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Chapter 286: Youre Not Allowed to Be Touched By Him

At the kitchen door.

Bai Lang was wearing an apron.

Water was dripping from his hands.

There was also a broken porcelain plate that was stained with some blood.

He looked at the couple at the dining table.

He wanted to scratch the wall!

He had really never seen Gong Jue treat a woman like this before.

He actually used childish coquettishness, right

“I want one too!”

It would be fine if Gu Qiqi was sincere towards Gong Jue.

If she had any other intentions or left after fooling around, what would happen to Gong Jue in the future

No one knew better than him that once Gong Jues sealed emotional world was opened, it would be a fatal weakness.

What if the little demon was sent by the enemy or bribed by the enemy

His brothers life was in this womans hands.

Just as he was feeling worried.

A series of calls startled him.

“Hey, Molly.

Whats the matter”

“Brother Jue arranged for a woman to go to the laboratory.

Did you know”

Bai Langs expression turned cold.

“Why are you asking about this”

“I just want to know… whats their relationship…” Bai Mori deliberated over her tone.”She… is Jues woman ”

Bai Lang restrained his playful look and said seriously, “Bai Mori, youre not allowed to have any inappropriate thoughts about Master Jue.

Do you understand”

Bai Mori smiled elegantly.

“Brother, you sure know how to joke.

I was only asking out of concern for his illness.

You know that Im helping him prescribe medicine… If he has a woman, then this medicine of mine wont have any research value.”

After a pause, she laughed lightly.

“If I wanted to, I would have made a move a few years ago.

Would I have waited until now”

Only then did Bai Lang heave a sigh of relief.

“Anyway, youre not allowed to be attracted to him, do you hear me!”

“Oh, then tell me.

Whats the relationship between that woman and Jue”

“She…” Bai Langs gaze swept past Gu Qiqi.

Her warm and sweet interaction with Gong Jue blinded his eyes.” Shes just a student, not Jues woman.

Dont mess around.”

“Oh, I understand.” Bai Mori curved her lips.

“Youre saying it so nervously and you wont let me touch her.

Why Are you interested in that woman”

“What” Bai Lang exploded.

“Interested my foot! Whatever, do what you want”

He didnt like that kind of greedy and vicious little demon!

He liked girls who were as gentle as water!

Bai Mori laughed lightly and prepared to hang up the call.

However, the moment she hung up…

Bai Lang roared again, “Dont touch her! She… Shes from the Gu family.

Give Old Master Gu some face.

Our Bai family doesnt have to make enemies.

Do you understand”

“Oh.” Bai Mori agreed.

She hung up the call.

Her elegant and exquisite fingernails poked Gu Qiqis resume.

It directly pierced Gu Qiqis bright and beautiful face.

Her red lips curled up slightly with disdain.

“What Gu family Shes clearly from the countryside.

Shes a prisoners daughter and an unloved wild girl.

Such a small character isnt worth me dealing with…”


In the bedroom.

Gu Qiqi lay awkwardly in Gong Jues arms.

She didnt dare to move at all.

Damn it.

The two of them were so “close” that there wasnt any distance between them.

She was afraid that if she moved slightly, she would touch something that she shouldnt touch.

Gong Jues mental strength was good, but a thin layer of sweat had already formed on her forehead!

“Why didnt you swipe the card that I gave you today” Gong Jue massaged her lower abdomen while settling scores with her.

She clearly had a black diamond card that she could throw out arrogantly and crush that group of idiots Gu Yuanyuan within a second.

This stupid woman didnt use it and she was being bullied by someone calling her a “country bumpkin”.

Was she stupid


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