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Chapter 273: Taking Her Heart

“Because the Ambergris drug is very strong.

It works to vitalize blood and disperse it to stop pain.

Its also very good for the heart.

Apart from the eyes, Xiaobeis heart isnt too good either.

I want to refine some for him,” Gu Qiqi said.

Of course, she also had a small thought in her heart—to give it to this stupid man…

Before she could finish speaking, the little dirty turtle pointed excitedly at a corner of the counter.

“Master Silver, theres really Ambergris here.

What a big piece!”

In a pile of scattered jade stones, as expected, a big and ordinary “stone” was lying there.

Gu Qiqis eyes lit up.

She had searched high and low for it, but it had come to her without any effort.

She was right to come to the jewelry business.

“Boss, how much is this gray amber for”

“Ah, beauty, you have good taste.

You can get it for 88,000 dollars!”

“Its too expensive.

At most, its 66,000 dollars.”

“Beauty, give me 88,000 dollars!”


“Pfft! Okay, okay, Ill sell it!”

This piece of gray amber wasnt good in color and was too old.

The boss couldnt wait to get rid of it.

Gu Qiqi also thought silently in her heart that 66,000 wasnt expensive.

After she refined it, she would refine it into a hundred-year-old agarwood.

With a turn of her hand, one catty could be sold for millions of dollars.

This piece of ambergris was estimated to be about five kilograms.

She had earned it big time.

She had Xiaobeis surgery fees now.

She could also buy a decent birthday gift for her grandfather using the rest.

Since Grandpa liked jade, she would choose an ice jade as a paperweight for him.

Just as she was thinking about it…

Behind her, a series of mocking and ridiculing voices rang out.

“Hey, Gu Qiushan is already in jail.

This country bumpkin still has the money to buy jade and jewelry”

Gu Qiqi frowned and looked over.

Enemies were indeed bound to meet on a narrow road.

It seemed that she had to dress up the next time she came out.

Otherwise, any Tom, Dick or Harry would come and meet her.

It was very annoying.

Gu Yuanyuan and Gu Xuexue came together.

The former didnt hide the disdain on her face.

Although the latter remained calm, her slightly crooked lips revealed everything.

“Sister Yuan Yuan, she might be buying a gift for Grandpa too, right But… you know jade.

Can you tell what stone my sister chose Does it look expensive”

“Hmph, expensive my ass! Its just a piece of broken amber.

I dont want it even if you gave it to me for free! She wants to use this to curry favor with Grandpa How laughable!”

Gu Qiqi said lightly, “Yes, its better if you lose your big teeth.

Otherwise, youll be very ugly with buck teeth.”

“Gu Qiqi, you!” Gu Yuanyuan had two buck teeth.

She had always hated those things in her heart.

After that was being said in public, she was so angry that she hurriedly covered her mouth.

Gu Qiqi laughed coldly.

She didnt want to talk to these two anymore.

She handed over a check to the boss and chose a gift for her grandfather at the jade counter.

“Bring me the best ice jade.

I want one darker in color and more stable.

Old people will like it…”

Gu Xuexue saw that Gu Qiqis back was ramrod straight.

She was tapping her fingers confidently and instructing the boss to take out expensive gems to choose from.

She immediately thought of how Gu Qiqi was also so confident when she was choosing medicine at the counter in Qing Chengs Medical Hall back then.

Back then, Gu Qiqi had cheated her of a large sum of money with gelatin.

She remembered how she was humiliated by Gu Qiqi at the entrance of the laboratory today.

She couldnt even enter the door.

Back then, Gu Qiqis professional attire and confident attitude were the same!

It was so dazzling and had a strong presence.

Gu Xuexue gnashed her teeth in jealousy.

She couldnt wait to make Gu Qiqi fall down immediately.

She thought that Gu Qiqi was just a bookworm whos arrogant and conceited.

Hmph, theres always someone better out there!

I cant deal with you but someone else can!

She pulled Gu Yuanyuans hand and smiled desperately.

“Sister Yuanyuan, the best ice jade is being bought by my sister.

Theres only the second best left for you…”

The anger in Gu Yuanyuans heart surged.

“Who said that! Im the VIP of this shop.

Ive always picked the good things first!”

As she spoke, she stretched out her hand roughly and snatched away the top-grade ice jade that Gu Qiqi was about to buy from the counter!

“Boss, I want to buy this!”


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