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Chapter 209: Eh, He Was Taking A Bath

Gu Qiqis slender fingers that were holding the phone trembled fiercely.

Her heart tightened.

Who was the woman on the other end of the call

Her voice was so elegant and pleasant to the ears.

The word “Jue” sounded so intimate and natural.

She didnt have to meet that woman to completely imagine that she was an extremely feminine, mature, and graceful beautiful woman.

Wait a minute.

There was also… a hotel

Why was that woman waiting for Gong Jue in the hotel

A series of questions followed.

Gu Qiqi was caught off guard.

“Jue Are you listening”

The woman asked patiently and gently.

Gu Qiqi pursed her lips and said with difficulty, “Uh, hes taking a shower…”

The woman on the other end of the call was silent for a moment.

Her tone remained grand and elegant.

“You are…”

Only then did Gu Qiqi realize how ambiguous her answer just now was.

Gosh, did the other party think that she was demonstrating

Or did she think that she was hinting at what would happen next

This was awkward!

She initially only wanted to state a fact—Gong Jue was indeed taking a shower.

But in this way, why did she feel like the vicious supporting actress was deliberately choking the other party

Feeling embarrassed, Gu Qiqi hung up the call in a panic and paced around the room uneasily.

How could she still be in the mood to choose Gong Jues shirt to wear

The warm yellow light, the warm mattress, and the atmosphere that Gong Jue had painstakingly built up were instantly swept away.

Gu Qiqi only had one question in her heart—

Who was that woman

Who was it

Gong Jue took a quick shower.

He casually wrapped a towel around his waist and stepped out of the bathroom.

His hair was still slightly damp and there were small drops of water hanging on his forehead.

It made his facial features not as fierce and cold as before, but much gentler and more charming.

When his gaze landed on Gu Qiqi by the window, he frowned.

“Why are you still wearing your school uniform”

Gu Qiqis back was facing him as she looked at the scenery outside the window.

Pursing her lips, she said softly, “Eh… Theres only the school uniform…”

“Beigong Xiaojius efficiency is getting worse.

Didnt I ask her to order a batch of clothes over” Gong Jue quickly complained.

Then, this complaint was replaced by excitement and heat in his heart.

Although it was strange to wear a school uniform when she was sleeping… However, if it wasnt just “sleeping”, this short skirt might be a different kind of fun…

The natural innocence that the school uniform brought about matched perfectly with that stupid womans exquisite and tender face!

Gong Jues imagination ran wild for a while.

He was also looking forward to the look of that stupid woman when she changed into a nurses uniform.

The way she looked when she was wearing a camouflage uniform during the freshmen training in university… Oh, there must be something unique about it.

His throat became dry.

Gong Jue said in a hoarse voice, “Your school uniform is very good too.

Let me help you…”

As he spoke, his long legs stepped behind her and covered her body.

His big palms wrapped around her small waist.

Gu Qiqis heart skipped a beat.

“Help… Help me with what”

“Of course, help you take it off…”

Before he could finish speaking, Gu Qiqi quickly pressed down on his dishonest hand.

“Your phone rang just now! Its an emergency…”

Gong Jue paused and separated his hand to take his phone.

Seeing the missed call on the screen, he threw it away without a care.

“Its not important.”

Not important

Gu Qiqi shook her head.

“She sounds very anxious…”

Gong Jue turned her body around and faced her.

He stared into her eyes.

“This is my private number.

No one wont call here for an emergency job.

Instead, Ill report it to Special Assistant Lu.

If theres really an urgent matter, Special Assistant Lu will knock on the door.”

Gu Qiqi was speechless.

Why was he explaining this to her


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