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Chapter 207: Buying All The Mysterious Buyers

At this moment.

Outside the mental hospital in Qing Cheng.

Gu Meifeng crawled up from the riverbank of the moat while trembling in fear.

She was covered in dirt!

Her beautiful dress and elegant appearance were all gone.

She nearly pissed her pants just now!

After Gu Qiqi and Gu Xuexue were taken away by Boss Yao, Gu Qiushan said that the food was too poor and asked her to buy some delicious food to bring over.

Thinking that Gu Qiushan was about to get out of jail and that she still had to rely on the shares and money in Gu Qiushans hands to live her life in the future, she went to him in a virtuous manner.

She didnt expect that as soon as she returned and walked to the door, a terrifying whirlwind would blow above her head.

A huge object landed and stopped at the top of the mental hospital.

She was swept into the river by that strong whirlwind!

Mud stained her face and the food was dirty.

Finally, she spent more than half an hour struggling to climb up.

With a long face, she crawled to the entrance of the jail and asked the security guard, “Brother, Im here to visit Gu Qiushan.

Can you let me in…”

“Gu Qiushan” That person immediately waved his hand desperately.

“Hes going to jail for life.

Hes not allowed visitors!”

Gu Meifengs heart skipped a beat.

Didnt they say that after selling Gu Qiqi and Boss Yao was paid, Brother Qiushan would be released from jail

“Brother, have you seen my daughter”

“I dont know! Dont be a hindrance here!”

“My daughter is very beautiful.

Shes wearing a school uniform…”

“School uniform” The guard recalled for a while.

“There was a young lady in a school uniform who was thrown into the mental hospital ward.

Alright, you should leave quickly.

Block the door again.

You will be thrown in later too!”

He threw her into the mental ward…

Gu Meifengs mind exploded.

If something happened to Gu Qiushan, she would at most be anxious for a while.

If something happened to Gu Xuexue, the sky would collapse.

Her daughter! Her daughter!

Why wasnt Gu Qiqi the one who entered the mental ward

She immediately turned around and ran towards the mental hospital across the road.

“Let me in! I know your Boss Yao.

I have a very good relationship with him.

My niece is going to marry his son…” Gu Meifeng shouted loudly.

But what she didnt expect was…

The guard at the mental hospital was also ruthless and cold.

He snorted in disdain.

“You still dont know Boss Yaos son is already dead! Boss Yao was even suspected of being arrested for using the hospital to commit crimes and even contracted a dirty illness with a male patient… You have a good relationship with such a person Then, youre not a good person either!” The guard didnt know how happy he was to have Boss Yao arrested.

Finally, he didnt have to play Fight the Landlord with this stupid boss anymore.

He was sick of being played, okay

Gu Meifeng was flabbergasted.

How could this be!

In just a few minutes, Boss Yao was arrested Yao Dazhuang was dead

What about Xuexue

Where was that d*mned girl Gu Qiqi

Was all of this related to that d*mned girl

She was refused entry by the security guard and sat down on the ground.

Her eyes were empty and filled with despair.

After a while, she dug out her phone from her pocket and dialed a number.

“Brother Enlong… Wuwuwu… Bad news… You must help me take revenge this time…”

With snot and tears streaming down her face, she started complaining.


At the seaside research base.

Gong Jue leaned against the bed and his gaze landed on the television screen.

On the television news.

It was broadcasting the major events that happened in Qing Cheng on this day.

The director of Qing Cheng Private Mental Hospital, Boss Yao, was suspected of mistreating patients and using drugs illegally on patients.

This caused the patients families to be furious.

Boss Yao was immediately arrested.

Gu Qiushan, the prisoner who colluded with Yao, was sentenced to life imprisonment…

The shares that Gu Qiushan held in Qing Cheng Hospital were immediately put up for auction.

A mysterious buyer bought it all at a low price…

Gong Jue glanced at the screen in satisfaction.

He listened to the sound of running water from the bathroom and turned off the TV.

The glass in the bathroom was translucent.

From his angle, he could see the hazy and sweet figure of the girl while she was bathing.


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