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Chapter 214: Papa, Youre Very childish

Upon hearing Gong Qing mention the Bai family, Songsong said in annoyance, “Although the Bai family girl is good, Bai Qiangwei is too old and Bai Yingzhu is too young…”

“Isnt there still a Bai Mori”

“Bai Moli is on par with him, but its a pity…”

Unfortunately, she was also a doctor.

“That was in the past.

She became a doctor for two days and resigned long ago.

For that brat, shes focused on doing research in the laboratory now.

Shes different from ordinary doctors.”



Two days ago, that child even got someone to send over blood pressure medicine.

Shes very sensible…”

Hearing his parents discussing irrelevant women in front of him, Gong Jue frowned.

He pushed his bowl away.

“Im full!”

The boy curled his lips.

“Have you heard enough about women you dont like”

“You know too much!” Gong Jue flicked his forehead in annoyance.

“I understand you! If you insist on making me marry a woman who isnt Little Sister, Ill be angry too.” The boy said in an old and experienced manner.

“This child! Who exactly do you look like”

“You gave birth to me.

Of course, I look like you.”

“Damn it.

I suspect that I brought home the wrong person in the hospital back then.

Or perhaps, you were born by Big Brother.”

“Papa, please dont be so childish! You have to swallow your own mistakes with tears, right”

Everyone couldnt help but laugh.

Gu Qiqi decided to use the last few days of the summer vacation in Year Three to plan her upcoming university life.

Also, she promised Xiaobei to contact Yun Qiao and Xiao Ning for a gathering.

Thinking about so many things to do, she didnt dare to sleep in anymore and hurriedly got out of bed.

Only then did she realize that Gong Jue was no longer in the room.

This mans schedule was very regular and he rarely indulged himself in sleeping in.

He was a rather disciplined person.

“What a pity.

I cant see his cuteness when he wakes up…”

Gu Qiqi smiled lightly.

After washing up, she started to call her good friend.

However, Yun Qiaos call seemed to have been abandoned.

No one picked up the call.

The person who had picked up the call was Mother Yun.

She said impatiently, “Shes dead! Her daughter who was raised for nothing ran away! Shes dead! Hmph, she caused me to owe a huge debt.

Ive already received Old Wangs betrothal gift from the neighbor, but Im forcing her to spit it out now… If you find her, tell her to quickly get back here and get married! Whats wrong with Old Wang Are his legs crippled That thing isnt crippled.

Even if the lights in the middle of the night were on and they were covered with a big blanket, she could still get pregnant and give birth.

What else is there to be dissatisfied about What kind of university is she thinking about…”

Mother Yuns voice was drowned out by the sound of mahjong.

Occasionally, she could still hear Papa Yuns piercing cold laughter.

“That insensible girl still wants to attend university Whats the use of university Can it be used for food or for men Didnt you see that university students lose their jobs one after another In the end, they wont be able to find a man and become a leftover daughter… If you have the money to attend university, why dont you open a small shop for your younger brother and use him to get an old wife…”

A series of curses traveled from the receiver.

Gu Qiqi felt as if a knife was twisted in her heart when she heard this.

This was Yun Qiaos home.

The place where her good friend lived every day.

It turned out that not only was there a scumbag father in this world, but there was also a scumbag mother.

Like Gu Qiushan, Yun Qiaos parents didnt treat their daughter as a human.

They treated her as a commodity to be traded.

Once the goods couldnt be sold at a satisfactory price, they would beat and scold them at every turn!

At this moment, she suddenly felt that Yun Qiao had left well!

Lets go.

Dont return to such a cold and heartless home.

Go after your dream.

Yun Qiao, I will support you!

In this lifetime, when youre both mentally and physically exhausted, remember that you still have me!

Gu Qiqi hung up the call.

She said to Yun Qiaos parents, “You will regret this.”


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