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Chapter 215: The Heart Of A Vicious Woman

Since she couldnt find Yun Qiao, Gu Qiqi continued to look for Xiao Ning.

Upon hearing that Yun Qiaos parents were actually scumbags, Little Master Xiao Ning couldnt take it anymore.

“Qiqi, why dont I get my family to check on Yun Qiaos whereabouts Since she left Qing Cheng, she has to take a plane, right We should be able to find her location by getting someone to check the citys surveillance cameras.”

“Your family” Gu Qiqi squinted.

“Which family”

“My… My uncle…” Little Master Xiao Nings high spirits just now immediately became a little timid.

Little Uncle

That scumbag Bai Lang

She might as well find the man with erectile dysfunction.

“Forget it.

Ill check.” Gu Qiqi said, “Stay away from your uncle, understand”

“Oh.” Xiao Ning said without confidence.

She also wanted to stay away from Bai Yueyuan, but she couldnt escape from this man at all.

They met frequently at home.

Furthermore, he had been going in and out of her room even more fearlessly recently in the name of supervising her homework.

He simply enveloped her within his sphere of influence.

She could only look forward to university where she could live in the school hostel and escape his control.

“Qiqi, Yun Qiao isnt around.

Let me accompany you to see Xiaobei first”


The two of them had come to an agreement not to go out for a meal.

They took their lunch boxes with them and went to the nursing home to visit.

When they arrived at the nursing home, Gu Qiqi first wrapped red packets for the few carers who were in charge of Xiaobeis life.

She watched as they left happily.

The three of them sat down to eat.

“Xiaobei, this is your favorite osmanthus-brewed lotus root and grilled squid.

Oh, theres also a Cloud Legs Mooncake.

Lets celebrate the Mid-Autumn Festival in advance.” Xiao Ning said with a smile.

Xiaobei specially wore that brand new white shirt today and looked especially refined and good-looking.

Upon hearing this, he nodded reservedly.

“Thank you, Sister Xiao Ning.”

Xiao Ning sighed.


I realized that Xiaobei was too polite to me.

If Yun Qiao was here, Xiaobei would definitely be talking and laughing.

Hey, little guy.

Dont tell me that you have a crush on your Sister Yun Qiao”

“Cough, cough, cough, cough!” Gu Xiaobei choked on his saliva.

“Hes still young.

Why are you teasing him” Gu Qiqi patted Xiao Ning and handed some water to Xiaobei.

“Eat slowly.

Hows the recovery of your wound Does it hurt”

“Its fine, Sister.

Dont worry.”

“Of course Im worried.

Turn your eyes around and see if it hurts.”


“Indeed, you havent recovered yet.

This chief surgeons skills arent good.

When we reach the Imperial Capital and have the conditions, Ill do a new operation for you.”

“Sister, youre so awesome!”

“Stop flattering me.

Come, eat this! Be good.

Open your mouth—”

Seeing how close the siblings were, Xiao Ning couldnt help but feel emotional.

The kinship of others was real.

Her familys kinship… was adultery!

The same words that Bai Yueyuan had said to her in her room last night couldnt help but flash across her mind.

“Be good.

Open your mouth—”

Unfortunately, what he wanted her to eat was his…

Xiao Ning looked away with an unnatural expression.

She shook her head and walked to the window to pretend to look at the flowers.

“The environment in this nursing home isnt bad.

You actually gave your younger brothers room fresh flowers.

Look at how bright these begonia flowers are.

Its good for the recovery of the eyes, right Oh… Thats not right.

Xiaobei cant see at all…”

Upon hearing this, Gu Qiqi looked back.

Xiao Ning was standing by the window and fiddling with a few pots of “crabapple blossoms” on the windowsill.

It didnt matter if she didnt look.

Once she did, Gu Qiqis eyes immediately turned cold!

“Who sent these flowers” she asked in a low voice.

Xiaobei was stunned.

“It… It was from Auntie.

It was placed here two years ago.”

Gu Meifeng gave it to him

Gu Qiqi laughed coldly.

“Indeed, womens hearts are the most vicious!”


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