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Chapter 266: Let Xiaobei See The Light Again

Gu Qiqi sat in the laboratory and covered her face.

Oh my!

Even after a night had passed, as long as she thought about the moment Gong Jue unbuttoned her nightgown, she still felt that her face was so red.

Although the scene later developed into a pure and warm interaction, she was frightened to death at that moment.

Also, when she woke up in the morning and opened the door, Xiaobeis unintentional “Sister, did you and Brother-in-law sleep well last night” made her blush so much that her face was bright red!

Although she knew that Xiaobei meant “rest” meant “sleep”!

“Classmate Qiqi, the experimental specimen you made was too beautiful.

This is the first time Ive seen an intern with such agile methods! Come, help me make another one!” The head teacher of the laboratory, Zhou Qing, praised her and pulled her back to reality.


Gu Qiqi tried her best to fall into a busy state and not think about Gong Jue.

“Professor Zhou, do you know which professor at Imperial Medical University is the best in ophthalmology”

“Shen Ping.” Zhou Qing said without hesitation.

“Can he let the blind see the light again”

“This… Ive really never heard of it.

Its too difficult.” Zhou Qing frowned.

“We still have to see if the optic nerve isnt necrotic and if the other eye tissues are seriously damaged.”

“What if he was born with it”

“Thats even more troublesome.

You have to ask him for the details.

Why Your big eyes look watery”

“Its my younger brother.

He has lived in the dark for more than ten years.

I really want to let him see the most ordinary sunlight and color like our eyes.”

Zhou Qing was moved by her stubborn and emotional voice and couldnt help but comfort her.

“Dont be sad.

You should look for Professor Shen Ping first.

Youre this years top scholar and youre even the top student in clinical medicine.

Shen Ping loves talent and will definitely help you.

If theres really no other way, you can ask him at the pharmaceutical school when school reopens.

I heard that theres a treasuredMedicine Classic in the pharmacy that was handed down by Hua Tuo.

There might be a legendary secret prescription for Hua Tuo used to treat eyes.

You can try it!”

Gu Qiqi remembered this and nodded in gratitude.

The little dirty turtle was amazed.

“This Imperial Medical University is not bad.

They even have Hua Tuos secret prescription.”

Gu Qiqi raised her eyebrows.

“Youve heard of it too Why didnt you tell me earlier”

The little dirty turtle blinked.

“Im innocent, Master Silver.

I just remembered that the first level of your martial strength was Hua Tuos Five Animal Mimicry!”

Gu Qiqi was stunned.

“What did you say That day, my attacking technique was the Five Animal Mimicry Was it the gym exercise that Hua Tuo used to imitate birds”

As a person who knew medicine, she wasnt unfamiliar with the Five Animal Play.

It was really just exercise.

She had never heard of the Five Animal Mimicry being used as attacks!

No wonder her martial strength was so low!

The little dirty turtle hurriedly explained, “No, no, no.

Master, stupid humans only know that the Five Animals Mimicry is used as exercise.

Actually, it was originally a type of martial arts.

It can be used to attack and defend.

But part of the martial arts was lost! Look, that day, your actions were especially agile.

When you jumped and dodged, werent you like a deer among the Five Animals”

Gu Qiqi was speechless.

It was fine to say that she was a stupid human, but to say that she actually become a beast!

The dirty little turtle hurriedly tried to salvage the situation.

“Master, I… I just think that Hua Tuos things are reliable.

Why dont we go to the pharmacy to look for them”

Gu Qiqi nodded.


With both sides working together, its best if Shen Ping can perform the operation.

If he cant, well think of a way to find the medicine book.”

However, since it was a treasured item, could ordinary people look at it

The master and servant were discussing it.

Suddenly, the guard outside announced.

“Classmate Gu Qiqi, someones looking for you!”

Gu Qiqi put down the specimen in her hand and felt that she was unfamiliar with the Imperial Capital.

Who would come to find her


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