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Chapter 237: The Ability Of A Miracle Doctor!

Gu Qiqi had sorrowful and dark eyes.

Finally, because of Gong Jues words, they lit up completely.

“Yes, I do!”

She looked at Gong Jue expectantly.

Perhaps, she wasnt so willing to disturb him and rely on him in the past.

She even wanted to escape from him and leave him at all times.

But at this moment.

She had to believe him for Xiaobei.

Furthermore, she also had an inexplicable trust in him, and his analysis just now was so convincing and observant.

She never knew that this simple and crude man could actually capture so many minute details at such a dangerous moment!

She decided to believe him once.

Gong Jues chest was filled with an indescribable sense of satisfaction from being looked at by this little woman with such a straight face and anticipation.

Was this the feeling of being needed

This stupid woman finally needed him

Gong Jues eyes flashed with a faint smile.

He raised his voice.

“Bai Lang, do a DNA test for them.”


It was fine if he wanted him to carry the corpse, but he even wanted him to examine the corpses DNA

He had to cut open the burnt flesh and extract the cells.

They were very dirty, okay

His pair of delicate hands were used to touch female skin, not to do this dirty work.

“Ahem, can we wait until we reach the camp and have all the equipment At least, theres a disinfectant glove or something before we do the test.

We only have to wait for a while…” Bai Lang muttered.

Gong Jues eyes sank and he said to Special Assistant Lu, “I told you to discard this person whose low IQ is taxable just now.

Why arent you throwing him away yet Are you going to keep him for the Mid-Autumn Festival”

Bai Lang gnashed his teeth.

“Dont throw me away!”

Fine! He could do the test.

Ten minutes later.

Gu Qiqi stared nervously at the apparatus in Bai Langs hand.

He carried a strange miniature apparatus with him.

He took Gu Qiqis hair and a trace of “Xiaobei”s flesh and fiddled with them under the high magnification microscope.

Soon, the genetic sequence was printed!

“Oh, comparing the results… Its…”

“Is that Xiaobei”

“Its… zero compatibility! Master Jue guessed correctly.

Hes not Xiaobei.” Bai Lang was annoyed.

“Was your test… reliable” Gu Qiqi glared at him suspiciously.

After all, in her previous life in the hospital, she knew that even if she sped things up, it was impossible to match the DNA results in ten minutes.

Could Bai Lang be in cahoots with Gong Jue to coax her

Unexpectedly, Bai Lang protested unhappily.

“You dont know whats good for you! The person in front of you is a top student from the British Medical School.

Hes an expert who specializes in studying genetics and mental illnesses! God! Medicine! Its simply too easy to do something as trivial as a DNA test, okay This divine doctor has a rapid detection apparatus in his hand.

Its exclusive to me, okay”

The little demon actually suspected him

How ignorant.

Gu Qiqi pursed her lips and was skeptical.

However, Bai Langs defense made her change her opinion of this b*stard somewhat.

Initially, she thought that this guy was a useless young master.

She didnt expect that he was an expert in genetics and mental illnesses.

No wonder he didnt know much about Chinese medicine and even knew nothing about pharmacy operations.

After all, different specializations were worlds apart.

Gong Jue laughed coldly.

“Know your stuff You have to be a good person first!”

Bai Lang wailed.

“Hey, hey.

You cant do this.

Whose side are you on, Master Jue”

“I have a woman.

Why should I be on your side” Gong Jue hugged Gu Qiqi and rolled his eyes at him in disdain.

Bai Lang was depressed.

“Damn it.

Youre going to torture me like this… Master Jue, youre going to suffer retribution like this…”

Amidst Bai Langs aggrieved complaints, a trace of sunlight finally bloomed on Gu Qiqis teary face.

Xiaobei didnt die…

She still had a chance to make up for her mistakes…

She had to hurry up and destroy Gu Meifeng and her daughter!

This time, she was going to strike first!

As he was thinking about this, Special Assistant Lu reported, “Master, through the phone signal, we have located the location of Gu Meifeng and her daughter!”


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