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Chapter 216: Little Fairy, Dont Be Arrogant!

“Is there a problem with this flower”

“Sister, whats wrong”

Gu Xiaobei and Xiao Ning said in unison.

Gu Qiqi squinted and said in a cold tone, “This isnt an ordinary begonia.

This is an Iron Haitang.

Its also called Tiger Thorn Plum.”

Xiao Ning immediately withdrew her hand.


Is it poisonous”

Gu Qiqi nodded.

“Its highly toxic.

But youre a normal person.

You dont have to worry about it as long as your skin isnt damaged.

The toxic gas that it emits will infiltrate your body once it comes into contact with a human wound.

It accumulates over time and is incurable.”

This Tiger Thorn Plums damage to the eyes was even more direct.

Xiaobeis eyes were often infected with inflammation and he often underwent eye surgery.

To him, this Tiger Thorn Plum was a poison that made matters worse.

No wonder his wound still hadnt healed a few days since the operation.

“Gosh, its so scary.

Ill move it away quickly! Xiaobei, why did your aunt send you such a vicious flower!” Xiao Ning drew a cold breath.

“Gu Meifeng didnt just deliver poison.

She simply couldnt wait to throw Xiaobei and me into a poisonous pit!” Gu Qiqi laughed coldly.

That day at the mental hospital, Gu Meifeng went missing.

Otherwise, she would definitely skin Gu Meifeng alive.

If she hadnt activated her detection skill today, she really wouldnt have discovered the source of the poison that Gu Meifeng was hiding in Xiaobeis place.

But it didnt matter.

She would catch Gu Meifeng sooner or later.

After Gu Qiqi and Xiao Ning removed and destroyed the poisonous flowers on the windowsill, they chatted with Xiaobei for a while.

Seeing that it was getting late, they bade farewell reluctantly.

“Xiaobei, Ill come and fetch you before you report to the Imperial Medical University.

Ill book the plane tickets.

You just have to rest in peace.”

Before she left, Gu Qiqi reminded him repeatedly.

She also gave the auntie who was taking care of Xiaobei in close quarters a big red packet before leaving reluctantly.

If it werent for the fact that Xiaobei still needed the large apparatus in the nursing home for his postoperative recovery, she would definitely have brought Xiaobei along with her to feel at ease.

Fortunately, the day of reunion wasnt far away…

Until she and Xiao Nings backs got into the car returning to the city.

In a dark corner on the outer wall of the nursing home.

Only then did a man and a woman walk out with dark expressions.

“Damned girl! You actually threw away my flowers!”

“Meifeng, the most important thing now is that we have to act quickly…”

“Okay, Brother Enlong.

Thank you for helping me! I… Ill definitely repay you wholeheartedly!”

“Hehe, you just have to repay me with your entire body.

What do I want your heart for!”

When Gu Qiqi returned to the research base.

Bai Lang and a few staff members were carrying a dying sow into the backyard.

“Little vixen, did you go out to have fun again while Little Jue was back in the Imperial Capital” Bai Lang had been doing work for the entire day—delivering labor and replanting seedlings.

He nearly collapsed from exhaustion.

Seeing Gu Qiqi so energetic, he didnt feel good.

Gu Qiqi glanced at him coldly.

“You sure have strong tastes.

You even killed a sow.”

“You… I… I didnt!” Bai Lang was powerless in his defense!

Thats right.

He didnt deliver well.

This pig sacrificed itself heroically.

But why did these words sound a little ambiguous

“Then, mind your own business and dont provoke others!” Gu Qiqi glared at him in disdain.

She really didnt know how Xiao Ning could be subdued by such a b*stard and actually be unable to resist.

Bai Lang was puzzled and thought to himself, Who did I provoke A sow Or a little demon

Dream on!

Im a genius doctor with a clean background, okay

“Hey, say it clearly! Little vixen, dont go! You… You have guts.

Let me tell you.

Dont be arrogant.

When you attend university and reach the Imperial Capital, that will be my territory.

You, you, wait for me!” He went crazy at Gu Qiqis back.

Gu Qiqi ignored him and returned to her room.

When she opened the door, she was shocked!

Under the warm yellow light, the man was leaning against the bedhead.

He was half-naked and was only wearing black boxers.

His long legs were so casually crossed that he practically occupied the entire end of the bed!

Gu Qiqi swallowed her saliva.

Didnt he go to the Imperial Capital

Why was he on her bed

She had her period to protect her.

H-He wouldnt do anything, right


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