres a Chinese myth that if you cut your hair during the first month of the lunar calendar, your uncle would die.)

“Listen to the doctor, or else I will tell Qiao Nian that you fell asleep and forgot to pick her up.”

Ye Qichen was speechless.

He was going to cut his hair!

He will get a bald cut!

Gu San saw how angry he was and he took pity on him.

Little Young Master was trying his best.

But Master Wang was indeed horrible!

When school was over.

Qiao Nian went straight to the hotel for the appointment.

The person she was meeting was there already.

He waved and said, “Nian Nian.”

She headed in.

However, she didnt notice that Fu Ge and Qiao Chen were here as well.

Qiao Chen noticed her when she walked past her.

She held Fu Ges hand and yelled.

“Its my sister.”

“Who” Fu Ge took a break from school.

He was embarrassed over what had happened over the Professor from Qing University saga.

He led the team to get a design price for the school.

He had thought that the Professor from Qing University went to First High School because of his achievements.

Who knew this would happen.

Of all people the professor from Qing University could go to First High School for, it was for Qiao Nian.

Even worse, he was Qiao Nians biological dad.

He was still trying to accept what had happened.

Qiao Chen saw that even though Qiao Nian was wearing the school uniform, she still looked like a celebrity.

However, even though she was jealous, she gave a harmless look.

She pretended that she was shocked and exclaimed.

“Why is sister heading into the hotels lift with an old man.

Could it be…”

Fu Ge saw that Qiao Nian was chatting with an old man as they got into the lift.

His eyes turned cold.

Then he heard how Qiao Chen was still trying to explain for her.

“Ive heard in class that the salary for Professors in Qing university isnt high.

I just saw that she would be sent on luxury cars for school.

Her dad is working in Beijing, could this be her dads friend”

Fu Ge gave her a cold look and asked angrily.

“Would you go to a hotel with your dads friend”

She should love herself more!

Qiao Nian didnt know what was going on.

She got to the restaurant on the third floor with Su Huaiyuan.”

“Old Master Su.”

The hotel manager must welcome him personally, he was more powerful than the mayor of Rao City after all.

The manager led them to their reserved seats.

The dishes were ready for them already.

It filled up the entire table.

Su Huaiyuan sat opposite her and said smilingly.

“Their food tastes great.

You should try some.”

When Qiao Nian sat down, she realized that those were her favorite dishes.

However, as every one of them was spicy, she told the waiter.

“Sorry, but can we have steamed fish please.”

“Alright.” The waiter went immediately to place the order.

Even though he was old, he seemed to be full of energy.

He was happy and said, “Only you could remember what I like.

The rest of my family is just worried about my health.

They dont care about what I like.”

Qiao Nian had saved his life before.

As they interacted, he became more interested in this lady.

Her eyes reminded him of a loved one he lost so he treated her like his granddaughter.


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