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Chapter 208: An Elegant and Pleasant Female Voice

He curled his lips as he was in a good mood.

Gong Jue got up and drew the curtains.

He adjusted the dimness of the lights again.

The atmosphere in the room immediately turned warm.

It made people want to fall asleep instead of thinking.

Looking around, the mans smile deepened.

Stupid woman.

This time, he should let her test the scope of their contact, right

Sweeping his gaze across the table, Gong Jues mood became better.

Wasnt that the gift he had bought for her

It turned out that she took it so seriously that she actually picked it up from the rubbish bin and placed it on the table so carefully.


Gong Jues mood became even nastier.

He loosened the collar of his shirt.

He missed that passionate and unforgettable first kiss with ice cream.

He suddenly frowned.

Why was this stupid woman taking so long to take a shower

Was she born in the year of the turtle

When Gong Jue was about to fall asleep… Finally, the bathroom door creaked and was gently pulled open.

Gu Qiqi was wrapped in a white towel.

There were still drops of water on her hair.

Gong Jue looked up and didnt say anything.

He walked forward directly.

Just as he opened his arms…

Gu Qiqi dodged agilely and bent down so that he missed her.

“Go and take a shower first!” She blushed and pouted, but she didnt dare to look him in the eye.

Gong Jue raised his eyebrows and smiled spuriously.


Wait for me.”

He was mysophobic and couldnt wait to take ten baths a day.

For some reason, he didnt want to take a shower today and just wanted to… get straight to the point.

However, in order to take care of that stupid womans mood, he decided to take a shower first.

“Hey, hey, hey.

You… You” Gu Qiqi thought that he was going to take a shower obediently.

She didnt expect to see such a scene the moment she looked up!

Gong Jue actually unbuttoned his shirt one by one in front of her.

Originally, only a trace of his healthy chest could be seen.

Now, even his Apollos belt was revealed.

Also, boxers…

It was simply unbearable to watch.

Gu Qiqi covered her eyes abruptly.

Although those boxers were quite conservative and safe,

Gong Jue laughed wickedly.

“You asked me to take a shower.

I cant possibly take a shower with my clothes on.

This doesnt make sense.”

“But I didnt let you take off your clothes here!” Gu Qiqi gnashed her teeth.

This man was really shameless.

“This is my bedroom to begin with.

Its very normal to be here.” Gong Jue smiled.

“Perhaps you would like me to go to the corridor Yes, then everyone will know what Im going to do next.”

Gu Qiqi was speechless.

Why did she provoke such a bad person who knew how to find excuses

She turned around and took a deep breath.

“Up to you!”

Gong Jue laughed lightly.

Gu Qiqi puffed up her face.

She was furious and went to the closet to look for clothes to wear.

“Hmph! Dont think of taking advantage of me.

I was only trying to cure a sick man like you who cant touch women because I had the intention to treat illnesses and save people!”

As she was mumbling, a phone on the table rang.

It was Gong Jues phone.

Gu Qiqi didnt have the habit of looking at other peoples phones and continued to look for clothes.

She only had a few sets of school uniforms at Gong Jues place and looked very serious when she wore them.

She pursed her lips and picked up Gong Jues shirt.

She looked like she was wearing a dress.

It was said that men loved it when women wore their own shirts.

They would feel especially good about it.

Gu Qiqi grabbed that mans shirt and her face flushed red.

Gong Jues phone was still ringing non-stop.

Could it be that his subordinate had an especially urgent matter to inform him about

Gu Qiqi hesitated for a moment before answering the call.

An elegant and pleasant female voice traveled from the receiver.

“Jue Why did you leave without saying goodbye Im still waiting for you in the hotel…”


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