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Chapter 272: Gong Jue, You Unprincipled Ruler

But Brother-in-law treated him so well…

After sending his older sister away for an internship early in the morning, Gong Jue hired a specialized doctor to examine his body.

He even patiently understood his interests and hobbies and customized a professional learning course for him to make up for the regret of not being able to attend school like a normal child for so many years.

What touched Xiaobei even more was that Gong Jue seemed to be worried about those carefully selected doctors and teachers.

Or perhaps, he was afraid that he would be afraid when they first arrived.

Thus, he stayed by his side throughout the day.

He was having a video conference with the doctor for his physical examination.

He was reviewing documents while the teacher was teaching.

In the middle, he even scolded a few people whom he thought werent qualified and changed them.

After knowing that he was interested in robots and programming, he even specially found Bai Lang to teach him step by step!

Brother-in-law was cold, cool, and didnt talk much.

He didnt like to talk to people… But Xiaobei had heard everything that Brother-in-law had done and remembered it in his heart!

Thinking of Bai Langs words, Gong Jue became unhappy.

Xiaobei pursed his thin lips and his fingers worked faster!

Brother Yun rolled forward and immediately rode on Xiao Bais crotch.

He twisted one of Xiao Bais arms cleanly.

Smoke rose from Xiao Bais mouth… Its neck tilted and it short-circuited.

“Brother Bai Lang, you lost!”

“D*mn it! I actually lost to a brat!”

He was also a blind brat.

It was also the first time that this brat had played a robot match today.

Ah, ah, ah, ah—Theres no justice in this world!

Bai Lang gnashed his teeth in anger and said sinisterly, “Little brat, why are you calling me Brother You should call me Uncle! Xiao Ning, you know her, right Thats your older sisters classmate, right Im her biological uncle! So, you have to call me Uncle!”

Since he couldnt beat him, he could only use seniority to suppress him.

He tried to find a sense of existence from the way he addressed him.

Xiaobei didnt say a word.

After a moment of silence, he slowly twisted his body and raised his voice to Gong Jue.

“Brother-in-law, I think its time for me to change my teacher.

His standard isnt good.”

The cold aura around Gong Jue dispersed immediately and he nodded lightly.


Hes not very capable.”

Bai Lang held the dying Xiao White with tears in his eyes.

“Damn it.

You guys teamed up against me…”

He gnashed his teeth and looked at Xiaobei.

This scheming person.

That crisp “brother-in-law” just now was clearly reminding him that they werent lacking in seniority!

It turned out that the little demons younger brother wasnt an easy person either!

“You dont believe me! Then get your people to investigate clearly and see what exactly she bought! I dont believe that she really bought you a reliable gift!” Bai Lang gnashed his teeth.

According to his many years of experience with girls, that little vixen Gu Qiqi definitely wasnt moved by Gong Jue.

It was definitely impossible for her to really prepare a carefully prepared gift for Gong Jue.

She was just fooling around with Gong Jue!

She was cheating him of his money, his heart and his person!

Gong Jue was unmoved and said coldly, “Theres no need to check.

Its useless if you dont believe me.

Its fine as long as I believe in myself.”

“D*mn it! Gong Jue, youre a ruler with no principles!”

“Why do you care”

“I! I… Ill check it myself, okay!”


Gu Qiqi entered the jewelry market and quickly chose the largest jewelry piece.

“Master Silver, what are we doing here We dont have enough color points to activate the appraisal function yet.

We cant earn any money by buying and selling jewelry…” The little dirty turtle looked at the resplendent jewelry company.

Even if it was envious of the gems, it had no choice.

“Who said that Im here to appraise jewelry Im here to buy Ambergris.”

“Ah Isnt that… Isnt that a medicinal herb!”

The little dirty turtle was dumbfounded.

Why would the Ambergris—which was seriously lacking in the medicinal herb market—appear in a jewelry store

“Yes, there are also people who sell the Ambergris as jade and call itGray Amber!”

“D*mn it.

Youve grown knowledgeable.

Theres actually something that I dont understand…”

The little dirty turtle smacked its lips and asked curiously, “Master Silver, why must you buy Ambergris”


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