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Chapter 177: Was She Worth 90 Million dollars


Wasnt that Yao Dazhuangs father

He was the big boss of Qing Cheng Mental Hospital and one of the local nouveau riche

So, was Gu Qiushan planning to sell his daughter for freedom

What was he thinking Was his conscience eaten by dogs

But clearly, Gu Qiushan didnt think so.

Instead, he smiled and tried his best to persuade her.

“Qiqi, this is a good thing.

Look, the Yao family owns a mental hospital, and our Gu family owns a hospital.

This marriage is compatible with each other and even complements each other! You definitely wont suffer a loss if you marry into the family.

Also, Dad can escape from jail.

This is simply killing two birds with one stone!”

Gu Meifeng chimed in excitedly, “Thats right, thats right.

Qiqi, what your father said makes sense.

I heard that Yao Dazhuang is a talent with a handsome figure.

With him as your husband, would you still be afraid of being bullied in university You dont have to earn your tuition fees anymore.

Yao Dazhuang will foot the bill for you!”

Heh heh, handsome

Gu Meifeng, are you blind That fierce-looking Yao Dazhuang is called handsome

Heh heh, tuition fees

Dear Auntie, didnt you say that the tuition fees were prepared previously

Why was she asking the man outside to foot the bill now

Seeing that Gu Qiqi was about to be sold to Yao Dazhuang, Gu Xuexue happily joined in.

“Sister, my brother-in-laws physical strength is definitely good.

He was already interested in you at the class gathering that day.

Why else would he be so passionate about drinking with you The way he looks at you is different.

Cant you tell His family took the initiative to propose a marriage.

How much face is this giving you Why arent you saying anything”

Heh heh, Brother-in-law

How affectionate.

Why dont you want me to give you a brother-in-law

Heh heh, how much face did she have

You sure are shameless!

Gu Qiqi laughed coldly and said lightly, “What if I dont agree”


“Of course not!”

“Sister, are you stupid to disagree”

The three of them said in unison.

He was afraid that Gu Qiqi wouldnt agree.

Selling Gu Qiqi was the best solution.

Of course, Gu Qiushan was satisfied.

Gu Meifeng and Gu Xuexue were also happy to see this happen.

At least, the two million dollars that they had squandered could no longer be pursued anymore.

“This marriage is so good.

Gu Meifeng, why arent you sending your daughter there Gu Xuexue, why arent you fighting for it Didnt you say that as an older sister, you have to be humble Why dont I give you such a good opportunity” Gu Qiqi laughed sarcastically without a trace of coldness.

Gu Xuexue was stunned.

“He asked for you by name, Sister! I cant even be envious.”

No, no, no.

She wasnt interested in that stupid pig Yao Dazhuang.

What she liked was a superior man like Gong Jue.

He was strong, powerful, cold, and domineering.


One look and she was seduced…

She could push Gu Qiqi to Yao Dazhuang and then pursue Gong Jue…

Gu Meifeng was also smiling like a flower as she kept persuading her.

“Qiqi, you have to think about it.

If the Yao family is willing to settle this 90 million dollars from your father, its equivalent to giving you a betrothal gift of 90 million dollars.

Look at how valuable you are… Your younger sister doesnt have this fortune! Nobody wants her.”

90 million

She, Gu Qiqi, was worth 90 million dollars

It was really “a lot”.

The little dirty turtle was already furious.

“Master Silver, theyre too weird.

Our 100,000 color points killed it by 90 million dollars in seconds.

Do they think we care”

“Its not a question of whether I want it or not.

If I want to sell you, do I still return the money to you”

“Oh, thats right! Theyre doing this business without any capital! After selling you, they picked up the benefits and even said sarcastic words here that you took advantage of them.

Damn, theyre too shameless!”


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